The beauty of the sea Down Pulo Two Central Sulawesi

Banggai Central Sulawesi Indonesia asia famous for the beauty of the underwater and land dazzling. Underwater beauty Pulo two districts Balantak, banggal district, Central Sulawesi, could be your choice who love the water to spend the year-end holidays.

Coral reefs and marine fauna are still beautiful will make you feel at home. One fauna endemic to the Banggai cardinal fish. Keistemewaan small population of fish has even been recorded Dr Alejandro A Vagelli through the title "The Banggai cardinalfish: Natural history, Convervation and Culture of Banggai Cardinalfish" for USD 145, or about 1.5 million.

Banggai archipelago consists of a cluster or a series of well-sized and small island some 121, five of which are medium-sized, small rest, there was even a tangible rock, sticking to the surface. Pulo two underwater beauty that surrounds the island knit scattered into a cluster called Banggai islands. Vast expanse of sea in the area is five times higher than its land area.

Besides Pulo dua, Banggai also has a coastal tourist village kampangar which is the nearest access to the sights pulo two Balantak. From the beaches still natural and has the beauty of this underwater, Pulo two can be reached within 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not miss the traditional ceremony tumpe in Batui. The ceremony is usually held in the first week of December in the form penghantaran Maleo egg. The ceremony is an act of gratitude for the harvest eggs citizens Maleo.

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That said, the birds were brought from Java, it can not live in Banggai but it could be. And it is believed, the Banggai will not be able to eat eggs of these birds without going through the customary rites.

Fly Geyser, hot showers unique pavonine - The above figure may seem foreign and strange to you. This is a picture of the Fly Ranch Geyser or better known as Fly Geyser. This unique rainbow-colored object is a geothermal geyser (shower hot springs) located in Washoe County, Nevada. The location is approximately 32 kilometers from Gerlach.

According to All That Is Interesting, Fly Geyser is one of the most stunning natural attractions in Nevada, although it seems there are still many locals who do not know his whereabouts. Height of only 1.5 meters, but when measured along a mound of earth that is beneath this geyser has a total height of 3.7 meters.

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Fly Geyser is not a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally. Initially the geyser is accidentally dug wells in 1964 to explore geothermal energy sources. When the well is to be closed again, they appear to be the closure is not going well. The well was started spitting mineral constantly. Minerals are piled around the geyser and eventually settles into a travertine mound that continues to grow.

Eventually it starts to emit water geysers. outburst can reach 1.5 meters. The soil around the geysers form the terracing. There are about 30 to 40 terraces filled with water from the geyser, to turn into dozens of small ponds that surround the Fly Geyser. Thanks to the high mineral content and diverse, Fly Geyser eventually become a breeding ground for a number of algae that secrete pigem body-color pigment. That's algae-algae that cause red, yellow, green, and orange on a pile of artificial hill Fly Geyser.

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Fly Geyser is within the Fly Ranch in Highlands Hualapai. The area is a privately owned property Todd Jacksick. Around him mounted high barbed fences and locked gates to prevent the visitors trespassing. So basically this place closed to the public. But because of its popularity on the Internet, eventually many tourists who come to the Fly Ranch to see for themselves this rainbow colored geyser.

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With the owner's permission, anyone can enter the area and witnessed the Fly Ranch Geyser Fly uniqueness. Some visitors claim to tariffs as high as 50 dollars to be able to enter the territory Fly Ranch Geyser. Quite expensive for one attraction alone. Without specific permission from the owner of the property, visitors can see the beauty just fly geyser of road within fairly remote.

5 Most Scary Ghost Tour Package in the World

Travel is not just about what is beautiful mountains, beaches and natural phenomena, but there is also a ghost tour in the world. but for some people travel with a lot of ghost stories in the world visited by the ghost of their adventure traveler is a special delight. at this time will give THE WHITE PAPER ghost tour info for you who like the other world.

1 Ghost Tours of New York, USA

The ghost tour offers you to take a walk to the places and haunted buildings in New York, United States. That said, when taking the tour visitors who never saw the appearance of the legendary band The Beatles, John Lennon. In the famous American ghosts of Edgar Allan Poe, George Washington, and Peter Stuyvesant, in this tour we will be invited to meet them. The journey to this haunted place around for 90 minutes with 15 different packages, depending on your choice. If lucky, we will see a ghost sightings world celebrities such as John Lennon, Babe Ruth and Mae West. Do not forget to set up the camera, who knows they appear in your photoshoot.

2 The Original Ghost Walk London, England

The Original London Ghost Walk was inspired by a book author named Richard Jones phenomenal, he made a lot of books on paranormal ghost like Walking Haunted London, Haunted London, History and Mystery Walks of London, and Haunted Britain and Ireland. Being in London, England, ghost tours offer a unique tour that Halloween Tour. By the time Halloween arrives you will be taken through the places that have been proven by Richard Jones that there are common sightings of ghosts. Travelers will be invited to a haunted London for a 2 hour drive. To follow The Original London Ghost Walk charged at 9 Pounds

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3 The Rocks Ghost Tours, Australia

In addition to the beauty of the city of Sydney, Australia, who would have thought it concealed a mythical story in it. It originated from stories handed down Brian families who previously had rented houses in the area of The Rock. Because this location is considered haunted, Brian and his wife Colleen eventually use them to create The Rock Ghost Tours travel. There you will get a ghost tour packages among others such as Adult Nightly Tour, Team Building and Halloween Ghost Tour. These ghost tours will be conducted before a long night with a 2 hour trip. You have to spend up to 42 Australian Dollars to feel the mystical atmosphere of The Rock, Sydney, Australia.

4 Dublin Ghost Bus Tours, Ireland

Unique however horrible, were on the bus, you will feel a strong impression with a mystical atmosphere. How not, the bus is decorated with creepy interiors coupled with leading tourist destination increasingly haunted locations will add to the horror. Located in the city of Dublin, Ireland, this bus offers a scary ghost tour packages. We will be invited to tour to the Cathedral Church of the haunted, visited the cemetery St Kevin and visitors will be invited to discover the origin of the appearance of Dracula told by novelist Bram Stoker. At a cost of 28 euros (USD 433,000) with long travel 2 hours 15 minutes, you will be satisfied visit places ghost Ireland. However, tour operators prohibit children under 14 years old to take the tour to the haunted location.

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5 Haunted Tokyo Tours

 If the traveler pretty big balls to feel this travel, must try for themselves the horrors of this ghost tour. Located in Tokyo, Japan, this ghost tour called Haunted Tokyo Tours. Here we will feel the horror of the places of the historical city of Tokyo in the past that haunted. Haunted Tokyo Tours provides a wide range of travel packages ghost, among others such as Blood of the Samurai and Ghosts and Goblins of Old Tokyo. Visitors are invited to tour to places that are haunted. The haunted locations is true and has been tested by the paranormal in Japan. If you are brave and want to try, we just have to pay for a tour of 3,000 yen. The trip will last for 2 to 3 hours and accompanied by a guide


This house is owned by the daughter of a former president of Vietnam, who studied architecture in Moscow. It does not conform to the conventions of building a house, has unexpected twists and visible, the roof and rooms. Like a fairy tale castle, as seen in the large animal giraffes and spiders, no window, rectangular or round, and this building can be visited like a museum.
Hang Nga guesthouse (Vietnam: Biet thu Hang Nga), known as the "Crazy House" (Vietnamese: Ngoi nha at Quai), is an unconventional building designed and built by a Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga in Da Lat, Vietnam. Described as a "fairy tale house", the overall design of the building resembles a giant tree, incorporating design elements sculptures representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, cobwebs and caves. Architecture, consisting of a complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist. Nga has acknowledged inspired Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the design of the building, and visitors have a variety of parallels drawn between it and the works of artists such as Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Since opening in 1990, the building has gained recognition for its unique architecture, which is highlighted in the guidebook a lot and is listed as one of the top ten building "strange" in the world of the Chinese People Daily.DESAIN

Hang Nga guesthouse was originally built as a personal project by a Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, opened to the public in 1990. Nga, who received his PhD in architecture from the University of Moscow, has stated that its overall design is inspired by the natural environment around the city of Da Lat, along with the Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

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Instead of using a standard architectural plans as a blueprint, Nga produce paintings, and employing non-professional local craftsmen to turn this into the structural elements. Some right corner found throughout the building, which is not offering a complex organic structure echoing the natural shape. The exterior of the building like a banyan tree high five, with uneven-shaped window openings and branch structure was like "grow" along the wall and climbed on the roof to the sky. Describing it as "a fairy tale house", observers have drawn comparisons between the various architecture and the works of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. In an attempt to classify the architecture of the building, the city People's Committee of Da Lat described it as "expressionist".

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The building has ten themed rooms, each having an animal as a theme; examples include space tigers, eagles space, space and space ant kangaroos, each decorated according to the theme. Tiger room wall, for example, features a large tiger with eyes flashed red, the room combines kangaroo kangaroo sculpted by the fireplace in his stomach, a fireplace in the Eagle Room is in the form of a giant eagle eggs.

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Many of the rooms incorporate additional level of symbolism, with the theme of animals connected to a particular nationality. For example, Nga describe the tiger as representing "the strength of the Chinese people"; indoor eagle as a "great and powerful" as Americans, and space ant as representing the "Vietnam worked hard" in the room .Furniture crafts and sometimes even built into their own rooms to match the nonlinear room ', organic shapes. Stone decor throughout the house depicting animals such as bears, giraffes, frogs, spiders, and ants, along with natural elements such as mold and cobwebs. The stairs and hallways in the building is designed to resemble tunnels and caves.

Rides adrenaline boosters in the world

Feel challenged is one of the reasons a traveler comes to a tourist attraction. Try just 9 rides horrible in this world. Feel how your adrenaline racing against challenges such rides! Many rides adrenaline boosters created to challenge the intrepid traveler. It takes more guts to conquer these rides., 9 rides this horrible world. Prepare to test the adrenaline!

1 X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA

This vehicle was first opened in 2002, as the coaster 'four-dimensional' first in the world. The difference X2 with another roller coaster is a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. Rides in Los Angeles is equipped with a tunnel as well as enhancements in the form of audio and visual. The form is also slimmer.

Called fourth dimension because the wagon seat has a shape that extends to the side. Thus, allowing the chair to spin and make the traveler upside down. As recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts, this is the first vertical roller coaster in the world with tubular steel track.

2 Fahrenheit, US

Farenheit are rides at Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania City. This vehicle was opened in May 2008 and was nicknamed as the sweetest place on earth. However, Fahrenheit is ready to make its visitors heart pounding. This roller coaster has a track with a height of 121 meters above the ground.

Without knowing what happens next, the path by this coaster suddenly dropped to 97 degrees. It is a derivative of the steepest in the US. On arriving at the highest point, a traveler returning greeted with a sharp derivatives. That is just opening, there is still upside-shaped path and a circular path along the 32.1 meter, hills and paths shaped like the letter 'S'. This game takes about 85 seconds!

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3 Insanity, US

Not all shaped scary roller coaster rides. Located at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Insanity vehicle can only be conquered by those who are brave.

This vehicle runs about 19.2 meters in the north tower of the hotel. The above altitude of 270 meters, a traveler will be rotated at a speed of 60 km per hour and the slope reaches 70 degrees. Insanity really become one of the most terrible rides in the world.

4 Colossus, England

Colossus was made in 2002 in c, Chertsey. Roller coaster still holds the record for the number of passes the upside, which is 10 tracks. This path is reversed repeatedly traveler with corkscrew-shaped trajectory, cobra round, four rounds.

In China there is also a replica of this adrenaline rides challenger. The spacecraft is named Tenth Ring Roller Coaster, and has existed since 2006 in Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou.

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5 kingda Ka, US

Kingda Ka roller coaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, carry traveler soared to reach a height of 136.8 meters above the ground. Next, you'll feel bolted down with a speed of 192 km / h, through a rotating spiral tracks along 81 meters. Wow!

6 Eejanaika, Japan

Roller coaster 4D second in the world, also has a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. His position was the same as X2 in the US. Not much different, it's just a longer trajectory Eejanaika with a height of 75 meters. This roller coaster became the 7th highest in the world.

Traveler will feel short trip thriller. But on top of this extreme rides, you will be presented with a view of Mount Fuji.

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7 Tower of Terror, Australia

Based in Goald Coast, one of the rides at Dreamworld it became the tallest and fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Tower of Terror became the fourth fastest roller coaster in the world.
This train will take you up to the height of about 113.1 meters. Furthermore, this roller coaster takes only 6.5 seconds and took off at a speed of 160 km / h. Tower of Terror just move forward and down to the fallback position.

8 Expedition GeForce, Germany

Expedition GeForce belongs Holiday Park in Rhineland-Palatinate is always located in a row of the best roller coasters in the world. Not only the largest in Europe, this coaster is also the most complete and satisfying with a height of 60.9 meters. There are seven sections of track roller coaster that will churn your stomach. He cried again, will train sped past the track with a speed of 118.4 km / h. Wush!

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9 Maverick, US

Incomplete before glancing at one of 17 roller coaster ride in the 'house roller coaster' Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio. Maverick is a roller coaster that was built in 2007. This vehicle became the tallest, fastest, longest, and the best in the playground. Racing with the speed 112 km per hour with a hilly track and countless twists. During the 2.5-minute ride this roller coaster, there will always be surprises

Thousands Bra Hanging On Fence Roadside The Cardrona Bra Fence

Places the following is strange and unique. Thousands bra lined up neatly along the wire fence named `The Cardrona Bra Fence`   The tradition of hanging bra on the edge of the road in New Zealand. One road in the area of Central Otago, New Zealand. Streets are now used as tourist attractions also started with a controversy travel unique places

There, you'll see a lot of ladies bras hanging and fluttering of 1999, four girls doing silly things that ultimately the formation of these sights. After coming home from a party to welcome the new year and Christmas, they suddenly stopped in the middle of the street right in Central Otago. Their condition is actually semi-conscious, probably because too happy and drunk, they hung on the fence bra streets. Four bra is linked in the fence along the road Although many have donated bras on the fence, some people are also unhappy with the addition that occur each day.

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Plus bra is something a little controversial to be left in the street like this, Despite strong efforts by the government and local people, bra hanging is still increasing every day.

Some residents even think a place close to their homes instead be a unique place to visit by the tourists. Increasing number of bras hanging in the streets, some people even have any other idea than to open as a tourist attraction. After a few years, this place really become tourist attractions.

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It's a little annoying because of the increasing number of bras that hung so often hold relocation so do not bother tourists come since that time, the Cardrona bra fence dubbed as Bradrona. While donations are entered into this Bradrona donated to the Cancer Foundation of New Zealand / travel unique destinations.

Amazing Umbul Ponggok Klaten Tourism Snorkeling in Freshwater

Snorkelling is a fun water travel and has a relaxing effect. To perform these activities tourists have gone overboard with calm waters and coral reefs and marine animals are beautiful. Therefore this activity can only be done by a limited circle, because not all of the ocean can be used for snorkelling.

umbul Ponggok is a natural pond that developed into a water tourism is quite popular in Asia Indonesia Klaten. Various colorful fish that live in Umbul Ponggok beautiful and the pond make it a favorite snorkeling locations. Not only that, umbul Ponggok also often become a practice diving. You do not need to fear carried by the waves, for the place where the sea snorkelling but this time is not a source of natural spring water is fresh and very crisp named umbul Ponggok. Natural pond this existed in the Netherlands, with a size of 50 x 25 meters and an average depth of 1.5 to 2.6 meters this place suitable for snorkelling locations.

In contrast to the bottom of a swimming pool tiled floors, basic Bannerman Ponggok still very natural expanse expanse of sand, rocks, and thousands of colorful fish, and the atmosphere was really like under the sea. Although filled with fish, water in Ponggok Bannerman is not fishy because the water flows continuously.

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Besides being a place snorkelling, umbul Ponggok also often used as locations for the beginner diver diving training before they actually dive in the sea. For travelers who can not swim or do not want to snorkel can ride paddle boats and surround pennant. As for the children provided a short-sized pool that can be used as the location of swimming and water play limited.

Location and Ticket umbul Ponggok

umbul Ponggok located in the village Ponggok, District Polanharjo, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia asia. From Yogyakarta can be taken approximately 1 hour trip by private vehicle. umbul Ponggok open every day starting at 07:00 to 17:00 pm.

To get into the pennant traveler Ponggok obliged to pay the charged Rp 5,000 per person. For tourists who want to snorkel but did not carry the equipment, in umbul Ponggok also a snorkel rental place. Here's the list price: USD 5 frog legs, snorkel USD 2, buoys USD 0,5

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Tips Photographing in umbul Ponggok

One of the things to do while in umbul Ponggok is doing a photo shoot in the water. For tourists who do not have an underwater camera does not need to worry. At umbul Ponggok contained underwater camera rental services for 6 USD  for 30 minutes and 10 USD for one hour. If you want to shoot the concept, in this place there are also underwater photography services at relatively inexpensive prices.

If you want to do a photo shoot in umbul Ponggok, travelers are advised to come on Monday - Friday 07.00 - 09.00 or 14.00 - 16.00. While on weekends Saturday - Sunday for a satisfactory outcome advised to come at 7:00 to 09:00 pm. Photographing in the morning or late afternoon will produce a better picture because pennant water clearer and the sun is still on the side rather than directly overhead. Additionally during the day the number of visitors is usually much more so can not freely search for a great photo spot in the water

This He "Village fox" Japanese very funny

Imagine, you are in a village whose inhabitants are not human but a fox. With fur orange-brown and playful behavior, who certainly made exasperated by it. Welcome to the village of Fox in Miyagi, Japan!

In fact, the Daily Mail called the Fox Village alias These foxes village with the sentence, 'Is this the cutest place on earth?'. Not without reason, tourists who saw many foxes there really can not stand to cuddle or photographed.

On this island there are 100 animals, mostly foxes with 6 types.

The fox was not a rural village in the truest sense. So, it is a vast forest area at the foot of the mountain by the railing and made a few cages in it. Well, foxes there was placed in a cage and many were released for granted.

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So go into it, guests will be greeted by dozens of fox passing by. No running around, sneaking around the bush to sleep on the wood. Funny thing!

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Some tame fox tail and will move closer to the tourist, as if asking for food. Quiet, tourists were allowed to photograph and stroked the fox there. Fox was tame-tame! The local guides also would guide the tourists to give a sense of security. Some rules must be obeyed, as prohibited to give food for the fox inside the cage.

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Investigate a investigate, turn them into one of the animals that are considered sacred to the Japanese people. They believe the fox is a symbol of good luck or prosperity. In addition to orange-brown, fox ad  there are white and black. Entrance to the village of Fox is set at 700 yen, or about 6 USD and is open throughout the year, whether it is winter or summer. Location Village fox in the hills in the area of ​​Shiroishi, Miyagi or 30 minutes by car from Shiroishi Station. Local communities know him by name Zao Fox Village.

Flying Hovering Above timang beach

City vacations Gudeg jogjakarta asia Indonesia. country famous Borobudur tour, bali tour and travel Raja Ampat. in Indonesia is also famous for its beaches. The beach is really made amazed actually located in a row of beach in Gunung Kidul. one of which is timang beach Gunung Kidul that not only offer natural beauty, but also offers exciting experiences and adrenaline drain.

Timang beach is located in the hamlet Danggolo, Purwodadi, District Tepus the incoming administration of Gunung Kidul. Of the district, namely Wonosari, steep rocky coast is still a distance of approximately 35 kilometers. Pretty much, especially if from the center of the city of Yogyakarta. But if you visit, ga would lose, guaranteed. A distance of tens of kilometers passed would be paid off with the beauty of the waves timang beach. Moreover, in addition to visiting Cuddle you can also visit the beaches all its neighbors, such as Nglambor Beach, Coastal Jogan, Siung, Turkish chrysanthemum, Pok Tunggal Beach, Coastal Ngetun. Well, the exciting experience what is offered timang beach as THE WHITE PAPER mentioned above?

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Timang beach traveler challenged to prove his guts to cross the choppy large reef just use the gondola / funicular traditionally driven by human power. Gondola withdrawn from the shoreline to a small island called Pulau Panjang Watu.

Do not think like a train hung in Taman Mini modern, citizen-made cable car is made of wood with a lifeline in the form of a rope. The use of ropes considered more robust in the face corrosive seawater than sling made of iron / steel. Gondola timber in timang beach is not a tourist support facilities provided by the government of Gunung Kidul. The spacecraft is actually a means of transportation commonly used local fishermen to hunt lobster that became one of the local superior products.

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At first to cross using a cable car is free, but saw the potential that exists, then local residents mengkomersilkannya. For once crossed, residents peg the cost of Rp 200,000. Pretty expensive anyway, but please expect to pull a cable car takes a lot of energy as well as specialized expertise. Guaranteed, the experience gained is more valuable than the nominal money paid.

Layout and Transport to timang beach is not a beach Because that worked as tourism, timang beach is less well known. So naturally many travelers would have difficulty finding the location of this beach. If you're backpacking and decided to visit timang beach, rent a bike is a wise choice. From the direction Wonosari, you continue your journey towards Jalan Baron. Mulo Arriving at the T-junction, turn left towards Siung, continue to meet market Dakbong.

 From local citizens to ask directions to timang beach. or can hire a motorcycle taxi driver to take you. Prepare yourself for a trip to the coast as far as 5 kilometers from the last village in the form of steep rocky path that would drain energy and must be passed with caution to reach this beautiful hidden beach