Top 15 Most Beautiful Hidden beach in the World

Hidden beach landform along the shoreline, sea, lake or river that is difficult to access because the area around the damaged road. Hidden beaches are increasingly being sought after by tourists who want to spend time away from the crowds that often they encounter in everyday life. Here are some of the best hidden beaches from around the world

1 Navagio Beach, yunani

Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach, is a secluded sandy bay on the island of Zakynthos and be made the object of beach in the photo of the photographer in yunani. Navagio beach is often referred to as Shipwreck beach or just "The Shipwreck" because here there are shipwrecks called Panagiotis which was once believed to be a smuggler. The presence of a smuggler gives another name Navagio Beach - Smuggler Cove.

The world's 11 most beautiful mountains

There are more than 10 of the most beautiful mountain on earth following a stunning list of most beautiful mountain in the world with an incredible scenic beauty. Each mountain has its beauty each, a way to enjoy the beautiful mountains of the most memorable is to climb it.

The following are the mountains which has extraordinary beauty in the world, look at the one by the mountain scenery is sure you want meilhatnya directly.

Top tourist city's famous new york united states

New York City. The city that has the nickname "Big Apple" is the most populous city in the United States. The city also represents the image of the US as well as centers of developed countries such diverse fields as economics, media, technology, education, fashion, and entertainment. Nothing wrong if New York is also dubbed as the "Capital of the World" or the capital of the world

in the field tourism, anything offered New York for the tourists? Well for your first time to New York, and confused where to go, I've rangkumkan 10 interesting places in New York that you must visit. 10 This place is a popular tourist spot in New York USA, already famous to the world and identically as American landmark. Ready to listen?

Top 11 Places in Turkey Mandatory Visited

Places in Turkey - Who is not familiar with the beauty of Turkey? Turkey is a unique country, a fusion of European and Asian civilizations. Besides having outstanding natural beauty, Turkey also has many historic buildings relics of the past are still well maintained.

Turkey itself is one of the G20 economic powers in the world (20 countries with the largest economies in the world). Personally I really admire Turkey, in addition to a friendly nation, is also very generous against humanity. We need to know, Turkey is home to 2 million Syrian refugees, and no less than 20,000 refugees from Turkey and many other humanitarian aid in Africa.

As is well away from the topic, back to our topic about tourist attractions in Turkey, now the most famous of course the blue mosque phenomenal. This mosque became the mascot of the Turkish state that you should not miss the tone if a vacation to Turkey. In addition, there is also the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul you must visit.

1. Cappadokya

Another of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey that must be visited is Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a tourist attraction located in the province of Nevsehir.

Top 13 Tourist Attractions in Argentina

For those of you who like traveling abroad, Argentina might be one of tourist destinations that you should visit. Not only famous football player with the talents of gold, Argentina was popular because it has a number of beautiful tourist resorts and cool. If you're curious, see the following reviews.

1 Buenos Aires

The city is the capital of Argentina. Here you will see an unusual sight, because the city is always crowdedand never sleeps. Many interesting things you can do and certainly will not be bored here.


Planning for a trip to Germany? Come see the Top 10 Tourism Objects mandatory visit

1 the Berlin Wall

This location is very worthy tourist destination because it is so historic walls and there is a wall that divides into two cota from 1961 to 1989. Please note that the concrete structure of the building this wall was torn down some, but the fragments still remain a feature of the city. There is a path of the Berlin Wall which provides 14 parts of routes reserved for cyclists and pedestrians.

10 Places Of The Most Popular In New Zealand

New Zealand is another world, the photogenic and fun that offers visitors an unbeatable change for adventure and exploration. The rocky islands are home to forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, thermal zone of strong and original fjord that has been well maintained by the government and the culture of respect for the environment. New Zealand is a place where the traditional Maori culture mingles with modernity in cosmopolitan cities, charming villages and a large expanse of untouched nature. Pure and heavenly, the island has something for everyone, including attractions New Zealand.

1 Coromandel Peninsula

Peninsula North is famous for its white beaches and golden sand framing a beautiful view of the beach, ideal for a day exploring the forest and other natural wonders. Start your tour on the Thames, a small but beautiful city with a rich history of gold mining. Do not miss a stop hot water from the beach, where visitors can dig your own hot pool springs under the sand.

2 Abel Tasman National Park

Located at the northern tip of the South Island of the country, this vast national parks is a hiker's dream. Closed to the vehicle must be entered by boat, on foot or by air, but the journey is worth it. While in most mountain areas, blue penguin, Wekas, oystercatchers, wood pigeon and other rare birds can be seen.

3 Sky Tower

Sky Tower is an observation tower and telecommunications, which is located in the largest city of New Zealand. At an altitude of 328 meters (1076 feet) is the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere sky tower has become an iconic structure in Auckland skyline. The tower overlooks a distance of 80 km and an excellent dinner at the Orbit revolving restaurant.

4 Napier Art Deco

Napier, a small town in Hawke's Bay, on the east coast of the North Island, famous for its remarkable art deco architecture. Most of Napier was leveled by an earthquake in 1931. The recovery period coincided with the era of Art Deco and of short duration due to the Napier compared to other cities in the world very, very different architecture of Napier. world . Thousands of tourists visit Thousands of tourists every February to visit Napier's Art Deco Weekend, an activity dedicated to fashion, vintage cars, a picnic and a soap box.

5  Kaikoura

small coastal town in the South Island is a paradise for seafood lovers. You can see sea lions, dolphins, sperm whales and sea eagles on the beach and enjoy a crab feast fresh, clams, blue cod and more. land lovers can stroll through the wild jungle and spectacular Kaikoura.

6 Franz Josef Glacier

This glacier located in Westland National Park in the southwest, It is one of the worldwide very easy access. Visitors can walk to the foot of a large glacier or take a helicopter ride over the remaining ice is dazzling. With Fox Glacier is one of the main drawcards for South Westland tourists.

7 Rotorua

Rotorua is known as thermal wonders of the country of New Zealand. There are a lot of geysers and hot springs around the city. Many of them are located in parks and reserves. natural eruption of steam, hot water and mud sometimes occur at the new location. Near Waiotapu activity also offers many hot springs known for her appearances are colorful, besides Mrs. Knox geyser.

8 Tongariro National Park

The first national park in New Zealand, Tongariro known for surprises and extreme. the diversity of ecosystems, including lakes quiet parks, active volcanoes, fields of grass, unexplored forests and desert plateaus. Start your journey at Whakapapa Visitor Centre, three hours walk from the stunning Niagara Taranaki. A short walk will take you through the woods and bushes and through the lava from a volcanic eruption line hundreds of years.

9 Bay of Islands

New Zealand Bay of Islands became one of the most crowded tourist visit. Beautiful area contains 144 islands, many bays and sandy beaches. This lovely bay has an abundance of marine life, including whales, penguins, dolphins and a big marlin. As expected, it is a very popular tourist destination for cruise ships sailing yachts in the world and international anglers.

10 Milford Sound

Milford Sound is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. Located at the north end and is accessible from the Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound offers several views of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with dramatic peaks and dark blue waters. rain area often only enhance the beauty of the South Island, sending numerous waterfalls along the cliffs.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In Switzerland Must-See

Switzerland is a small country in the heart of the Alps, so a 360 degree view when anyone. Many lakes also add to the appearance of postcards of the most famous people in the country, which became the Heidi fiction. Bank rural pasture, Switzerland has it all. An overview of the best places to visit in Switzerland.

1 Interlaken

Interlaken used to be known as a center for watchmaking, but now more popular as a tourist destination. Tourists began arriving in Interlaken in the early 1800s to breathe the mountain air and participate in spa treatments. its popularity has only grown from there. In a sequence of three famous Swiss mountain, the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the city is also a popular base camp for outdoor acitivites in the Alps, in the canton of Bern. Travelers looking for something different for a wish to subscribe to one or two classes at the school of woodcarving. hungry travelers can try raclette, classic Swiss cheese plate.

2 Lausanne

Athletes with Olympic aspirations can enjoy a visit to Lausanne, a beautiful city that Lake Geneva, as it hosts the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne is also the gateway to some of the best skiing in the world. Part of the Swiss Riviera, Lausanne has been popular for centuries writers, including Lord Byron, Shelley and Ernest Hemingway. Located in the French speaking region of Switzerland, Lausanne offers an impressive cathedral and the picturesque market in the air.

3 Geneva

Geneva is a city with an international influence force. Houses International Committee of the Red Cross and the European headquarters of the United Nations and 20 other international organizations. Traveller environment will appreciate the fact that Geneva is a "green" city, with 20 percent of the area devoted to parks, earning the nickname "city of gardens". visit the Cathedral of San Pedro, where John Calvin gave the famous sermon, and the UN headquarters. Geneva is also a good city to explore by bicycle or rest your tired feet take a boat ride on Lake Geneva.

4 Zurich

The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich, will appeal to travelers with an interest in culture, because it has more than 50 museums and over 100 art galleries. When goods purchase tires visitors to internationally renowned Swiss brands, you can make a boat trip on Lake Zurich or hiking in the nearby mountains. The city also has an impressive number of clubs for tourists who love the nightlife. Not to be missed is the Swiss National Museum, located in a fairytale castle, which is dedicated to the cultural history of Switzerland.

5 Zermatt

Zermatt is a small town famous for skiing and mountaineering, because of its proximity to the Matterhorn, one of the highest mountains in the Swiss city. drummer lifted the ski mountains in winter and hiking in summer. Zermatt is a good city to run multiple sites gasoline vehicles are not allowed; no vehicles in the city limits must be powered by batteries. Fortunately for visitors, it takes 30 minutes or less to walk between sites. The city is accessible via a train service which links the views outside world.

6 In the Jungfrau region

Jungfrau region is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland, summer and winter. There were one or two centuries, this region of the Alps visited by adventurers who want to ski or hike through the mountains extended. Now, with the expanded rail network and well-maintained hiking and biking trails, the area can access different types of travelers. Jungfrau region consists of four picturesque villages: Grindelwald, Murren, Wengen and Lauterbrunnen and three mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. A trip to the most beautiful in Switzerland Jungfraubahn train takes visitors from the Kleine Scheidegg mountain through the Eiger and Mönch to the Jungfraujoch.

7 Lugano

Monte Carlo of Switzerland "designation for lugano due to its increasing popularity among celebrities. It is located on Lake Lugano in the Italian part of the Alpine country. Lugano, blessed with warm summers, which is derived from ninth century. the city is home to many sites of Swiss heritage, including three cathedrals, two libraries and museums. Home to many financial institutions, the annual city festival of classical music, Festival of Lugano, also celebrated the summer.

8 Lake Geneva

One of the largest lakes in Europe, Lake Geneva is located in the Rhone Valley on the border between France and Switzerland. Outside Geneva, most destinations in the area of good lake Geneva in the  French department of Haute-Savoie or the Swiss canton of Vaud. geography is varied, with the Jura mountains to the north, the hill in the center and south of the Alps. The main attraction here is the city and the surrounding villages of the lake, the possibility for skiing and hiking in the mountains elegant, and of course the lake itself.

9 Lucerne

Lucerne, located in the German speaking part of Switzerland, is a city that has everything: the life of the city, lake and mountains.known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Lucerne is the most famous 14th century Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower, which is said to be the most photographed monument in Switzerland. Another symbol of this city is dying lion carved in stone in honor of Swiss mercenaries who died in France in 1792. Hungry visitors may want to try Luzerner Chügelipastete local specialty made with puff pastry, beef and mushrooms bathed in a creamy sauce.

10 Bern

Bern is a beautiful medieval city with a history dating back to the 12th century, although it was part of the Swiss Confederation to the most famous attractions of the 16th century, the ancient clock tower Zytglogge with puppets in motion. Things like Munster, the Gothic cathedral that rises from the old town and the town hall. The bear is the symbol of Bern, with some who are still in the outer hole. Buyers appreciate the old town, which has four miles of space to play, so this is one of the longest covered shopping areas in Europe.

Top 10 Extraordinary Places To Be Visited In Chile

This state of Patagonia is a rich tapestry of mountains and plains, forests and seas. Form unusual length of Chile has one of the different climates of the driest desert world in the north, while the southern end is home to creatures such as cold weather penguins. Chile is one of the closest, as well as Argentina and New Zealand, countries of Antarctica. South has a strong history of explorers to visit, like the people who go around the world before the Panama Canal was built is required to pass the tip. The country also has a well-known wine region that attracts many wine lovers every year. Here is an overview of some of the best places to visit in Chile

1 La Serena

This city in northern Chile is the second oldest in the country. It has a city full of beautiful architecture and warm, golden beaches. Serena has a reputation as an intellectual city, and has a number of attractions that fit this description, as the archaeological museum and an observatory. outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy biking through Elqui Valley, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and / or hike through the island Damascus and visit the Fray Jorge National Park.

2 Santiago

 The capital is the political and cultural center of Chile. High mountains in the history of San Cristobal Hill Park Except for the loss of the poet Pablo Neruda wrote, there is much to see in Santiago. The best option is Valle Nevado and Portillo skiing, wine tasting at Viña Aquitania, or a visit to one of the many museums of the likes of Chile Precolumbio Museum of Art or the Museum mode. For those who do not want to spend all your time in the city, there are incredible opportunities like hiking the steep Cajon de Maipo.

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3 Isla Chiloe

The island of Chiloé is an archipelago of Chiloé, in Los Lagos region of the largest and second largest island in South America after Tierra del Fuego. Partly because of physical isolation from the rest of Chile, Chiloé has the local culture and architecture is very special. The Spaniards who arrived in the 16th century, Jesuit missionaries who followed built hundreds of unique wooden of the church in an effort to bring the Christianity to Canary Islands. The result is a mixture of Catholic and indigenous beliefs Chile.

4 Iquique

It is a beautiful coastal city and the casinos offer Georgia the edge of life and beautiful 19th century architecture as Aztoreca Palace. Iquique is the Monte Carlo of Chile, and has much to offer for those who like free-spirited fun. During the day, guests here can participate in the famous World paragliding surfing waves and sand board on the Gold Coast. Walking along the wooden sidewalks of the historic mining town, or a cobbled street Baquedano, giving the appearance at a time of economic boom. Finally, a spectacular nightlife offers a dazzling game, excellent cuisine, and the area of tax-free shopping.

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5 Chilean Fjords

Coast of southern Chile has a large number of fjords and channel which provides the only access to any part of Patagonia. Browse this field can be an unforgettable experience. Most trips depart from Puerto Montt and a trip to the southern route, Laguna San Rafael and Puerto Natales. The trip takes visitors through the uninhabited meeting with the narrow fjord and glacier sunset orange landscape of the Pacific. South, narrow channel. Along the way, tourists can see whales, lots of birds and sea lions.

6 Valparaiso

This port city and economic worker on the central coast of Chile is loved by wonderful mess of the poet Pablo Neruda. He first few urban innovations in Latin America, as the first volunteer fire department. In addition to the roots of the working class, Valparaiso has a reputation underground movement of urban art. Instead of specific tourist attractions, Valparaiso is famous for its brightly colored houses, a lively nightlife and a beautiful view of the sea.

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7 The Lake District Chile

Volcanic Zone of the fertile valley long stretches of Puerto Montt in the south of Temuco in the north. It features dense forests, crystal clear lakes and snow-capped volcanoes. Before the introduction of Europe, the lake area is covered by dense forests and inhabited by the Mapuche, one of the few tribes in South America to avoid swallowing in Inca country. Today, there are still some beautiful virgin land, as the National Park Los Alerces, known as Yosemite name of Chile. Mountains here are very young, two thousand years old, making them more and more organized than any in North America, and worth the trip alone.

8 San Pedro de Atacama

Popular among Chilean and international visitors alike, this is one of the most visited places in Chile. San Pedro de Atacama is a city on the edge of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. floodplains endless frame and mountains surrounded by abundant copper salt, and must be seen to be believed. The nightlife is a little differ- is a great attraction Star Tours because it is one of the darkest places of the world, and a chance to see pure the evening sky.

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9 Torres del Paine

Blue revolution Glacier National Park is an area at the southern tip of Chile. The three main pillars in the park to give his name, and is also home to a number of "horns" or other mountains, lakes and glaciers. Exploration through the park can be done by a mini van tours, multi-day hike, or visit the catamaran. There are some services also offer horse at some sites. Many parks only one foot, and there are a number of companies that are excellent guides to help transport equipment and cooking meals five to seven day hike.

10 Easter Island

The form is located more than 3,500 km (2,000 miles) from central Chile, Easter Island remains one of the great mysteries of the world. hundreds of giant sculptures deforested islands, sunken eyes carved by visitors from Polynesia is an example of a beautiful yet mysterious human mastery and accomplishment. In addition to visiting the statue in a respectful distance to avoid huge fines and roads rocky plains, here guests can enjoy two white sandy beaches with a dive off the coast, the extinct cinder cone, and a series of visits to run a view of the original things that are unique and decent.

Top 10 Tourist Place With Stunning Scenery In Austria

Austria is a country rich in history, beautiful places, traditions and different activities in the region. With neighboring Switzerland, is the winter sports capital of Europe. However, it is also popular for summer tourists who visit the historic towns and villages and hike the breathtaking view of the Alps. To help guide the development of the route below are some of the major tourist attractions in Austria that is sure to make your trip special.

1 Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. Situated atop a cliff overlooking the calm waters of the Danube River, Peace Benedictine monastery. Previously, the castle Leopold II, the structure was given to the monks, who have made it a place of serenity and impressive 1089 study spiritual center was one of the greatest examples of Baroque and constantly art architecture evolution of music and liberal is time.

2 Vienna Opera

The Vienna State Opera is an impressive architectural structure in the center of the Austrian capital. and perhaps the most famous opera theater of all time. Orchestra is recognized as one of the best in the world. Once there, take in one of the most famous opera and ballet in history, offered in classic and modern versions for viewers to choose from.

3 Seefeld, Tirol

Twice the home for the Winter Olympics, Seefeld is an important center for cross-country skiing with terrain that is compatible for beginners and intermediate skiers. Located in a spectacular nature reserve is a great place not only for sports in cold weather, but the hot weather for walking and hiking. It offers luxury accommodation Seefeld most luxurious resort is relaxing you.

4 Castle Hohensalzburg

This beautiful castle of Salzburg is one of the largest and best preserved medieval castles in Europe. Strategically located atop a mountain Festungsberg, mighty tower of the fortress of the city of Salzburg, to breathe life into the beautiful profile. The castle houses the "Salzburg Bull", a body with more than two hundred tubes. A piece of a really impressive medieval architecture, which represents the center of Salzburg, the castle Hohensalzburg is one of the major tourist attractions in Austria.

5 Hofburg Imperial Palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace In Vienna as the official residence of the President of Austria. He was director of the winter residence of the Habsburgs, while Schönbrunn Palace (also located in Vienna) is a favorite summer residence. From 1438-1583 and from 1612-1806, is where the kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, after a siege the Austrian Emperor till 1918.

6 Innsbruck Old Town

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Innsbruck was not significant in the middle of a surprising nature of the Alps Mountains. He says he has a dual personality, the area offers two pure landscape of and the sophisticated urban central. The Altstadt, a medieval city Innsbruck, attract you with its unique architecture and many shops. Strolling through the streets of the Altstadt, visit one of the most famous landmarks, the Golden Roof. This house was built for the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and was decorated with thousands of plated copper tiles gold that create the appearance of pure gold.

7 St. Anton am Arlberg

Another area ski resorts visited in Austria, which is well known called St. Anton am Arlberg. Located in Tyrol, the city offers a lot of serious skiing, legendary for those looking for a challenge. Often attracts young adventurers, St. Anton is known to live up to the said that "working hard, play hard." vast landscape welcoming crowd of faithful winter hikers and summer every year come to walk the mountain landscape. If you are looking for a good time, St Anton is the place to be.

8 Grossglockner Alpine Road

A panoramic road that leads to Franz Josefs Höhe Kaiser Visitor Center is the Grossglockner Alpine Road. From here breathtaking views of the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner obtained. Grossglockner Alpine Road is a toll road, but high outstanding mountain scenery more than compensates for the cost. This road is usually open from early May to late October.

9 Hallstatt

Another popular tourist spot is Hallstatt, a small town in the Salzkammergut region, famous for salt production. Like salt has long been a desired product used to preserve and flavor to food, the city has a long history of wealth and prestige. the accumulation of wealth of the salt industry by transforming it into a glamorous baroque city. Visit the underground salt lake Hörnerwerk cave and see the prehistoric man preserved in salt. Absolutely one of the most unique places in Austria, had to undergo Hallstatt.

10 Schonbrunn Palace

Last on the list is the Schönbrunn Palace, this is the most important tourist spot one of from Vienna. Comparable in grandeur to Versailles palace 1441 pieces, which at the request of Emperor Leopold I established between 1696 and 1712 has been became the imperial summer palace by Maria Theresa. Istana Park offers many attractions such as the garden, the world's oldest zoo, a maze and a labyrinth, and the summer home of the marble top of a hill 60 meters.