Wednesday, August 17, 2016

11 tourist destination unique and funny do not miss

Nowadays, traveling has become a lifestyle most people of the world. Therefore, many sites flooded by the traveler from the various parts of the world. However, not just the tourist spots that the mainstream who attract tourists. lot unique place we know only through a fairy tale or movie, even though the correct places in the world.

Unique travel destinations also helped the traveler to be hunted. This is the 11 places that can be visited following include.

1 Crocosaurus Cove Australia

For those of you who like adrenaline, can try the challenge of swimming with crocodiles in Darwin, northern Australia. Yes. area called Crocosaurus Cove is a pool of estuarine crocodiles. Visitors will enter the cage so-called cage of death. Then, put in a pool of crocodiles. After that, crocodiles by 5 meters will approach the cage of death. Well, then, the officers will be prepared to take a photo of the pond to capture the moments tense. Terrible yes. The death cage operates ten times a day. If not brave enough to dive and meet with crocodiles alone, you can dive both with friends or family. Interested?

2 Yunessun Spa Resort Japan

Yunessun Spa Resort is located in Japan and offers a very different holiday sensation at all. The resort in Hakone, Japan has set up a pool to soak unique. If you like a regular plunge pools containing only ordinary water, the pool at the Spa Resort Yunessun contains tea water, wine and coffee. A sense of relaxation and calm can be obtained by tourists who visit and has been soaking there. But remember, the water should not be drunk, yes!

3 Upside-Down House China

The house is a building used as a shelter and shelter from unfavorable weather. Therefore, the house is built with a strong foundation so that they do not collapse. However, unlike the home named this Upside-Down House. Unique home located in Fengjing, China has unusual architecture. The pattern is reversed, with the roof in contact with the ground. Fill in the house was made upside down. This house was deliberately made to be one of the unique travel destinations

4 The Karni Mata Temple India

The Karni Mata Temple is located at Bikaner, India not only be a place of worship, but also a "home" for tens of thousands of rats. Once you step, will immediately be able to see rats everywhere as far as the eye can see. Doorknobs, under the table, on the sidelines of ventilation, and wherever you see the room that certainly there is a rat. Not because of the squalid, but these mice there because it is maintained by the people who worship at the temple. Board temples and also the congregation was very fond of rats in the temple. They were included in the class of sacred and called Kabbas.

5 Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves

Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves is a cave of ice located in Austria. Although this cave has an area of ​​42 kilometers, only 1 kilometer first course open to the public. Within a year, the cave is only opened every May 1 to October 26, when the temperature is very cold there. Eisriesenwelt derived from frozen snow during the summer. This cave was discovered by Anton Posselt, a natural scientist from Salzburg. In 1878 the public believe that the cave is the hallway to hell, but Posselt managed to find the cave and then continued by the findings of scientists and other explorers.

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6 Kingdom of Dwarves China

Dwarfs are smallish creature known in Norse mythology. These types of creatures are also frequently adopted in the tales of fantasy. Dwarf kingdom called Dwarf Empire is actually not contain a real dwarf, but the smallish in China. They are only about 130cm tall. They then collected in a place which contains miniature houses. This unique travel destinations attract enough tourists.

7 Turkey Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos Hair Museum is located in Turkey and perhaps this is one of the world's weirdest museums. The museum is purposely made in a dark cave and contains more than 16,000 pieces of human hair. The museum opened in 1979, and the museum is also entered in the Guinness book of world records.

8 Clifton Beach, South Africa

Natural attractions visited by domestic tourists is the beach. Many travelers are activities carried out while on vacation at the beach, such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, or keep warm while lying in the sun
unique, there are beaches that allow the artist to take off all her clothes, aka naked. One of them is the Clifton Beach in South Africa.
Beaches in the area of ​​Clifton, City of Cape Town, South Africa is indeed quite hidden. Many rocks around the coast, into the wind at the same time limiting barrier between the beach and the town. Brilliant sunshine also looks perfect on this beach. Maybe that's what makes tourists happy to sunbathe naked.
In addition, it also promotes the local government Clifton beach is a tourist place that allows visitors to nude. Not surprisingly, many foreign tourists who had come to sunbathe naked.

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9 Gum Wall

The next unique tourist destination or Gum Wall in Seattle gum wall. We can see the different types and colors of gum stuck on one wall at Pike's Place Market. Although it looks rather slovenly, many tourists who flock to this place to take pictures or join her gum paste alone

10 Isla de las Munecas Mexico

Isla de las Munecas location in Mexico, a place which contains hundreds of old dolls hanging from the trees. The dolls are deliberately hung in remembrance of a girl who died here. At times during the day, hundreds of these dolls can be a quite a nice view, but at night time will of course turn into a frightening sight.

11 Foamhenge

Foamhenge is a unique tourist destination in Virginia. Foamhenge replica is very similar to Stonehenge, the ancient rock full of mystery. By artist Mark Cline, Foamhenge formed of styrofoam in 2004