Tuesday, August 16, 2016

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the United Arab Emirates

With the development at full speed, the iconic skyscraper horizon and a world-renowned spa UAE has become a favorite for family vacations and getaways. Signal attractions such as Burj Dubai and Sheikh Khalifa modern Zayeed Mosque Abu Dhabi, the UAE has been described as a luxury destination until the last minute.

Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you find that there is more here than the skyscrapers, shopping centers and sandy beaches. Culture-fans can investigate the status of the last Bedouin desert thunderstorm before exploring the many highlights that protect the coast before the domination of dazzling skyscrapers. As for nature lovers, where the desert begins in the cities and the jagged peaks of the Hajar mountains later ripe for adventure.

1 Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous buildings in the UAE and the high sky symbol of the resurrection of Dubai. It is not only the world's tallest building, but also called the title of the highest freestanding structure the highest observation platform in the world in the world and an elevator with the longest distance in the world. A trip to the observation deck with views over Dubai is a highlight of tourism for most travelers who visit, even for those who suffer from vertigo may be better that way.

2 Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a large modern mosque exceptional beauty. Using contemporary design skills and craftsmanship of the old world, the mosque is a harmonious blend of modern and old. What continues to fascinate all who entered using the abundant gold, mosaic and glass work, and dazzling white marble stone gigantic proportions contrasts dramatically blue skies Emirates.

3 Jebel Hafeet

Peak Jebel Hafeet is a favorite day trip to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with a sumptuous desert panorama over the height of the winding roads. After the unity of twisting mountain roads, it's all about the view and were rewarded by being able to see through the vast expanse of the desert region.

4  Al-Bidyah

The oldest mosque in the UAE, Al-Bidyah is an important historical site located in the Emirate of Fujairah. Although modest in proportion, adobe construction is beautifully designed, with the pattern of the original vents in the wall is still visible. The area is the entire archaeological site, where many objects have been excavated ceramics and metals.

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5 Hajar mountains

Sickle Hajar Mountains through the desert, creating irregular heart of nature and the United Arab Emirates. Twisting road roller coasters with a spectacular view of the road that connects the small towns in the region. There is a wadi (valley) to explore and hiking opportunities abound.

6 Sharjah Art Museum

the most important museums dedicated to the arts in this country, Sharjah modern museum houses the most diverse collections of art in the United Arab Emirates. The museum is known for its collection of works by Arab artists and also for important pieces of European artists who specialize in painting the Arab world. The museum is also known for a program of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

7  Sharjah Museum of Islamic human advancement

One of the best museums in the country to focus on the history of Islam, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization has an interesting exhibit comes from the early years of the Islamic empire. Many screens have religious texts and documents, and travelers will find easy to understand thanks to the excellent information signs everywhere.

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8 Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is a great place to get a feel of traditional life before the oil boom has changed the UAE. There are signs that both the local Bedouin life, and the exhibition explores how fishing and pearl diving is a mainstay of the economy until the middle of the 20th century museum is based in the Al-Fahidi Fort is restored, making the traditional architecture of coral blocks.

9  Bastakia

Bastakia area of Dubai is a fragment that remains of the old Dubai and is not to be missed. This small area of heritage really evokes the past of simpler town refined before the skyscrapers took over the horizon. the streets are filled with well preserved in the style typical of Moorish architecture, with many of the characteristics of building wind tower. There are several museums, where you can enter the houses and see the inside of a typical Arab in the neighborhood, with a mosque and survived a small segment of the original wall of the city of Dubai.

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10 Dubai Creek Dhow

Burj Khalifa can provide famous skyline view from the top, but the most iconic views of Dubai is still taking on water. Dubai Creek cuts through the city and the most ideal approach to experience Dubai is one of the beautiful dhow (traditional Arab boat) to cross the river. sunset cruises are very beautiful to see the lights of the skyscrapers begin to glow in the dark.

11 Tours in the desert

For those with an adventurous spirit, make a straight line to the empty expanse of desert along the coast outside the city. There are a variety of things to do in the desert, from a driving wheel drive tours and dune buggy trips to sandboarding, horseback riding and a camel. Most people planning a trip in the desert of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, but also an excellent base for visiting the desert. For those less inclined to adventure, Bedouin-style dinner is a gentler alternative if you want to enjoy the beauty of the empty desert.

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12  Beach

There is a beach for everyone in the UAE, the beaches surrounding the city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for luxury bags washed sand around Ajman and wildest beaches in the Emirate of Fujairah. Many luxury hotels have a private sandy patch, they can not use client for daily expenses. water sports such as diving, waterskiing and scuba diving skiing are also available in many hotels.