Friday, August 26, 2016

15 Places Of The Most Popular in asia indonesia

Indonesia travel famous for the natural world and its inhabitants suave than that Indonesia, with all its resources to save a million beautiful place very obliged to visit in this region southeast asia

The following is a list of wonderful travel in Indonesia

1 Komodo island in Nusa Tenggara Islands

Who does not know the sights on this one? As the name suggests, the island is a natural habitat of warm-blooded animals, namely the famous dragons. The island is an island that is managed by the central government to be a Komodo National Park, which administratively is adjacent to the island of Sumbawa island.You need to know that the island habitat of giant lizards have been recorded as a UNESCO world heritage. This is because dragons can only be seen in this region.Given an appreciation of the world, the Komodo island fall into one of the seven best attractions in the world

2 Raja Ampat island  in Papua

Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is one of the interesting sights quite mandatory for you to visit. The natural beauty that it offers will make the eyes of the beholder will forget for a moment that the weight will work routine.In this place, visitors will be shown the world a beautiful sea with fish species that may have never met before

3 Lombok island

Lombok Island with all its beauty offer views of the exotic funds will greatly be missed. Adjacent to Bali Island has many attractions that are required unexplored for you who like a tour of nature. The island has the Senggigi beach with white sand and the incredible views astounding. In addition, there are many attractions that exist in the island of Lombok

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4 Bali island

In the world, Bali is known as one of the most interesting tourist attractions and must to visit. Its natural beauty is not in question anymore of course.However, most make the island look different from the other islands is due to cultural and ancestral lands are still very strong.Even the clothes that used the locals are still using traditional Balinese clothes

5 Bunaken Marine Park island

For nature lovers underwater, then it certainly will get to know the tourist attractions of this one. Yes, the tourist spot located on the island of Sulawesi has a stunning underwater scenery and very alluring

6 Mount Bromo

You are a nature lover who likes to climb the mountain? Then Mount Bromo is highly inappropriate for you to climb.Mountains are located in East Java has a height of 2,329 meters below sea level. The thing can not be missed is seeing the sunset or sunrise on a mountain with views as if you are above the clouds

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7 Mount Rinjani

As one of the sights which offers the best view of the sunset, Mount Rinjani is mandatory to visit. The second highest mountain in Indonesia has a height of 3726 meters below sea level. Fatigue felt during a hike would be paid by the natural scenery you would never see anywhere else

8 Goa Gong in East Java

Want to enjoy the stunning beauty of the cave? So this cave could be the right choice In fact, because of its exoticism, this cave is touted as the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia. Goa Gong itself is located in Pacitan East Java province that offers a beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in it
You can enjoy the beauty of the cave that has a depth of 256 meters panang

9 Borobudur Temple in Magelang

Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, into a cultural and historical sights of the most interesting place to visit. Not only for the people of Indonesia, many foreigners who come to the country only to see the beauty of the temple which was once one of the wonders of this world

10 Lake Toba in North Sumatra

The lake is a typical folk tale entitled "samosir" This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia. In addition to the folklore, the lake is a very popular even in the world because of the natural scenery is so spectacular. No wonder if the lake with an area of ​​1,130 km2 is very worth to visit

11 Tana Toraja

Plateau is located in South Sulawesi province is one of the residences of the Indonesian population is still very much in the traditional culture and customs of hereditary. Which became unique place and be one of the interesting sights in the world is the traditional house still standing even now that Tongkonan. In addition, there were also a death event that hereditary still acted locals and into the category of death ceremony unique in the world

12 Kawah Putih in Bandung

White crater is becoming one of the interesting sights in Bandung Indonesia in particular has attracted a lot of foreign tourists to visit. Crater formed by former eruption of the volcano has a uniqueness that makes visitors will be amazed Because the water in the crater lake will show some color when exposed to sun exposure

13 National Parks in Wakatobi

To see the underwater paradise with a variety of fish Manari bobbing along in the water next to the beautiful coral reefs then you just need to go to the island this Wakatobi
In this Wakatobi marine park, you will meet the rare coral reefs that are rarely found in other marine
Therefore the travel claim as Wakatobi dive most beautiful in the world

14 Puncak Jayawijaya

Want to feel the sensation of the highest mountain in Indonesia? Then the peak Jaya is the place
Jayawijaya mountain is included as one of the highest mountains in the world because it has an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level
In fact, the peak known as the glacier Cartensz or the only glaciers in the tropics such as Indonesia and became one of the Seven Summits

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15 Beaches in Karimun Jawa

On the beach, located in Karimun Islands this beauty you will be presented with the usual broad beach with romantic sunset views. Not only that, visitors are also allowed to enjoy the diving underwater scenery is amazing

Indonesia with many islands make it have more than hundreds of beautiful and interesting places worth to visit. Even if spending a lifetime is not necessarily we can go all the amazing tourist attractions that exist in Indonesia. Similarly, related review 15 mandatory interesting sights to visit and unfortunately if missed.