Top surfing destination in The world's

surfing is a sport that is very interesting, because you play water and must maintain a balance. In addition you also have to choose beaches with the best waves and also make sure there are no sharks or wild creatures that exist in other seas.

Selecting the beach with amazing waves for surfing it is difficult, not all can be used for surfing beaches. Loop this time going to talk about the best surfing beaches in the world. Want to know? Come see below. list of beach for surfing

1 Gold Coast, Australia

not wrong if the first rank is occupied by Australia, because it is in Australia many beautiful beaches lined with waves that are exciting surfers to the ocean with world class surfing. located in the southeast corner of Queensland's Gold Coast City beach is located and is known for its sunny subtropical climate. However, to visit the beaches in the area. There are four beaches in the city, namely the beach The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck Beach, Palm Beach and Mermaid Beach.

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2 Bali, Indonesia 

Deserves two thumbs up because Indonesia is also included in the world's best surf spots. Bali, the island that is very famous in the world for spot beaches attract tourists to surf. The beaches are Kuta, Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Uluwatu, the Pandavas, Bluepoint, Seminyak and many more beaches in Bali that can become a spot for surfing.
3 Mentawai Island, Indonesia

Islands in West Sumatra has beaches are still very natural because it is still rarely visited by foreign tourists. One of them in the Mentawai islands, many beaches are on the island, which was mainly there are 4 beach Loopers, namely Siberut, Sipora, North Pagi, and South Pagi. You can get to the beaches by ferry or rent a fishing boat.

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4 Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Africa turns out it is not only known as the safari country just pretty, but there are also beaches very suitable for surfers. situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa this beach, it takes one hour drive south west of Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay is one of the most famous surfing destinations in the world. Jeffreys Bay is also used for the annual event in July by the well-known brand that is Billabong. Billabong held under the theme Billabong Pro surfing at this beach you know.

5 California, United Stated

United States not only known as a Hollywood. Turns out ya, the United States also has beaches that the waves were very popular with surfers, especially in the area of ​​California. The beaches are the coast of Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Steamer Lane, Malibu and Rincon

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6 Santa Catarina, Brazil

In southern Brazil, the island of Santa Catarina is one of the most visited places because it has a number of seaside resort with beaches ideal for surfing. The most famous beach is Joaquina Beach.

7 Florida, United States

Florida, United States of America also save haven for surfers, the beach was named Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach has waves that are consistent, which is about 1-1.5 meters. The water temperature never drops below 16 degrees Celsius and air temperatures rarely reach below 22 degrees Celsius.

8 Canary Islands, Morocco

Canary Island is an island with the best beaches in Morocco. The island has several beaches with waves that are very tempting, which Fuertaventura Beach, and Lanzarote.

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