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Top 11 Places in Turkey Mandatory Visited

Places in Turkey - Who is not familiar with the beauty of Turkey? Turkey is a unique country, a fusion of European and Asian civilizations. Besides having outstanding natural beauty, Turkey also has many historic buildings relics of the past are still well maintained.

Turkey itself is one of the G20 economic powers in the world (20 countries with the largest economies in the world). Personally I really admire Turkey, in addition to a friendly nation, is also very generous against humanity. We need to know, Turkey is home to 2 million Syrian refugees, and no less than 20,000 refugees from Turkey and many other humanitarian aid in Africa.

As is well away from the topic, back to our topic about tourist attractions in Turkey, now the most famous of course the blue mosque phenomenal. This mosque became the mascot of the Turkish state that you should not miss the tone if a vacation to Turkey. In addition, there is also the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul you must visit.

1. Cappadokya

Another of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey that must be visited is Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a tourist attraction located in the province of Nevsehir. Here, the building still retained the ancient style typical of Turkey.
The area is mainly become famous because you can find unique rock sites and buildings such as houses and towers made of stone. In this Cappadokya area, you can visit some famous cities like Goreme, Selime, Avanos, Urgup, and much more. Even in some cities, you can feel the experience of staying in an ancient stone building as well as visit the underground city.

If you visit this city, do not forget to try the sensation of a hot air balloon ride. You can see the amazing view from here. Just sharing only, Royal Balloon was not carrying too many passengers on each flight so that you can get a more personalized experience and can enjoy views more freely. CART will carry 11 to 30 passengers.

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2 Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge nukan regular bridge, the bridge is always crowded with tourists from different countries to enjoy the beautiful scenery around, especially if the evenings.

The bridge is very different in Indonesia, under the bridge we could actually enjoy a dish of cafes and restaurants.
Galata Bridge Galata Bridge stretches across the Golden Horn bay.The view from this bridge is stunning at night.

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3 Konya

If you want to see the dance of the Sufi style, you can see it in Konya.
Actually, this is not a dance but a regular dance remembrance being said in different ways.
Here also there is the tomb of a punyair who gave birth to a typical Turkish dances known throughout the world.

Tomb known poet Jalaluddin Jumi is located in an area Melvana Museum. This place is an attractive feature of the building which has a characteristic sederha, elegant, but have the hassle at several sides.

4 Pamukkale

Tourist attractions in Turkey this one is the result of a natural phenomenon and many seized the eyes of many visitors tablets. If you clay glance, this looks like a palace Pamukkale because all white cotton, whereas Pamukkale composed of rocks white traveler who had come to Pamukkale say that when they meginjaknya like stepping on the snow because it's so soft.

In Pamukkale, you can easily find pools of natural hot springs that you can use for bathing. Well one of the most famous swimming pool is often used as Hierapolis swimming pool health.

5 Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the cities in Turkey that made him famous to foreign countries. This town has buildings with beautiful architecture really. No Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is home to the Ottoman emperor. There is also, Blue Masque the interior and exterior design of the mosque is all shades of blue. Continues, there is also Aya Sopha who was once a church, but was later changed to worship by Muslims. Loads substantially

6 Mount Nemrut

This mountain has a long history and has now become one of the attractive tourist destinations in Turkey which you should not miss.Mount Nemrut has a height of about 2,134 meters, and is located in the southeastern part of Turkey, close to the city of Adiyaman.

Back in 62 BC, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene built a cemetery flanked by statues of him were super big, two lions, two falcons and a variety of Greek and Persian gods on the mountain top.
After construction, the heads of which toppled over the body, lying and scattered throughout this historic site. incredible scenery beautiful can be seen from the mountain top nemrut. Its main attraction especially if not the sunrise from the terrace of the eastern part that looks so beautiful.

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7 Library of Celsus

Tourist destinations in Turkey which is in the western part of the coast is to save a million records past events of interest to our visit.City of Ephesus was once very famous for the existence of the Temple of Artemis, the seven wonders of the ancient world were further marred by a mob led by the Archbishop of Constantinople in 401 AD.

Some structures can still be seen today, such as the Library Celsus and Theatre . This library was built around 125 AD which saves about 12,000 rolls of historic letter, as well as being a tomb for Celsus, the governor of Asia.

8 Belcekiz

Turkey is well known for its beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey is Belcekiz. The beach is always crowded by tourists from around the world.

Various games and water sports can be played here. The beaches in Turkey is very clean, especially the Belcekiz beach which has fine white sand and, not surprisingly become one of the favorite beach of tourists in Turkey.Activities that often do here is paragliding, which can reach heights of up to 1,900 meters above sea level.One trip duration up to an hour, enough time to enjoy the view of the lagoon.
To access the beach can only be up at 18.000. The sea is called 'dead sea' because a calm water conditions. Each visitor to the beach entrance fee requested by 5 Lira, Lira and an additional 6 to rent a beach umbrella.

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9 Ortaköy Mosque

The mosque is located at the edge of the strait Borphorus is also an interesting place for us to visit.
This mosque looks very pretentious for a very strategic position, adjacent to the Bosphorus Bridge.
This mosque was built during the Sultan Abdul Majid. This place is close to the Bosphorus Bridge that connects Istanbul with the European part of Istanbul parts of Asia to Turkey enhancer views of the city atmosphere.If the evening or night, the mosque will be more exotic anymore. It's a pity to miss.

10 Rumeli Hisari

Rumeli Fortress Hisari become one witness to the glory of the Ottoman Empire in the past.
To maintain the security of its territory, the fort was built. Hisari Rumeli Fortress was built by Sultan Mehmed II or Muhammad al-fatih.
The fort is still firmly is now becoming one of the favorite tourist attraction in Turkey.

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11 Izmir Clock Tower

Izmir Clock Tower became one of the attractions in Turkey that we should not miss, 25-meter high monument was built in 1901 by a French architect, Raymond Charles Père to commemorate the reign Abdulamid II 25.The tower also had diabadaikan in banknotes worth 500 lire in 1983-1989.