Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Best Travel Sites in Singapore Popular and Famous

THE WHITE PAPER , Best Travel Sites in Singapore - Choosing the right interesting and beautiful place to visit is the one thing that is confusing. Singapore is one country that has hundreds of tourist attractions are very attractive, well-known, the best and most popular. Surely you are curious places are most popular are the best and can be visited not ?? Let's look at 10 of the best sights in Singapore below.   

1 Helix Bridge

This bridge is a foot bridge which is a link between the Marina south with Marina center in Singapore. Design created this very unique dijembatan all. The bridge is made with a design that resembles the shape of DNA in the human body are colored with small light blue. This glow when seen at night looks very magnificent. No wonder that the Helix Bridge is included in the category of 10 best tourist spots in Singapore. 

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2 Orchard Road

For people who love shopping, just do not miss to be able to visit this place. Roads are made extending the length of 2.2 km is known as a shopping center and the major tourist areas in Singapore. No wonder the place is in the top 10 best tourist spots in Singapore.

3 Museum and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Museum and the temple is also situated in the neighborhood of Chinatown. Besides unique in terms of its design, it also has a magnificent and beautiful building. This place save one sacred object is a tooth relic of the Buddha. The building is in addition to having the typical architectural style of China, the roof of which builds up and the red color didominasinya make this building look unique, charming and magnificent. This place was built in 2002 and became one of the best places at the same time the main object to travel in Singapore.

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4 Singapore Cable Car

The train is made by presenting the scenery and comfort while menghendarainya. Singapore Cable Car, is the only fleet of trains were hanged built which is above the sea in southeast Asia. This train also connects the island to the mainland Sentosa Singapore by air.

5 Brown Cemetery

Rarely there are burial sites serve as the attraction is not it? But eaters in Singapore this turned out to be in the top 10 best tourist spots in Singapore. Not great, it turns brown hill is very attractive to tourists and to the point of entry in a list of the best tourist spot in Singapore.

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6 Kranji War Memorial

Monument was created to commemorate their war in Southeast Asia in Singapore. Turns dark and bitter events happened in this country. Kranji war burial ground or the so-called war monument kranji is made to serve as the burial place of the fighters from Australia, England, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Netherlands. That is where they all are fighters who have been fighting the Japanese.

7 Arab Street 

Arab street that was built was made as an existing style in the middle east, the street is marked by numerous engravings there build. Arab street, known as the Arab Street is a house that is used as a store for selling textiles, flowers, baskets, spices, shisa, skull cap or hukka. And it turns out this region inhabited by the native people of Javanese descent.

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8 Singapore Flyer

This attraction is an object that must be tried first when it comes in Singapore. Why? Rides with the highest and the largest Ferris wheel in the world has a height which is amazing. This vehicle reaches altitude of 165 meters can be said to be equivalent to a tall building 42 levels. The layout of this vehicle in the Marina, the best and most popular region in Singapore.

9 Masjid Sultan

The mosque is located at Jl. Muscat Kampong Glam is considered the most popular mosques in the territory of Singapore. This mosque was built in 1824, the heyday of Sultan Hussain. The mosque is often and a lot of visitors, because of the splendor and beauty of the structure has dalma architecture.

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10 St. Andrew

This cathedral is listed as one of the largest cathedrals in Singapore. This place was founded in 1856 and which he reached age over 155 years. The building is designed in classic featuring simplicity, but still looks magnificent and memorable. July 6, 1973 date, the place and designated as a National Monument in Singapore.Singapura does have architectural and design are very beautiful and amazing. And the Singapore Flyer that must be tested. That's 10 best tourist attractions in Singapore that hopefully can be a reference for readers THE WHITE PAPER when you want to visit.