Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 10 Tourist Place With Stunning Scenery In Austria

Austria is a country rich in history, beautiful places, traditions and different activities in the region. With neighboring Switzerland, is the winter sports capital of Europe. However, it is also popular for summer tourists who visit the historic towns and villages and hike the breathtaking view of the Alps. To help guide the development of the route below are some of the major tourist attractions in Austria that is sure to make your trip special.

1 Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. Situated atop a cliff overlooking the calm waters of the Danube River, Peace Benedictine monastery. Previously, the castle Leopold II, the structure was given to the monks, who have made it a place of serenity and impressive 1089 study spiritual center was one of the greatest examples of Baroque and constantly art architecture evolution of music and liberal is time.

2 Vienna Opera

The Vienna State Opera is an impressive architectural structure in the center of the Austrian capital. and perhaps the most famous opera theater of all time. Orchestra is recognized as one of the best in the world. Once there, take in one of the most famous opera and ballet in history, offered in classic and modern versions for viewers to choose from.

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3 Seefeld, Tirol

Twice the home for the Winter Olympics, Seefeld is an important center for cross-country skiing with terrain that is compatible for beginners and intermediate skiers. Located in a spectacular nature reserve is a great place not only for sports in cold weather, but the hot weather for walking and hiking. It offers luxury accommodation Seefeld most luxurious resort is relaxing you.

4 Castle Hohensalzburg

This beautiful castle of Salzburg is one of the largest and best preserved medieval castles in Europe. Strategically located atop a mountain Festungsberg, mighty tower of the fortress of the city of Salzburg, to breathe life into the beautiful profile. The castle houses the "Salzburg Bull", a body with more than two hundred tubes. A piece of a really impressive medieval architecture, which represents the center of Salzburg, the castle Hohensalzburg is one of the major tourist attractions in Austria.

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5 Hofburg Imperial Palace

The Hofburg Imperial Palace In Vienna as the official residence of the President of Austria. He was director of the winter residence of the Habsburgs, while Schönbrunn Palace (also located in Vienna) is a favorite summer residence. From 1438-1583 and from 1612-1806, is where the kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, after a siege the Austrian Emperor till 1918.

6 Innsbruck Old Town

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Innsbruck was not significant in the middle of a surprising nature of the Alps Mountains. He says he has a dual personality, the area offers two pure landscape of and the sophisticated urban central. The Altstadt, a medieval city Innsbruck, attract you with its unique architecture and many shops. Strolling through the streets of the Altstadt, visit one of the most famous landmarks, the Golden Roof. This house was built for the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and was decorated with thousands of plated copper tiles gold that create the appearance of pure gold.

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7 St. Anton am Arlberg

Another area ski resorts visited in Austria, which is well known called St. Anton am Arlberg. Located in Tyrol, the city offers a lot of serious skiing, legendary for those looking for a challenge. Often attracts young adventurers, St. Anton is known to live up to the said that "working hard, play hard." vast landscape welcoming crowd of faithful winter hikers and summer every year come to walk the mountain landscape. If you are looking for a good time, St Anton is the place to be.

8 Grossglockner Alpine Road

A panoramic road that leads to Franz Josefs Höhe Kaiser Visitor Center is the Grossglockner Alpine Road. From here breathtaking views of the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner obtained. Grossglockner Alpine Road is a toll road, but high outstanding mountain scenery more than compensates for the cost. This road is usually open from early May to late October.

9 Hallstatt

Another popular tourist spot is Hallstatt, a small town in the Salzkammergut region, famous for salt production. Like salt has long been a desired product used to preserve and flavor to food, the city has a long history of wealth and prestige. the accumulation of wealth of the salt industry by transforming it into a glamorous baroque city. Visit the underground salt lake Hörnerwerk cave and see the prehistoric man preserved in salt. Absolutely one of the most unique places in Austria, had to undergo Hallstatt.

10 Schonbrunn Palace

Last on the list is the Schönbrunn Palace, this is the most important tourist spot one of from Vienna. Comparable in grandeur to Versailles palace 1441 pieces, which at the request of Emperor Leopold I established between 1696 and 1712 has been became the imperial summer palace by Maria Theresa. Istana Park offers many attractions such as the garden, the world's oldest zoo, a maze and a labyrinth, and the summer home of the marble top of a hill 60 meters.