Beautiful and strange place that managed to make some scientists' surrender

Beauty that served the world as there is no end. There are many places whose beauty looks like a painting.

Not infrequently there is also a location that looks like the world 'aliens' are often featured in science fiction films. Clad beauty oddity in such places as if they were created 'separate' from the world we live in. Scientists find it difficult to explain how such a form. Quoted from Listverse, Wednesday (07/09/2016) The following is both beautiful and strange place that managed to make some scientists 'surrender' to uncover the origin of the formation:

1 Lightning That Never Ends, The Beacon of Marcaibo

Starting from 19:00 every night, lightning will be snatched from the surface of the Catatumbo River in western Venezuela. No one knows for sure what causes that occur in daeraah are always bombarded the storm. Until recently, the theory of the allegedly most plausible, explaining that it happened because of something related to uranium in the bedrock. The researchers finally began to doubt the allegation. Until the new theory which says that the shape of the mountains surrounding the river causing the warm breeze. Gusts of wind collided with cold air of the Andes. The collision and cause a spark which allegedly came from oil fields not far from the location.

But no one knows for sure whether it really happened. Everything is very mysterious. In 2010, a bolt of lightning was stopped completely for six weeks. There is no explanation for this. After that, the flash was back in 'live' and worsened until today.

2 Timpishka Shanay Boiling River, Amazon, Peru

Boiling river was legendary in Peru. Located in the hinterland of the Amazon, the river that the heat off it was first discovered by the Spanish army. Spanish soldiers who went to the Amazon River in search of gold at the time back by preaching about the horrific experience. They told me that in the interior of the Amazon River, there is a poisonous water, people who eat snakes, and also the boiling river. The river has a width of 25 meters and in about 6 meters, has hot water that can be used to brew tea. In other parts of the river, the water is boiling even more. Andres Ruzo, a geology researcher told the river could cause scalding. "As we have blood flowing through the veins and arteries, as well as the Earth has a hot water flowing through cracks and faults," he said."That's where the arteries Earth surface, so that we will get a manifestation of Earth's heat: fumaroles, hot springs, and in this case the boiling river".

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3 Gua 'Deadly' Movile Cave in ConstanĊ£a County, Romania

In the southeastern part of Romania, there is a cave which had never been exposed to the sun for nearly more than 5.5 million years. This resulted in an atmosphere where it's really different from the other hemisphere. Mysterious cave was first discovered by workers who were making a power plant. When they tested whether the land is safe to build. So, the place is destroyed and open the way to one of the strangest in the world. Narrow streets and some of the tunnels were found at the site will bring in a stream of sulfur with a pungent smell of rotten eggs. The air was poisonous, filled with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide that is 100 times more dangerous. Surprisingly, although the environment is shut down, the whole ecosystem is in his cave safely. Researchers found at least 33 species live in a place known as the Movile Cave. They adapt to the atmosphere sulfur, survive by eating foam on the rocks.

4 Water 'Goddamn' in Knaresborough, East Yorkshire, England

Points 'damned' is located in Knaresborough, East Yorkshire, England. Whatever is exposed to drops of water that flows from these wells will be turned to stone. While visiting the site, visitors will see no caps, teddy bears, bicycles and skis hung and had turned to stone. The process of changing into hard objects that occur for at least 3 to 5 months. In the past people believed that the water was 'cursed' by a witch. But researchers believe that water is thought to have a very high mineral content. As a result, these elements create a 'shell' bind any hard mineral that is exposed to water.

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5 Underwater Parks Gruner See, Hochschwab, Austria

One of the places that is famous and frequented a park near Hochschwab Mountains. Unlike other parks dry and (some) are on the edge of the lake, where it is in the water. This is due to a frozen lake water during the winter, evaporated, and flooded the park in the spring. Water is very clear, allowing the trees, wooden benches and bridges are visible from the water.

6  Double Tree casorzo, Piemonte, Italy

In rural areas in Piemonte, Italy, there is an unusual sight. At the mulberry trees also grow other plants on it that cherry tree. Casorzo double tree that thrives with each limb along the 5 meter. No one knows how strange things can happen. Residents suspected bird cherry tree dropped seeds that grow vines of the mulberries.

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7 Lava Blue Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

If the general peak of the volcano emit bright red lava, lava crater has bright blue with white smoke clot. The lava aquatic blue color caused by the presence of sulfur or sulfur. Magma gas sprayed into the lake, together with high concentrations of metals and turns the water blue.

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"Hydrogen chloride released mountain mixes with the water of the lake. Gas sulfur turns blue when exposed to air at the temperature above 360 ​​degrees Celsius," said an expert, Vinay Sisodia. In daylight, lava emerging from the Earth at very high temperatures in Ijen no different to see the lava in another mountain - which emit red or orange, depending on the mineral composition. On contact with oxygen in the air and triggered by lava, sulfur flammable and triggering a bright blue flame.

"Make it seem as if the blue lava flows on the mountain," said a photographer Oliver Grunewald. The effect is only visible at night. you must visit top amazing place but becareful

visit alaska in winter Phenomenon Will You See When Exploring Alaska

Every vacation spot that you go of course have things that do not necessarily exist in other places and have never seen before, and it makes you amazed of it. Especially if you see a natural phenomenon that occurs naturally without any human intervention.

Have you seen the phenomenon in the temperate extra cold? If you want to see the phenomenon, you can explore Alaska where you'll see many natural phenomena that can not be found elsewhere. This is a natural phenomenon that you will see when browsing Alaska. alaska visit best time

The vast ice field

Covering 1,500 square miles, Juneau ice field in the Alaskan is one of the largest ice field on earth. The snow that fell here high as 100 feet, highland make the most of the snow that is melting during the summer progresses.
But Mendenhall Glacier fared poorly, because of the rising temperatures on Earth every year. In 2013, the temperature here reached 33c and the temperature continued to rise during the week, it was extremely hot temperatures to the outskirts of Alaska. And it makes the glaciers shrink as much as 100 feet since 2005.

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Ice blue

Because the blue water in Alaska as well as the cold weather there, making water-water that will freeze and become ice very beautiful. But this blue ice you can see normally in the cave that is not covered by snow.

The flow of the ice melting

Melting ice flow path reveals a surreal world and completely unexpected. Water rushed in, dripping, and entered into a hole that it is roughly 300 feet. Water is the main ingredient in the ice cave, following the flow of the clothes on the ice, and you will often see while on vacation in Alaska

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Animals are unpredictable

Maybe time to Alaska you would think there were only polar bears, penguins or seals. But when you get to Alaska, you'll find animals that you did not expect before. As in the above photo there are bugs that can live in Alaska.Canyons blue

A wave of freezing water

Ice in Alaska will melt and create an puddles, and when the wind was blowing the water will be bumpy even into the waves. And when the waters freeze bumpy it will re-frozen and will be very beautiful.

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During the warm summer, surface Mendenhal glaciers will melt and create blue and dazzling white. Because glaciers are melting and water will follow a low place, the existing cracks will widen and even formed a chasm. you must try alaska visit places

Wow! Cano Cristales, Colombia River 5 Colours, Unique and Strange

Could there be a river that has more than one color? There, one of them like a river in the country of Colombia. Usually the river only have one kind of color only. As with the Cano Cristales, thus the name of the river, has a style that is colorful. Pretty unique river that became a tourist destination has at least five kinds of colors.

Cano Cristales River is located in the Sierra de la Macarena, entered the territory of Colombia. To get to the tourist sites can be reached from the city of La Macarena, Meta, Colombia. Then we can follow the instructions in the direction toward the national park where the river is located.
Beauty of Natural Phenomena River of Five Colors

Cano Cristales is amazing and so more than others. At the bottom of the river there is algae in large quantities. Algae thrives on natural rocks.
Well here appeal, algae that live here have a variety of colors including blue, red, brown, green, and yellow. The reflection of all five colors is then visible on the top surface of the clear water.
It is therefore no wonder if the river is dubbed the River of Five Colors or Rainbow River. Amazing, like the colors of the rainbow only. Water conditions on the river still seem natural. No trash or waste cover. The water was cool when afternoon. Similarly, the time when the morning was so cold.

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 However, the beauty of the stunning panorama of this river can not be seen at all times. Corak colorful river water can only be seen when the transition of the rainy season to the dry season. This is because at the turn of the second season of algae get enough light to reflect light they were gorgeous. Although it is located in a fairly remote area, but Cano Cristales was a lot visited by tourists. Foreign tourists often visit this place at the moment the beauty of color radiating river. Cameras are items that must be taken, they visit with those nearby. Enjoy the beauty of the emission color of the river bank Cano Cristales It was exciting.

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Earlier this tourist area never closed for some reason. In 2009, the river is re-open to the travelers who want to travel. Now, it has a lot of agents and travel agencies in Colombia are on package travel to Cano Critales.Demikian articles on Cano Cristales, a river 5 Colours in Colombia a very unique and strange this time. So, how to you the travelers? Perhaps this river is one of the most beautiful in the world. Interested in coming to the river this extraordinary exotic?

Beautiful full-color travel in china

If we look at the views of the mountains it will be soothing to our eyes but what if we look at the mountain or mountain that looks very pretty with a variety of colors like a rainbow, a definite feeling will mingle among the awe, wonder and amazement, well here there are mountains in the area of ​​China or rather in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is located in Gansu Chinese province,  one of the widest mountain and resembles a layer cake with various colors

Zhangye Danxia looks exactly like a Picasso painting. formed over 24 million years is the origin of color in rock Zhangye Danxia. Each color comes from layers of different minerals, and over millions of years each coat to one another, forming a unique rainbow pattern. were in the area in Gansu province in China, the only place in the world with rock formations like this is just in Zhangye Danxia

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If you are interested to visit, you should not come in the winter. Zhangye Danxia is located in the middle of Hexi Corridor area, which in a normal winter the wind is quite strong. Even in the summer too, visitors are encouraged to bring a jacket because in the morning and in the afternoon the air temperature tends to decrease drastically.

The best time to visit the Zhangye Danxia is the time of sunset and sunrise. Reddish sun rays will make Zhangye colorful Danxia more beautiful. Oh yes, you have to visit when the weather is sunny and not raining, as the rocks Zhangye Danxia seemed most bright and beautiful when exposed to sunlight, especially when after hujan.karena in the Zhangye Danxia no shops or stalls Do not forget to bring food and drinks, You are also encouraged to bring a mask, because there are a lot of dust blowing in the wind in the region.

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The mountainous area is beautiful colorful garden is part of Zhangye Danxia Geological Formation. Is located in a mountainous area of ​​Gansu, China and has been recorded by UNESCO in the World Heritage Site in 2010. The uniqueness of Zhangye Danxia mountain which makes it very beautiful, should we include in the list of sites to be visited. In accordance with colorful visuals, this place called Rainbow Rocks.

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According to John Encarnacion, Ph.D, the formation of different colors that come from different minerals. Deep red color appears particularly for mineral bajah rusty iron. These rocks are rich in iron minerals are then oxidized when the rocks were formed. The yellow color appeared only a few possibilities for the iron mineral content and more sand and clay. Bluish and greenish gray color derived from plants between organic or mineral called glauconite, found in the sea. Zhangye Danxia mount

Rainbow after the rain certainly during the day, here Evenings u can see

They say we have to wait for the rain to see a rainbow, and then only during the day. But in this park we need not wait for the rain let alone the sun, because the rainbow here will continue to be there every day even after sunset. Yes, this rainbow rainbow is not unusual as manifested in the form of lanterns.

Taman Pelangi, that's the name for the garden in the court's Jogja Kembali Monument. Designed around the garden, of every shape and color of lanterns decorate the courtyard. There are two side entrances, the west and east. YogYES suggest go through the east door because from there we will immediately greeted lanterns shaped rainbows as well as a gateway to the country lanterns.

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Entering the park, we will pass a route filled with lanterns of various shapes and colors from flora, fauna, cartoon characters and Disney Japan, even the faces of the leaders of the republic, which is also made of lanterns. The setting was varied, there are like planted in the ground, against a wall, hanging, or lined up like soldiers lined up neatly.

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While enjoying a night of color, we can also try many rides ranging from water ball, paddle boats,trampolines, mini tricycles, speed boat, car bombs, and so forth. Seen from above, the complex Jogja Kembali Monument looks like a mandala with 4 parts of the pond that surrounds it. Well, in the pools that we can enjoy water rides are available. Want a more exciting? Just go to Castle Ghosts. I wonder what in it because we have not enough courage to enter it. When lazy around on foot, there is also a train safari which will lead us to explore all routes to the end.

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Taman Pelangi Monjali arguably fairly complete recreation area. In addition to offering romance-studded night the colorful lanterns and a variety of games, here also there is a food court which could be a place to unwind while filling the stomach. Well, confused traveled a pleasant evening in Jogja Taman Pelangi course

Top most Popular 20 Places Visited in Bali

Places of Interest in Bali is so large and popular majority are coastal resorts like Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach. There are still many other beautiful beach on the island of Bali that you can make the most attractive tourist destinations and popular in Bali. Who does not know Bali? Any foreign person many know and love visiting the island of Bali.

Bali offers a natural beauty that is still a popular destination of foreign tourists. Usually foreign tourists like to take the route of Yogyakarta - Bromo - Bali or prior to the Bali popped into the crater in advance, according to the experience long time I wrote an article about the Indonesian tourism beautiful and interesting for you who are looking for the most popular tourist attractions.

Here is THE WHITE PAPER recommend 20 attractions in Bali obligatory visit for the most popular and interesting.

Popular tourist spots in Bali

1 Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot in Bali is a tourist spot that must be visited because it has outstanding natural beauty, especially when the sun will set. Tanah Lot temple there are two places which is a temple to worship the god of the sea. Pura Tanah Lot is located on top of a large rock, and there in the seafront. When the sea water was high tide, you can not get closer to Pura Tanah Lot is because around the rocks that hold Pura Tanah Lot will be surrounded by sea water. At low tide you can see some sea snakes are tame here and according to the locals, this is a snake keeper Pura Tanah Lot. Moreover, in a tourist location, you can hold the sacred snake benign and not harmful.

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2 Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach became a haven for surfers (Surfing) for obak owned beach is perfect for surfing, do not be surprised if the foreign tourists very fond of tourist attractions in Bali this one. Sanur beach location is in the direction east of Denpasar. Not far from Sanur Beach you can find a place to dive and snorkel. The location here is perfect for scuba divers from all skill levels. If the very famous Kuta beach with beautiful sunsetnya, Sanur Beach is famous for its Sunrise or the rising of the sun

3 Kuta Beach

Since the first Kuta Beach is one of the tourist spots in Bali's most famous and visited by many tourists both domestic and foreign, some other factors because the location is fairly close to the airport, the beach is beautiful, low cost, and the waves at Kuta Beach is suitable for the surfers who are beginners.
Kuta Beach is famous for the beauty of the sunset / sun sinking charming. First previous Kuta Beach is a major port, a trading center in Bali. Have the white sand and blue sea, equipped with various support facilities are already very full, Kuta Beach Bali is now a prime tourist spot. Beaches become tourist attractions in Bali's most famous Sunset scenery he has the best in the world, this beach has become a tourist since the 70s ago. sometimes many tourists from foreign countries who traveled to this beach. Location Kuta Beach is located in Badung, if the distance is about 1.5 km from Ngurah Rai Airport and can be reached in about 5 minutes and if from Denpasar city, can be reached in less than 20 minutes.

4 Lake Beratan Bedugul

Location Lake Beratan Bedugul located in a mountainous area surrounded by very beautiful natural setting. Lake Beratan Bedugul there is a temple called Pura Ulun Danu. Ulun Danu is located on the edge of Lake Beratan Bedugul and became one of the main attraction of the Lake Beratan Bedugul. Here the visitor can enjoy a game of water with boat hire is available at the Lake Beratan Bedugul. Location Bedugul contained in District Baturiti, Tabanan. To be able to Bedugul tourists who want to visit must be a distance of approximately 6 km if from Ngurah Rai Airport. And if you travel from Singaraja City is located about 41 km past road trip.

5 Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua is adjacent to and is a center of water sports activities and games that exist in Bali. Tanjung Benoa beach is very quiet, and very suitable for playing various types of water games are very exciting. This type of game that you can enjoy the water here is like a snorkel, sea walker, banana boat, parasailing, wakeboard, waterski, jetski, scuba diving, donut boat, flying fish, and much more. Here you can also go to see the giant turtle that was in the turtle island by way of boat from Tanjung Benoa. Tanjung Benoa beach of white sand, is very well known as a water sport in Bali. Its location is in the district of Tanjung Benoa, Badung regency.

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6 Ubud

Location Ubud is located in Gianyar, this district famous for their art, can dikatan as one of the cultural centers of painting and carving in Bali. Location Ubud if from Denpasar airport approximately 40 kilometers away, and takes about 1.5 hours to be able to achieve it.

7 Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu is a tourist spot in Bali whose location is above the cliff that juts into the sea.
This temple is not only a religious atmosphere typical of Bali, but also has incredible natural beauty, such as the beauty of the sun sinking that has been very popular. At the Uluwatu Temple, you can see the number of apes who is believed to be the guardian of the sanctity of Uluwatu. To be able to enter the area of ​​Uluwatu, you are required to use gloves and scarves which is a symbol of a sense of a sign of respect for the sanctity of Uluwatu. Tourist attractions in Bali this one located at an altitude of about 97 meters above sea level. For the tourists who want to visit this Uluwatu temple will feel spoiled with beautiful scenery and breadth expanse of the Indian Ocean with the waves are so beautiful. Not only that, here the tourists will be treated to a traditional dance of Bali, Uluwatu Kecak Dance. This dance is played by about 50-100 dancers.

8 Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is also often called Dhyanapura beach, a beach in Bali which has soft sand and ramps. Its location is the village area of ​​Seminyak excl. Kuta district. Badung. Here tourists do not have to worry about accommodation in this beautiful beach area there are a lot of restorant, hotel or villa that you can make a choice. Lots of exciting things and activities you can do while visiting Seminyak Beach. As a beach which has panoramic beauty of the sun sank pretty, Seminyak also invited a lot of travelers in the evening will be ahead. On the coastline of Seminyak, it appears a row of umbrellas that are provided specifically for tourists (guests) hotels in the surrounding areas. When the night will be ahead, Seminyak Sunset presents beautiful scenery.

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9 Dreamland Beach

One of the other interesting tourist in Bali is like Dreamland Beach, surrounded by natural scenery is beautiful with lots of cliffs towering and coral that surround the beach. Surely tourist area this one certainly can not be missed. For those who want to visit? can go directly to the location in the complex Bali Pecatu Graha (Kuta Golf Links Resort). The distance and travel time for arriving at this beach location if from Kuta Beach takes approximately 30 minutes. Dreamland Beach is almost similar to that already famous Kuta beach. The sand is white and also a fairly steep gully into an eye-catching scenic beauty tourists. The location of the white sandy beach at the beach clean, there are narrow and just below the steep walls of coral are very suitable to serve as a place to enjoy the sunset or you can also just see the attraction of the surfers. The waves were high and too big to make this beach very much in demand by many sports fans surfing (surf), even Dreamland Beach now also been used as a surf spot that was new to the area of ​​Bali.

10 Legian Beach

This Legian Beach location is not far from Kuta beach, more precisely located on the north. The foreign tourists call this beach as Legian Beach In Indonesia. Actually many world tour & travel magazine mentions "Indonesia travel" as the beach that must be visited while on holiday in Indonesia. The difference that stands out from the beach Legian Kuta beach Bali at Legian beach is if it gives the impression of the resort and is much more appropriate for you who do not really like crowds and want a more relaxing on the beach. Different again with Bali's Kuta Beach that every day is always crowded tourist. Legian Beach also has white sand, as well as the beach of Kuta Bali but here relatively quiet when dibandikan Kuta beach in Bali. In the tourist area of ​​Legian, tourists are predominantly tourists from abroad, most of the tourists coming from Australia.

11 Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach location is situated at about 9 Km towards the west of Singaraja, is one of the tourist attractions in the northern part of Bali. Local or foreign tourists pretty much like a visit to Lovina beach, in addition to seeing the beautiful beaches are still very natural, here you can also see dolphins were quite numerous in this Lovina beach. By renting a boat of local fishermen, you can approach the dolphins that are here. A variety of accommodation ranging from cheap to the Cottages are available here at affordable price.

12 Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach in Bali is also known by other names Labuan Sait coast, is well known in the eyes of domestic and foreign travelers. One of the tourist attractions in Bali, located in Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali. Access to the beach towards Padang Padang Bali is fairly easy, you only need to take about 45 minutes if from Ngurah Rai Airport by using a motor vehicle. How much easier to get to the location of Padang Padang beach Bali is to use car rental service in Bali and driver. By renting a car + driver in Bali car rental services you no longer need to think about how to find the location of Padang Padang beach tourism.

13 Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana commonly abbreviated GWK, a tourist park that is in the southern part of the island of Bali. This park is located on the headland of Nusa Dua, Badung regency, about the distance of about 41 km in the direction of the south of Denpasar, capital of Bali province. This cultural park in the area, had planned to set up a new landmark or mascot of Bali, the statue of Lord Vishnu riding a giant and his mount Garuda, with ketinggia 12 meters. In the area there are also GWK Garuda statue that was right behind Plaza Vishnu and is a Garuda Plaza where this statue has a height of 18 meters and placed temporarily Garuda. At this present time, Garuda Plaza so the focal point of a large hall carved limestone pillars and covers an area of ​​more than 4000 square meters with an area of ​​open space that Lotus Pond. The pillars of limestone colossal and monumental sculptures Lotus Pond Garuda create a space that is very exotic. The capacity of the room is able to accommodate up to 7000 people, Lotus Pond already gained a good reputation and is the perfect place to hold a major international event.

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14 Besakih

Besakih Temple is a temple complex which is located in the village of Besakih, District Rendang Karangasem regency, Bali, Indonesia. Besakih temple complex consists of 1 piece of Pura Centre (Penataran Besakih) and also has 18 Pura Companion consisting of 1 and 17 Pura Pura Basukian others. Pura Basukian, this is the first time in the area as the place of receipt of God's revelation by Hyang Markandeya, the forerunner of the present Agama Hindu Dharma in Bali, as a center.
Besakih temple is the center of activities of all temples in Bali. Among the many pretend are also still included within the complex Besakih, Penataran is a temple of the largest, buildings pelinggihnya also has the most, kind of upakaranya also the largest and a center and all temples that are within the complex Pura Besakih. In Penataran there are 3 main temple with statues or symbols of the attributes of God Stana Tri Murti, namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are a symbol of God the Creator, Sustainer and the Deity of Lord Fuser or Reincarnation.

15 Jimbaran Beach

One of the tourist attractions in Bali favorite and must-visit that this Jimbaran beach, which is still an area of ​​Badung. The location is about 30 minutes traveling time if you are from the city of Denpasar and only requires 10 minutes of time if you are from Ngurah Rai airport, past the road By Pass Ngurah Rai southerly direction when there is no congestion. The beach location is also one way to Tanjung Benoa air travel and hotel district also starred in Nusa Dua. Jimbaran Beach is located close to the beach Kedonganan and some of its people, fishermen. Various types of fresh fish catches from the fishermen, many are sold on both coasts of this. Background and a fish auction center village in Badung regency, inspire residents to build a variety of restaurants on the waterfront.

16 Lake Batur Kintamani

Lake Batur is located in Kintamani is also one of the beautiful natural charm in Bali. It was in the second highest mountain in Bali, Lake Batur Kintamani has cool weather and beautiful scenery is very charming. Kintamani Batur Lake is a lake which is the largest in Bali and many visited by tourists as it offers natural scenic beauty to none in Bali.

17 Sangeh

Sangeh is a tourist place in Bali which is located in the village of Sangeh, District Abiansemal, Badung regency, Bali. Sangeh is famous because there are a lot of monkeys (macaques) that roam freely and monkeys here is keramatkan by locals in a forest. In the middle of the forest there is also a temple that has the name Pura Bukit Sari. This temple was formerly built by Mengwi kingdom and has now handed over to the locals. Monkeys here has a king and is said to have three regions of the kingdom.

18 Nusa Dua

Tourist attractions in Bali this one very well known for its luxury and very neatly arranged. Hygiene in these places is maintained, even trees that are here also well maintained. The location is in the southeastern part of the island's most tip, and is approximately 40 kilometers if it is from the city of Denpasar.

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19 Siring

Tampak Siring is actually a name of the village in Gianyar regency. Tampak Siring also often known by the nickname of Tirta Empul. The name was taken from a temple in the name of the village Tampak Siring, pretending tersebutlah become an attraction for foreign tourists or local.

20 Art Centre

Cultural Park or the Bali Art Center is a complex of cultural buildings with the best style with traditional Balinese architecture. This place is a complex of buildings and a stage that is intended for a staging of art and also the development of Balinese art.

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Well beautiful-beautiful not a tourist place in Bali that are above? You can make a reference if you want to visit Bali along with people nearby.

Ciwidey white crater beauty and mystery behind

Asia Indonesia Bandung Regency has many tourist attractions which offers beautiful scenery and its fascinating legends. One of them is the District Ciwidey located in the south of Bandung regency. In this area there is an interesting tourist attraction is the White Crater.

White crater is a crater lake of Patuha with a height of 2,434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. At the summit there is a crater Patuha that currently, when the means and downs in Sundanese, which is in the west and below the crater White with a height of 2,194 meters above sea level. The second crater was formed by the eruption which occurred at around X and XII centuries ago. White crater is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung or 35 km from the capital of Bandung, Soreang, towards Ciwidey.

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Legend of White crater Patuha said to have originated from the name of Mr. Parent or "Patua". Local people often call it Mount Sepuh. Formerly the local community considers Patuha region and this White crater as the area is haunted, no one dared to touch or headed there. It is said that because of haunted, any bird that flew above the crater will die.

White crater lake mystery of beauty was revealed in 1837 by a German-born Dutch botanist researcher, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809-1864) who conducted research in this area. As a scientist, Junghuhn not trust granted to local stories. When he did his research trip to penetrate the wilderness Patuha, he finally found a beautiful crater lake. As well as a crater, from the lake out bursts of lava flows along with gas and sulfur smell offensive. From this it was revealed that a very high sulfur content that causes birds are reluctant to fly over on the lake Kawah Putih. Because the content of sulfur in the crater lake is very high, in the reign of the Dutch unbuilt sulfur factory by the name of Zwavel Ontgining 'Kawah Putih'. Then the days of Japan, the business continued under the name White crater Kenzanka Gokoya Ciwidey directly under the control of the Japanese military.

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In the area around the crater of White there are some ancestral tombs, including the tomb of Jaga Satru grandparent, grandparent cavity Sadena, Head Grandmother, Grandfather Ngabai, Barabak Grandfather, Grandmother basin, and grandparent Jambrong. One of the highlight Patuha namely Puncak Kapuk, said to be the meeting place of the ancestors, led by Jaga Satru grandparent. Perhaps, in this place sometimes invisibly seen a bunch of white fluffy sheep by the public called the sheep lukutan. White Crater Lake has its own characteristics and uniqueness.

The water in the crater lake can change color, sometimes bluish green apples when the sun and the weather is bright, sometimes also the color of milk chocolate. Most often seen white water is thick with fog on the surface of the crater. In addition to the surface of the crater is white, sand and rocks around it was predominantly white, and therefore is called Kawah Putih crater. Heading into the Kawah Putih Since 1987 PT. Perhutani (Persero) Unit III West Java and Banten develop Kawah Putih area has become a tourist attraction.

For tickets go area attractions Kawah Putih, every person charged Rp 18.000,00, Sundays and holidays (Rp. 18.000,00, regular day from Monday s.d Friday) already include insurance premiums. Kawah Putih attraction opened at 07:00 and closed at 17.00, Monday to Sunday.

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Facilities for visitors around Kawah Putih is sufficient with their parking lots, transit transport to the crater, the information center, mosque, and food stalls. To get there, visitors from Jakarta can pass Cipularang continue toward the exit toll Soreang Kopo heading towards the south to the city of Ciwidey. Approximately 20-30 minutes from the city Ciwidey visible sign of entrance to the entrance gate attraction White crater that is left of the road. To get to the White Crater from the entrance to the area attractions Kawah Putih are advised to use the vehicle, do not walk because the road is slightly uphill and quite a distance, which is about 5.6 km, or about 10-15 minutes by car. Personal vehicles can indirectly toward the parking area is available not far from the crater. While visitors with a large entourage which uses buses, or public transportation can use special vehicle in the parking area near the entrance gate to reach the crater of the entrance. Small road conditions and uphill is not possible to pass a vehicle bus type large or medium. Public transportation to Ciwidey of Bandung can be found in Terminal Kalapa Gardens and Leuwi length. After arriving in the city of Ciwidey then proceed with using rural transport purposes Patengan Situ. Rural transport Patengan Situ crosses towards the attractions that exist in the region, namely Ciwidey Plantation Strawberry, Kawah Putih, Ranch Upas, and a heated swimming pool Cimanggu. To be able to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area Ciwidey and it's not enough to just one day.