Monday, August 15, 2016

12 The Honeymoon (Honeymoon) The World's Most Romantic

Points Honeymoons or Most Romantic Honeymoon in the World - generally for two people who have pledged a sacred promise in marriage will plan a honeymoon or a so-called honeymoon. The atmosphere is quiet, beautiful and peaceful are needed for newly married couples. Are you one of the newly married couple and want to find the most romantic honeymoon spot in the world? Do not worry, this article will give you the best references about places honeymoon world famous. Surely these places has a nice atmosphere and be a fitting place for a honeymoon with your partner.

Here is the reference point of the most romantic honeymoon in the world:

1 Maldives

Maldives is an island lying still in the Asian region and the island was used as a favorite place for those who want a honeymoon. Areas of Maldives consists of many small islands and directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. At night, when you sit on the beach will look sparkling little lights that come from other islands complete with moonlight adds to the romantic atmosphere. In the Maldives, Spurned Coupleis a system where couples will be taken to an empty island armed with only the food and in the afternoon they will be brought back. Very unique is not it? This program will create a newly married couple feel that the world belongs only to them.

2 Venice

Who does not know Venice? Venice is the most romantic honeymoon spot in the world. Venice is commonly called a floating city that is located in Italy, as a means of transportation in the city of Venice is the ship. Yes, the city of Venice is built on archipelago of 117 islands formed by 117 canals and connected by bridges. So, for the newlyweds, the city is very suitable to serve as a honeymmoon. You can enjoy a typical building of the city of Venice with a Gondola ride. If you come in February, you'll find annual carnival in Venice this city.

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3 Rio De Janeiro

The most romantic honeymoon spot in the next world is the city of Rio de Janeiro, the second Reviews largest city in Brazil after Sao Paulo. The natural beauty offered so diverse ranging from large Jesus statue located atop the Corcovado mountain. Sugarloaf mountain that looks like the Sugar Loaf, Copacabana beach beauty and at the end of this beach there is a historic fort. If you are a huge fan of the Twilight Saga movie series, you can watch in this town played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as they will honeymoon.

4 Greece

Certainly. Greece is certainly in the top 10 for the best wedding trip destination. Numerous couples who have favorited. Greece does offer proper places that are so fitting for a new partner. Call it Athens, Santorini or Deplhi. 

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5 Belize

List it did not langkap without this goal. The terrain is so tropical, the atmosphere is seductive and very seductive beauty. Agenda dive, enjoy the rain forest or to see animals such as the jaguar can be an option to make the event your honeymoon more whole again.

6 Florence, Italy

For those of you an admirer of the ancient buildings and beautiful architecture, this place should be a top candidate. We can see, there is the red tiled roofs or green mountains and blue so beautiful. The purpose of this one like the buried treasure is waiting for you to explore the beauty in it. Likewise with café-café, waiting for you to enjoy the delights of Italian food.

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7 Tahiti

Tahiti is also very popular to be used as a honeymoon destination. The place is suitable as a holiday destination after the wedding. There are thatched roofs, palm trees and the rustle of wind romantic. The pair would be easy to enjoy.

8 Kenya

Kenya is at the end because this place - maybe not too familiar to be used as a honeymoon destination. But when he saw actor Robert Redford in the film "Out of Africa", we certainly amazed at Kenya could be so beautiful and romantic as well. There is a vast meadow, peacocks, 'base' zebra or elephants moving around. The view will be your safari tour with a beloved partner.

9 Bali

Not only popular in Indonesia, Bali is also so well known in the international arena. Indeed, the island has its own advantages. The place seemed to offer a package lengkat. Not only the beauty, but also the culture and atmosphere was so calm. Various favorite spot to aim at. There Ubud Island, Bukit, Nusa Dua, and so on. In addition to the sensation terlupakannya ready, get ready as well with his stomach. We certainly will find a variety of Asian food is so tempting.

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10 Saint Lucia

Favorite choice still falls into a quiet destination. St. Lucia, for example. We could describe the atmosphere there with the plants that grow fast, quiet skies are so blue and tropical drinks flowing into the throat, when we are daydreaming in the shade or under a palm tree. There we can also explore the suburbs or lounge is available on its shores. Consequently only one; we are so reluctant to go home.

11 Lake Louise in Canada

This one is perfect if visiting during the winter or summer arrives. Honeymoon destinations so spectacular. There we can enjoy the lake with a greenish color. Not to mention the sights offered by its Rocky Mountains. Of course all that will be engraved in the minds and souls of all couples.

12 Tofino on Vancouver Island

Canadian cities may not be considered romantic destinations. But one-on-one spot, Tofino on Vancouver Island, could be changed that perception. There, all the couples have been waiting with a sunset view of the beach is so beautiful, or stunning coastal road. You can also try to carve memories by traveling in the mountains. This place is suitable as a goal when the hurricane season comes.

Well from the 12th most romantic honeymoon spot that has been described above, if you are interested to visit someday? Hopefully this article useful to add a reference city for a romantic honeymoon