Sunday, August 21, 2016

Top 13 Tourist Attractions in Argentina

For those of you who like traveling abroad, Argentina might be one of tourist destinations that you should visit. Not only famous football player with the talents of gold, Argentina was popular because it has a number of beautiful tourist resorts and cool. If you're curious, see the following reviews.

1 Buenos Aires

The city is the capital of Argentina. Here you will see an unusual sight, because the city is always crowdedand never sleeps. Many interesting things you can do and certainly will not be bored here.

2 Cordoba

Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina. When visiting here, there will find many historic buildings is a remnant of Spanish colonialism. Among them is the building of houses of worship such as churches and the oldest university in Cordoba. You can make this location as one of the favorite places when traveling in Argentina.

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3 Bariloche

Where this one should not be missed from the list of attractions that you should visit while in Argentina. His name Bariloche, the mountains in the western part of Argentina is cold and natural scenery lure that does not exist in our country, Indonesia. Please verify its beauty when vacation to Argentina, yes.

4 Mendoza

For you who love riding friends alluring landscapes, you can pay a visit to Mendoza. Natural scenery is so beautiful and certainly will not be forgotten for a lifetime.

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5 Patagonia

If you love the exciting sights and adrenaline, they can visit Patagonia and travel feel that makes the heart fluttered. The experience of riding around the boat with you in the form of ice is thick enough. Imagine, deh. New experiences are certainly unforgettable.

6 Iguazu Falls

Furthermore, this location is suitable for you who like to travel, especially waterfalls. His name Iguazu Falls. Waterfall with this enchanting landscape is perfect for picture taking.

7 Andes mountains

Location tour Argentina next is Andes. Set of mountains which is the main feature in South America.
Various activities you can do while visiting this location. Among them are climbing Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain among other mountains are included in the ranks of the Andes Mountains, skiing down the slopes, flying over the Andes mountains. All very pleasant and into one package holidays in the Andes Mountains of Argentina.

8 El Calafate

This is the initial location to many sights in Argentina. Formerly El Calafate is only a small town in Patagonia, but is now growing rapidly and has been used to provide services to tourists who come to Los Glaciares National Park which is located near the city.

Many travelers who come to witness the beauty and natural wonders such as the Glacier Perito Moreno. This glacier is a large glacier that consists of many other pieces of ice that has shifted.

Not merely a gateway to the wild Patagonia, El Calafate also offers different types of adventures in the wild. Do not forget to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier (Perito Moreno Glacier), Upsala Glacier, Onelli Glacier.

9 Valdes Peninsula

The location is on the east side of Argentina. Many animals coming to the Valdes Peninsula to mate, life, and there is also a brief stop. This place is a major nature reserve which has a protected forest area. Various activities can be done here, among others are watching and wildlife viewing in person, such as a variety of birds, marine animals that whales and seals.

10 Salta

When visiting this place, we will be treated to the beauty of ancient architectural forms that have been combined with modern facilities.

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Various activities can be done here, among others, admire how beautiful the face of the old town hall, down the museum, take a walk in the market, visiting local wineries and wine tasting classic, take a train headed to a small village is nicknamed the village on the cloud, up with a stopover in Cabra Corral Dam. Well, for the last activity (visitCabra Corral dam) must be very loved by fans of adventure sports and archaeological explorations.

11 Ushuaia

Furthermore, there Ushuaia. Many people believe that one city, this is the southernmost city of the whole world. For those who want to visit here are advised to dress warmly, because the cold air temperature throughout the year. In Ushuaia the tourists can see a lot of animals that normally exist at the poles, such as penguins and seals.

12 Villa La Angostura

If you want to see the snow-covered fairy tale like in the movies, you can pay a visit to a quiet village and is located right in the city center called Villa La Angostura Patagonia. This place is perfect for people who like the altitude in the mist-shrouded mountain forests. Various activities can be done in Villa La Angostura, such as skiing and snowboarding, enjoy delicious culinary friends the cool air of the Andes.

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13 San Martin de los Andes

Patagonia has a nickname Heaven, that San Martin de los Andes. What are there here? While visiting, you can do a variety of activities. For those of you birdwatchers would certainly like to gather in the South American Bird Fair, extreme activities (ski, kayak, mountain bike) you can do in the enchanting landscape, culinary tours with a variety of delicious snacks, as well as shopping items of art and craft. All you can do during a visit to San Martin de los Andes. Keep in mind that this place was built on the edge of the lake has gone well and beautiful.

That well-known attractions in the country argentina, hopefully with this info helpful for those of you who want to travel to argentina.