Top 6 Geopark Indonesia

Georpark or garden world into a new travel concept that is currently being developed by the Ministry of Tourism. Geopark concept itself refers to the development of the area which give effect to the conservation, education, and the improvement of public welfare. First introduced by UNESCO in the 2000s, the geopark is not only the preservation of nature, but also improve people's lives. In a national seminar entitled "Geopark's National Tourism" held at the Hall Susilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Minister indonesiaArief Yahya stressed that the concept of the development of nature tourism with the principles of conservation, education, and community development through tourism is becoming a concern the world community. "Environmental sustainability is an international issue and all countries strive to maintain and improve its quality in an effort to win the competition of global tourism business, because if the tourism product of a country does not apply the principles of environmentally friendly, will be abandoned by tourists," he said.

Indonesia alone has about 40 geoheritage scattered in various provinces developed as a national geopark, and six of them have been and will be recognized by UNESCO as a world geopark.

1 Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara

The data reported from West Nusa Tenggara provincial government pages reveal, Geopark Rinjani has a wealth of geo-diversity, bio-diversity, and culture diversity in 48 geoside there. Not only that, indigenous communities around Rinjani also adds to the treasures of the cultural richness to be preserved from extinction.

In its status as a world geopark, Rinjani has now become a tourist destination par with tourist destinations scattered in various parts of the world. With yanbg diverse tourist attraction, such as nature tourism, adventure tourism, special interest tourism, ecological tourism and geology, Mount Rinjani will continue to stand as a major tourist destination in NTB with Segara Anak as its icon.

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2 Merangin, Jambi

Merangin Geopark is located in the district of Merangin, precisely in the Village Water and Dusun Baru Baru, District Pemberap, Jambi. To reach the location geopark Merangin, from the city of Jambi tourists need to travel overland for a 7 hour trip. Not only that, you also have to do trekking for 3 hours to really get to the location. One of the things that appeal Merangin geopark is the discovery of the fossil flora of more than 350 million years.

3 Ciletuh, West Java

Based in Ciletuh district, Sukabumi, West Java's first geopark has a natural beauty that is truly extraordinary. Green carpet, beaches, cliffs, and 9 waterfalls into wealth and natural beauty that can not be more inevitable. Given its status which has now become a world geopark, nature conservation and biodiversity are the it to be maintained, and in balance with tourism activities in the region.

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4 Caldera of Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba is the largest caldera lake in the world. Located about 176 km west of the city of Medan, Lake Toba caldera formed by subsidence after the eruption of the volcano Toba Purba, which is then filled with rainwater. According to the Provincial Government of North Sumatra, Lake Toba has a length of 87 km and 27 km wide, with a height of 904 meters above sea level. The depth of the lake stands at 505 meters. What's interesting about this lake is the middle there is Samosir Island reaches a height of 900-1600 meters above sea level. With the theme "supervolcano", claimed as Lake Toba caldera volcano-tectonic quarter caldera in the world. This area is also ne

5 Batur, Bali

Mount Batur is an active volcano located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. Has an altitude of 1,171 meters above sea level, the mountain has a caldera that is very beautiful. Mount Batur caldera formed by two large eruption that occurred thousands of years ago. What's interesting about this world geopark is a crescent-shaped lake. Lake Batur itself is a length of about 7.5 km and a maximum width of 2.5 km in circumference at 22 hr and spacious at 16 square kilometers.
Not only that, according to the Bali provincial government records, Mount Batur is part of the "Ring of Fire" Pacific and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Listed since 1804 Gunung Batur never melestus as much as 26 times.

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6 Sewu mount, Central Java-Yogyakarta - East Java

Geopark Mount Sewu has extensive up to 1,802 square kilometers, divided into three geoarea, namely Gunung, Wonogiri and Pacitan. With three of the region, geopark Gunung Sewu into a complete tourist destination, from the beach area of ​​Gunung Kidul, diverse cave in Pacitan, until the society creative industries

6 World Class Travel Destinations in Orlando usa

Orlando is one of the major cities in the state of Florida that offers many world-class tourist destination.

Orlando is one of the major cities in the state of Florida, USA. Areas claimed as the city with the second most hotel rooms in the United States is indeed offers many world tourist destination. No wonder the data show, Orlando visited more than 50 million tourists each year.

Trip Advisor as one of the world's largest travel site released several tourist destinations that are worth a visit when you travel to Orlando. Here are six tourist destinations most visited by tourists in Orlando, as abstracted from it TripAdvisor

1 Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park

In the late 1980s, before it was acquired state, travel destinations, many in the form of vast empty land. But the local government built it into one wild adventure destinations frequented by tourists today. Destination management building vacant land is none other than to keep the natural habitat in order to survive and for the sake of long-term interests. Now Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park is not just a tourist destination of adventure, but also a conservation area guarded and maintained its existence. Tourist activities that can be done in this place include fishing, river edge, directly observing animals in their habitat, and simply enjoy the beauty of the forest and its contents.

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2 Parks Discovery Cove

Many of the activities that can be done while in Park Discovery Cove, one of which is to explore the SeaVenture. This vehicle provides a stunning experience of the visitors through the underwater tour. By using a special helmet, visitors will feel the beauty of the underwater like at home. No need to worry if you do not have a diving certificate, the article of this vehicle does not need a certificate and is for everyone. With around Rp 500 thousand per person, you can already feel the beauty of the underwater Orlando. Interestingly, 5 percent of income donated to conservation SeaVenture vehicle underwater.

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3 Amusement Park Animal Kingdom Disney World

It is the largest amusement park in Orlando. Animal Kingdom is one part of Disney World Orlando area that offers a million experience spectacular natural attractions. Visitors can choose craved tourist destination, which is play rides or exploring the existence of various wild animals. The rides are offered including Kali River Rapids, Triceratops Spin, Musical Finding Nemo, to show dinosaurs.

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4 Lake Eola Park

Speaking of Orlando can not be separated from the beauty of the lake this one. Lake Eola Park is located in the heart of Orlando is one of the cheap destinations visited by many tourists. More than just a lake, Lake Eola Park is managed seriously also offers lots of rides, ranging from the sidewalk as a jogging track, a paddle boat, to see concerts and plays at the Walt Disney Amphitheater.

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5 Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

For those of you who love the underwater world, a visit to Sea Life Aquarium Orlando is the right choice. Because of this tourist destination offers a lot of entertainment nautical tourism. In this place, visitors can feel the sensation adjacent to a super big shark. With a giant aquarium, each person will feel closer to the sea floor creatures than before. Of course this will be a spectacular travel experiences that are not owned by many countries.

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6 Econlockhatchee River

Econlockhatchee is the longest river in the state of Florida, USA. Flow by more than 50 miles, the river passes a variety of areas, one of which is Orlando. Orlando Metropolitan Area, each traveler can see the beauty of this river up close. Ashley, a traveler, who come from sites like Trip Advisor said, Econ is a great place to visit with friends. Fringe of the river by boat in the summer into a pleasant tourist activity.

10 Best Travel Sites in Singapore Popular and Famous

THE WHITE PAPER , Best Travel Sites in Singapore - Choosing the right interesting and beautiful place to visit is the one thing that is confusing. Singapore is one country that has hundreds of tourist attractions are very attractive, well-known, the best and most popular. Surely you are curious places are most popular are the best and can be visited not ?? Let's look at 10 of the best sights in Singapore below.   

1 Helix Bridge

This bridge is a foot bridge which is a link between the Marina south with Marina center in Singapore. Design created this very unique dijembatan all. The bridge is made with a design that resembles the shape of DNA in the human body are colored with small light blue. This glow when seen at night looks very magnificent. No wonder that the Helix Bridge is included in the category of 10 best tourist spots in Singapore. 

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2 Orchard Road

For people who love shopping, just do not miss to be able to visit this place. Roads are made extending the length of 2.2 km is known as a shopping center and the major tourist areas in Singapore. No wonder the place is in the top 10 best tourist spots in Singapore.

3 Museum and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Museum and the temple is also situated in the neighborhood of Chinatown. Besides unique in terms of its design, it also has a magnificent and beautiful building. This place save one sacred object is a tooth relic of the Buddha. The building is in addition to having the typical architectural style of China, the roof of which builds up and the red color didominasinya make this building look unique, charming and magnificent. This place was built in 2002 and became one of the best places at the same time the main object to travel in Singapore.

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4 Singapore Cable Car

The train is made by presenting the scenery and comfort while menghendarainya. Singapore Cable Car, is the only fleet of trains were hanged built which is above the sea in southeast Asia. This train also connects the island to the mainland Sentosa Singapore by air.

5 Brown Cemetery

Rarely there are burial sites serve as the attraction is not it? But eaters in Singapore this turned out to be in the top 10 best tourist spots in Singapore. Not great, it turns brown hill is very attractive to tourists and to the point of entry in a list of the best tourist spot in Singapore.

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6 Kranji War Memorial

Monument was created to commemorate their war in Southeast Asia in Singapore. Turns dark and bitter events happened in this country. Kranji war burial ground or the so-called war monument kranji is made to serve as the burial place of the fighters from Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Netherlands. That is where they all are fighters who have been fighting the Japanese.

7 Arab Street 

Arab street that was built was made as an existing style in the middle east, the street is marked by numerous engravings there build. Arab street, known as the Arab Street is a house that is used as a store for selling textiles, flowers, baskets, spices, shisa, skull cap or hukka. And it turns out this region inhabited by the native people of Javanese descent.

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8 Singapore Flyer

This attraction is an object that must be tried first when it comes in Singapore. Why? Rides with the highest and the largest Ferris wheel in the world has a height which is amazing. This vehicle reaches altitude of 165 meters can be said to be equivalent to a tall building 42 levels. The layout of this vehicle in the Marina, the best and most popular region in Singapore.

9 Masjid Sultan

The mosque is located at Jl. Muscat Kampong Glam is considered the most popular mosques in the territory of Singapore. This mosque was built in 1824, the heyday of Sultan Hussain. The mosque is often and a lot of visitors, because of the splendor and beauty of the structure has dalma architecture.

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10 St. Andrew

This cathedral is listed as one of the largest cathedrals in Singapore. This place was founded in 1856 and which he reached age over 155 years. The building is designed in classic featuring simplicity, but still looks magnificent and memorable. July 6, 1973 date, the place and designated as a National Monument in Singapore.Singapura does have architectural and design are very beautiful and amazing. And the Singapore Flyer that must be tested. That's 10 best tourist attractions in Singapore that hopefully can be a reference for readers THE WHITE PAPER when you want to visit.

10 Most Beautiful Natural Lake In The World

Natural lakes Most Beautiful In The World - Why the lake appealing? when the question out of the mouth, surely most of the answer because the lake is a beautiful panoramic views. Of course, not only the beauty of the lake, but it also offers the beauty so that visitors who come will feel comfortable and welcome to linger in the lake. But do you know what is natural lakes and beautiful in the world? if you're curious, here's 10 most beautiful natural lake in the world.

1 Lake Plivitce

Plivitce Lake is a beautiful lake in the Croatian region. This lake consists of a small lake which is actually still be one with a great lake. Lake was also connected directly to the waterfall. No wonder so many people who make it a major tourist destination in croatia.

2 Lake Yucatan

If you are curious about the most beautiful natural lake in the world, you can see one of the lakes that exist in Mexico. Lake called yucatan offers a beautiful view of the lake which is surrounded by caves are made of limestone.

3 Lake Baikal

The lake is the largest and oldest in Russia offers beautiful lake views. Lake called Baikal is not only beautiful, but also unique because in the spring, the lake will freeze and thaw slowly as summer arrives.

4 Lake Reed Flute

China is one country that has the most beautiful natural lake in the world. Lake in china has limestone caves that can emit light that is beautiful that when you can visit it, surely you will feel enchanted.

5 Peyto Lake 

Peyto Lake in the list of natural beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is located in Canada's Alberta region is very famous for its beauty. You can see the beauty of the water can change color according to the season in the area.

6 Lake Pink

As the name implies, the lake is in a region in Australia is indeed presenting lake with the color pink. If you see the lake from above, the lake will look like strawberry milk was spilled. This lake can be colored pink because there is algae in the lake.

7 Lake Malawi

The African continent it also has the most beautiful natural lake in the world. Very preserved lake is a lake that has a lot of species of fish in it so you certainly can do nautical tourism in the Lake Malawi Africa.

8 Lake Melissani

Greece is also not to be outdone by the other State. Greece also has a beautiful natural lake that can make you spellbound. Name of the lake is Melissani. Melissani lake around the lake is wonderful because there are caves and forests are still beautiful and natural.

9 Lake Tekapo

Tekapo lake is a lake that is located above sea level. Lake in the area of ​​New Zealand is visited by tourists because of the beautiful panorama of the lake and there are plenty of resorts that was established around the lake tekapo.

10 Lake Tahoe

If you visit the United States, do not forget to visit the lake tahoe in the list of 10 most beautiful lakes in the world. This lake offers a stunning panorama where towering mountains mengeliingi lakes are still very natural.

Once the reader THE WHITE PAPER out various beautiful lakes in the world, of course you can make it as a tourist destination when traveling overseas. So, do not have to be an expensive place to see the natural beauty is not it? Hopefully the information about the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world naturally useful for readers.

6 Most Challenging Outdoor Travel in United States

United States is not always the concrete jungle and the hectic work routine. Some parts it also stores exotica charming natural scenery. Various natural tourist destinations United States to become the destination of millions of tourists who visit, most of whom are enthusiasts of outdoor tourism activities.

1 Charming cliff in Michigan

Cliff scenery on the edge of the lake is a best natural scenery in Michigan. From mid-May to October, is an appropriate schedule for boat tours lead visitors along the 42 miles to find a beautiful coastline, dunes, cave arches, waterfalls and charming. Michigan has an interesting geological, mineral buildup for thousands of years to make rock and sand beaches in the surroundings have become more colorful. No wonder if the location has become one of the outdoor tours for tourists who visit America.

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2 Visiting Spectacular Lake in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Lake is a natural lake formed almost 8,000 years ago, when the mountain that once stood here collapsed into and form a volcano crater. For centuries, the arch of the caldera is filled with snow and rain making it one of the largest lake in America. The tourists are choosing outdoor travel enthusiasts visit this lake in mid-June and September. In these months, the lake will look more beautiful and blue. But this beauty can not be seen just like that, the article visitors need to travel to climb between walls of a steep zig-zag.

3 Hike the Appalachian Trail

Of the 2,000 people who tried to hike the Appalachian Trail every year, only a small part of successful menjamahinya. Crosses many peaks, mountains, and forests, and across many national parks are obstacles to overcome when menjamahi hills in the east coast of the United States. Although still natural and full of poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders, this area remains to be excellent for many who crave outdoor travel activities.

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4 Skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Surrounded by towering peaks and national forests, Jackson Hole into an isolated valley. This is a proper mountain scenery, the road is not good, and millions of miles of open space into a natural habitat for a herd of deer. Areas that are often filled with snow every winter this ski resort with a reputation and five-star facilities are equipped with the challenging terrain.

5 Hugging Tree in Redwood National Park, California

Hugging very wide diameter trees is a tourist activity that is ideal for those who love the singles and outdoor adventures. The northern part of California, specifically in the coastal parts has become home to the tallest trees on earth, which has grown from more than 2000 years ago. Being part of the Redwood National Park, the area is in addition to protection from illegal loggers also one outdoor travel destinations in the United States. Many tourists who visit to menjamahi forest of giant trees, occasionally peeking its peak as the place to live for a flock of beautiful birds.

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6 Hike the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Less than complete it when talking about outdoor travel in America without offending the Grand Canyon. Because the mountains are in Arizona region frequented by millions of people every year who want to travel. Menawang cliffs, hills and beautiful, and the appearance of a charming waterfall which is the reason why this area needs to be one of the many outdoor travel destinations if you pay a visit to the United States

Top 11 creepy world travel

Travel the world so much the place of various countries in the world America, Asia or Australia. sea tourism, beach tourism, mountain tourism, travel valleys, lakes and tourist attractions unik. the following is a summary of travel sites in the world scary.

1 Sedlec Ossuary (Croatia)

It is said that a monk who just returned from the Holy Land in Jerusalem to bring a bit of land which was then sown in the cemetery in the town of Sedlec, Croatia. As a result, many people from all over Europe to be buried in this place. Until the 1800s the priests confusion what to do with a pile of bones that could no longer be buried in the cemetery. Finally, a carpenter named Frantisek rint have creative ideas and crazy to make the craft art from the bones (real man) is. Yep, he also started to make a beautiful light of the skull followed by adorning a church with human bones as decoration. Quite insane ha? This place is not exactly haunted because this is a church, but nonetheless it's freakin creepy!

2 Poveglia Island (Italy)

The island is arguably the most haunted islands in the world. Poveglia is a small island in Venice are known to have a fearsome reputation since ancient Roman times. That said, here is a quarantine people suffering from diseases caused by plague not to infect the healthy. Approximately 160,000 people died here, and it should be underlined they were ignored and thrown into this place, making their souls supposedly can not rest in peace. The bones of the dead is said still to be discovered swept waves on the shore of the island. If that was not scary enough, there was the "genius" who decided to make a mental hospital here. Doctors there said to just make a terrible experiments to make the patients recover while the patient is screaming seeing "ghosts" wandering on the island. Scary huh?

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3 Takakonuma Greenland Park (Japan)

Playgrounds are not always joyful. The proof is the amusement park located in Hobara, Japan is known as a haunted place and now abandoned. It is said that the playground, which opened in 1973, was closed two years later due to various accidents on the bicycle. Whether because of a curse or haunted by the victims of the accident, now none have dared to visit the playground.

4 Jatinga (India)

This place is not too scary, but definitely superaneh. I once wrote a glimpse of Overtoun Bridge in England being the location suicide dog in my post entitled 10 suicide the most famous locations in the world. Well, Jatinga village in India is even more strange, because it became the location where the birds often commit suicide. The birds that pass through this area suddenly will fall from the sky and crashing them into the ground to die. Oddly enough, this mysterious events always occur at the same time, ie at 7-10 at night and occur in the same location. Scientifically, there are experts who suspect at this location there are magnetic fields that interfere with these birds. Or was there something that caused the supernatural?

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5 The Izu Islands (Japan)

Somehow there are many scary places in Japan. Maybe because it was the Japanese horror writer on creative yes, because weve there haunted ... hiiiiy! The island is arguably not haunted, but is not there lies the horror. As a result of volcanic activity on the island, the air surrounding id sulfur containing highly toxic. Weve not matter if that nobody lived here. But the problem, the island is uninhabited and the population is forced to live every day wearing a gas mask. Yep, all their lives! And met a group of people with gas masks over their faces (especially when combined holding ax) is definitely not a pleasant experience.

6 Herxheim (Germany)

An archaeologist was digging at an ancient village called Herxheim when she found frightening discovery: a 7,000-year-old mass grave containing 800 bodies. His body still had so bones. Just this is a problem: in the bones they found human bite and chew. In other words, these 800 corpses were victims of cannibalism. There is even evidence to their bone marrow diretakkan to get in it. The mass grave is believed to be the largest mass grave cannibalism newspaper ever found.

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7 Forest Aokigahara (Japan)

Again in Japan, this will make the forest Aokigahara scary forest in the Blair Witch Project look like a forest of Winnie the Pooh. This place is very popular as a suicide spot. Hundreds of bodies were found in this location until the government berinisatif sweep of every year to look for victims who died here. In fact, it is said you can stumble corpses or human remains during a walk here. There is also a unique story that there is a magnetic field here which makes the compass is not running so many immigrants who got lost and ended up dead in the woods.

8 House Amytiville (United States)

You all have heard the story about Amytiville Horror, especially of you lovers of horror films. Here is a summary of the story I got from wikipedia:
"In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz and their children moved into a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house diAmityville, a neighborhood in the southern suburbs of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutz family moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr., the former owner, had slaughtered six family members in the house. After 28 days, the Lutz family lived in the house, they began to feel strange things in the house. Among them, their daughter said to have an imaginary friend named Jodie who lived in the house and had red eyes. Because the disorder can not stand a ghost in the house, they decided to leave the house without carrying anything. "

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9 Chase Vault (Barbados)

Cemeteries in one of the small countries in the Caribbean, Central America store scary story that is difficult to explain with common sense. In this cemetery, supposedly coffin placed in it is often moved by itself. What is the cause until now unknown. For a more complete story, click here.

10 Transylvania (Romania)

Transylvania diknal as the birthplace of Count Dracula country so it's no wonder many horror stories going on here, ranging from the castle of Dracula (original) to Hoia Baciu scary forest. Various strange phenomenon occurred in the forest, ranging from light-mysterious light appears in the sky, mysterious circles on the floor of the forest where none were willing to grow plants in the vicinity, until a strange experience which is always felt by visitors. That said, everyone who enters there will feel nausea, dizziness, and a feeling that they are being watched. In fact, if not careful, we might never get out of the forest. Therefore there is a scientific theory that the forest is actually contaminated or containing toxic gases.

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11 Colosseum

Unexpected is one of 7 miracles of the world is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. But if you think about it really well hell, because for hundreds of years of Roman rule, the place is used as the gladiator arena of bloodshed. When the night, the guards historic relics sometimes hear the clatter of swords to the figure of people sitting around the ancient Roman gladiatorial arena.

7 Waterfalls Most Beautiful in the World

The waterfall is one of the wonders of the world that always offers a million natural beauty therein. Swift water that falls from the cliff or rivers that are above has made immense beauty that might make us stunned when he saw it. Because of its many waterfalls in the world that is often used as one of the attractions that promise. One of the most famous waterfalls in the world is water tejun Niagara. The waterfall, which is between the US border with Canada is very famous for its beauty. Especially the presence of three waterfalls in one place makes Niagara Falls so perfect.

But in this world not only of Niagara Falls who exudes stunning natural beauty, in fact other countries too there are various waterfalls are very beautiful, even beauty can exceed the beauty of Niagara Falls. Curious waterfall Where are they? The following full review.

This is the coolest waterfall in the world

1 Waterfalls Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Waterfalls Kaieteur Falls seems to be a picture of a waterfall so perfect. Waterfall located in Guyana, South America has a height of 226 meters of stream Potaro River that flows into a wooded ravine. The existence of Kaieteur Falls in the remote areas actually makes this waterfall look more grand and cool of course.

2 Waterfalls Angel Falls, Venezuela

The waterfall is located on the mainland with the Kaieteur Falls, Canaima National Park Angel Falls became the pride, in eastern Gran Sabana, Venezuela. With a height of approximately 979 meters, referred to as the Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world. Waterfall which is part of the flow of the Kerep looks very high in a bare cliff. The best time to visit this waterfall is between June and December when the water falls and river looks full.


3 Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

South American region one of the best in terms of nature waterfall. On the border between Brazil and Argetina course there is a waterfall that is so amazing, the Iguazu Falls. This waterfall does not stand out in terms of altitude, but its width. The focal point of this waterfall adlaha a place called Garganta del Diablo means "Devil Throat". Iguazu Falls has some interesting point, because the waterfall is separated. This has become one of the attractions Iguazu Falls.

4 Tugella Niagara Falls, South Africa

Tugella Niagara Falls looks so amazing because it comes from a 948-meter-high cliff which makes it as one with the clouds. Tugella Falls is in the Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa.
Tugella Falls is shorter than Angel Falls in Venezuela, but this waterfall offers a really interesting landscape enhanced with white clouds pretty. Thus creating beautiful scenery and cool in the eyes.

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5 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world when viewed from the height and width. Victoria Falls has a height of 108 meters and a width of 1,708 meters and has a local name Mosi-oa-Tu its or "The Smoke That Thunders". If you are brave enough, you can swim to within a point called the devil pool. It is so called because of the ripple and flow of the river below the waterfall is very swift.

6 Browne Niagara Falls, New Zealand

You must throw away the mind to play in this waterfall. Therefore, Browne Falls is not a waterfall that flows over the cliff, but down the mountain very natural form. Browne Falls flowing from a height of 836 meters from a water source in the mountains of Doubtful Sound. Browne Falls is also referred to as the highest waterfall in Australasia.

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7 Vinnufossen Falls, Norway

European continent has a charming waterfall called Vinnufossen residing in Norway. This waterfall is part of the flow of glaciers Vinnufonna flowing from a height of 860 meters. Niagara Vinnufossen are in the middle of Norway and flows into the forests at the foot of the mountains. This waterfall is located not far from Mardalsfossen is only a distance of approximately 80 kilometers.

Now that's a friend of at least seven waterfalls coolest version THE WHITE PAPER, the beauty of the waterfall is second to none. And, if you spend a lot of money to go there then you would not be sorry with all pomp and natural beauty are so beautiful.