Thursday, August 18, 2016

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Madrid - barcelona spain do not miss

Who does not know the two cities in spain? Madrid and barcelona, ​​madrid 1 which is the greatest city once the capital of the Spanish state? The town is located in the Manzanares River precisely in the middle of Spain is attracting a lot of tourists because there is one of the most popular football clubs, Real Madrid has so many fans all over the barcelona world. so as also known by its tourism.

For the curious with all its beauty and uniqueness, some tourist spots in Madrid and barcelona can be listened to below.

1 Plaza Mayor

Do not bother to reach this place because of its location in the center of Madrid itself and if it does not know how to change anything, travelers can easily ask why this location to be one of the most popular square in the Spanish capital. Tours of the building outstanding for an average of architecture similar to each other and always have 4 tingkat.Toko and cafes usually occupies the first floor, so the ground floor is usually used to do business. The 2, 3 and 4, the locals used as residences, hotels and apartments. Celebrations such as the Festival of San Idiro also usually use this place for deployment, the following are also Christmas Market. So, you can say this is not the square Plaza Mayor usual cause is considered as the center of the crowd with a variety of events. Travelers can just walk, sit, portrait-photographing or culinary tours of the nearby cafes.

2 Retiro Park

Located not far from the Prado Museum, Retiro Park is located behind the visitors in the thousands per month. Not only famous and bustling with tourists, even locals will be seen strolling along with family and friends at this park, especially on a Sunday afternoon. Retiro Park is a place that is used as a community center and will always crowded because not only adults happy to gather there. Many of the children who chose Retiro Park to play roller skating, even some that like to play petanca and usually this is done by people who are old.

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3 The Sorolla Museum

Satisfaction of tourists who like historical things will be satisfied as long as in Madrid because this great city has a number of museums are fun visit. That, in its collection on display in this place? Apparently there are the works of an artist Joaquin Sorolla had been the best collections in this place. The museum building could already be guessed that was once used as the residence of the artist himself.

Finally, the house was converted into a museum where interionya so unique and interesting. The walls are so filled with canvas and each visitor will also find a large studio and spacious with good lighting in this museum. serves as a gallery to display all the paintings by Sorolla functions other rooms and spaces on the top floor was actually used as a gallery for special exhibitions.

4 Las Ventas

Coming to Spain, let alone to Madrid would not be complete without enjoying the show bull fights. Las Ventas bullfighting itself known as a tourist destination, then this place is in the form of an arena for the activity. Built in 1932, the capacity of the audience granted by the stadium or arena almost 25 thousand men. if you want to visit here, must know very well that the contents of this event, the murder and torture of cattle over the arena.

Behind the cultural values, traditions and high art, indeed it includes pro konta in modern times as it is today. although many locations bullfights in other locations such as Barcelona have been banned, as we know that Madrid is still adhere to global events. In addition to watching a bullfight, provided a tour around that will make your holiday more satisfied in Madrid alone.Not to mention there Bullfighting Museum Here there is a collection of equipment bullfighting, bull paintings, sculptures and clothes used by a matador bull.

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5 Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu so evidence that Madrid is not only packed with boutiques lining the streets of the city. Stadium Real Madrid's pride so an alternative way to enjoy a ride on one of the major cities in Spain. Especially if you're indeed a soccer enthusiast bola.Seperti other football club's stadium, Santiago Bernabeu stadium also offers a tour.

So, you can be satisfied around and enjoy every step in the stadium which has a capacity of about eighty thousand men and satisfied to enjoy the panoramic view of the scenery stadium.lanjut to the best club in history room Here you can find various kinds of information about the clubs that have Champions League ten times this. Starting from history, legendary players, the player with the most expensive purchase price, up to the club's logo change from time to time After roaming around, you can hunt atrribut attributes typical of Real Madrid merchandise. Starting from the club uniform, glasses, t shirts, scarves, key chains all full up here. Not one thing that is not fun to enjoy the other side of the destinations by visiting the local football stadium like the Santiago Bernabeu..

6 Font Magica

Font Magica is a water fountain located in the Palau Nacional in Montjuic hill and close to the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona and Placa d'Espanya .In 1929 Barcelona Font Magica built for the World's Fair. Water, sound and light show has graced the eyes of tourists since then. You can watch the show of light, water and music spectacular here. You can see it at night when the fountain is turned on.

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7 Museu Picasso

Countryyard beautiful and galleries and stairs have been preserved in these three buildings. There is enough material from later periods which gives an overall impression of flexibility and human genius. You will find that the truly original Picasso, always ahead of him in his search for new forms of ekspresi.Koleksi permanently housed in Palaui Aguilar, Palau del Baro de Castellet and Palau Meca, all point in the 14th century to the 18th century While Casa Mauri, built over the remains of a medieval (some Roman relics have been identified).

8 Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Of all cities, neobaroque bombastic silhouette can be seen on the slopes of Montjuic. Built for the World's Fair in 1929 and was restored in 2005. The museum is as the home of a collection of Catalan art mostly covers the early Middle Ages until the early 20th century. You'll see a collection of Roman wall paintings are remarkable.
Here a lot of highlight parts of Roman art, where there are 21 frescoes, carved wood and painted altar frontals.But if you to the ground floor, it looks full of Gothic art. In this space we can see the Catalan Gothic painting.After enough of seeing the works of historic art, you can relax in the museum restaurant offers a view from the north towards the Placa d'Espanya.

9 La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is the most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona, attracting nearly 2.8 million visitors each year. designed by Antoni Gaudi This is a great basilicas building. Its construction began in 1882 and continues to this day. It is estimated that, this building will be completed in the next 30 years.

10 Camp Nou

You are fond of football, should not miss Camp Nou. The stadium is home to the elite club FC Barcelona. Capacity reached 99 thousand people, making it the largest sports arena in Europe.

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11 Montjuic

Montjuic meaning 'Mountain Jews' is a shallow hill located in the southwest of the city of Barcelona. In the eastern part of the hill is a bluff with incredible views that can be used as the background of the photo is very beautiful. Close to the foot of the hill, there is a bustling city. Some of the best attractions is the island Nacional of Montjuic, the Magic Fountain, Pavello Mies Van der Rohe and Poble Espanyol. For those of you who love the great outdoors, it is advisable to visit the Nou Jardi Botanic unruk. This place is a botanical garden that offers thousands of plant species. The park was created in the 90s, before the 1992 Olympics hosted