Monday, August 15, 2016

The locations of the Best Diving in the World

Diving is one of the better ways to see the beauty of the underwater world. In the world, may have countless sites that will be used as a dive. Here are the 10 best dive sites.

Currently, diving is one of the activities which has become a hobby for some d'Traveler. divers apparently never satisfied while watching the beautiful underwater world just in one place. Perhaps, at the end of the world will reach a place if you have a very beautiful view.

The following are the top 10 most beautiful dive sites in the world:

1 Papua New Guinea Bismarck Sea

The coastline in Papua New Guinea are marked by rugged mountains that are difficult to climb. Papua New Guinea lies at the confluence of the Bismarck Sea, the Solomon Sea, and the Coral Sea and is the location of waters rich with flora and fauna.
You can enjoy the natural scenery of the islands here are also looking for experience diving with marine life and if you want, you can also find the carcass of a former World War II ship in the Sea Biscmark. By renting a boat in Alotau You can explore satisfied this place. For the best diving locations you could see him in Kimbe Bay, Madang, Rabaul and Kavieng.

2 Barracuda Sipadan Island Malaysia

For divers, the Barracuda may already be familiar. It is located on the island of Sipadan, Malaysia. Even so, this place is really close when it reaches the island of Borneo. Therefore, not a few of Indonesian tourists who want to see the beauty of the underwater world in this place.
Five minutes from the beach, you can get in Spot Barracuda. This place has a depth of up to 40 meters. If you are lucky, you can see a big turtle that can reach 3 meters in width. Do not ask about the other pemandandangan, because Spot Barracuda has a very beautiful coral reefs. The colors are gorgeous and are also used as the home of funny fish.
the tourists diver must be aware of the fact that this place is a traffic lane pointy-toothed fish, barracuda. This was the motivation behind why this place is called Spot Barracuda. Be careful and do not disturb them swim freely so that you avoid the danger fangs of the baracuda

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3 British Columbia Canada

British Columbia is currently the most popular diving destinations in North America where here are many variations of the unique marine life. Divers here will be treated to views of species such as shrimp, Dungeness crab, Orca whales, sea lions, giant octopus, lingcod or other nakhluk creature up to 5000 types of invertebrates and 400 species of ornamental fish.
Although known for its strong currents British Columbia, the water temperature in the range of 40 degrees is perfect for long diving expeditions. You can start out of the water on the outskirts of the rock and gradually towards deeper waters. If you have time to swim around the Strait Pay a visit in Vancouver Island, you'll also be treated to the beauty of the colorful algae that increased the wonderful marine life of his world.

4 Liberty Bali Indonesia

For more than 50 years, the wreck of the Liberty had been sunk about 30 meters off the coast of Tulamben, northeast of the island of Bali. Today, the wreck instead become a beautiful coral reef gardens.
Here, you can see the beautiful underwater world of the island's history as well traveled. This wreck has long been home to hundreds of marine life. This place is very safe for beginners, because it has a depth of up to 25 meters.

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5 Batu Bolong Nusa Tenggara Barat Indonesia

Under the existing holes in the reef at Batu Bolong, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara is a paradise for divers. You can see the natural scenery is perfect here. The water is clear and still very well maintained. Not to mention the thousands of small particles very pretty sea always accompany you while diving.
At a depth of 27 meters, between the islands of Tatawa and Komodo Island, you could even find a reef sharks are often sought by divers. Not only that, here also inhabited toelectric eel and hawksbill

6  Bikini Atoll Marshall Islands

Situated in the middle of the Micronesian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Bikini Atoll is still entered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. This collection of 36 islands located between Australia and Honolulu and is one of the favorite locations of the divers who explore shipwrecks. anatara carcasses in a shipwreck last ship USS Saratoga and the Japanese Nagato. Bikini Atoll has also been known as nuclear testing in the region on the ground around the 1950..

Currently Bikini Atoll lagoon and the sea is one of the candidate sites for diving, fishing and other water sports. Although the island is not inhabited for radiation pollution, you can find rare species, spesie fish left here. Then also a concern to become a tourist dive destination but reportedly not much you can enjoy it because the cost is quite expensive.

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7 Bahamas sea, atlantic Western

Bahamas is an archipelago are 608 islands covering 200000 square mile area in the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Its characteristics are formed by the formation caused by the sinking of a level and produce shallow sea in the waters near the coast. This sea in his average is 25 feet except in certain locations called "tongue ocean" which is a deep trench cut along the submerged level.
Warm ocean currents affect the islands and create incredible marine life, especially coral reefs ranks. Not only there, you can also become an adventure in caves located on the island of Grand Bahama.
A complete get-away packages to besides diving here you can also get a full accommodation and transport facilities as well. You can rent scuba gear, exploring caves and waterfalls in the Blue Hole. What is also not to be missed is the location as Biminis,Cat Island , Eleuthera,Abacos , San Salvador and Inagua unforgettable experience diving in the sea bahamas

8 Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a haven for scuba jumpers due to the amazing marine life and testing geological conditions. You at least have to ask people stempat to know the location of the plunge is right for you and choosing the right equipment for a wide range of temperatures. You should also nowhow tto deal with the flow, characteristics what's more, profundity of diving locations seta treat the creatures in it for the satisfaction of enjoying the experience here.

Pacific waters in the Galapagos is very clear and thereisnothing blocking your view to enjoy the wonderful fish to a depth of 25 meters. At some locations you can discover the bright waters caused by the growth of phytoplankton green. In Galapagoslah put really reasonable for float jumping, night plunging and profound jumping.
when you want to be here also provided a nice diving courses to improve the skills of diving.

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9 Rangiroa

Rangiroa along the coastline you will know that herein lies one of the largest coral islands and the islands of Tahiti is the largest. Various small islands and coral ring is where the life of many species of marine animals. There are two locations in Rangiroa bebeda for diving, near the tidal pond Paio motu, named Avaa Toru & also in Tiputa. Both of these locations offer a wealth of beautiful sea of ​​French in Polynesia.
The normal temperaturein these waters remain around 70F in the winnter and 81 F in the late spring, given the fact that it was the time of year this place was used as a tourist destination and diving. You can dive foor 50 minutes in the water clear . Maximum depth of about 80 feet and you have to use the dive boat to see the nemo  fish,dolphins,turtle, sharks or fish jack..

10 Great Barrier, in Australia

consists of a lot of about 900 islands and reefs 2,900. GreatBarier  is the world's Reviews largest collection of rock are arranged along more than 2,700 kilometers in the Coral Sea. One of the world heritage area is a place to live for some beautiful species of sea creatures. Divers here will be treated to an amazing diversity of marine life. You can enjoy a holiday here as tourists or divers..
you can see the view over 400 species of coral and sea-hwan of wild animals. At least you should make a note beforehand, planning and preparation before adventure at this location