6 Most Challenging Outdoor Travel in United States

United States is not always the concrete jungle and the hectic work routine. Some parts it also stores exotica charming natural scenery. Various natural tourist destinations United States to become the destination of millions of tourists who visit, most of whom are enthusiasts of outdoor tourism activities.

1 Charming cliff in Michigan

Cliff scenery on the edge of the lake is a best natural scenery in Michigan. From mid-May to October, is an appropriate schedule for boat tours lead visitors along the 42 miles to find a beautiful coastline, dunes, cave arches, waterfalls and charming. Michigan has an interesting geological, mineral buildup for thousands of years to make rock and sand beaches in the surroundings have become more colorful. No wonder if the location has become one of the outdoor tours for tourists who visit America.

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2 Visiting Spectacular Lake in Oregon

The Pacific Northwest Lake is a natural lake formed almost 8,000 years ago, when the mountain that once stood here collapsed into and form a volcano crater. For centuries, the arch of the caldera is filled with snow and rain making it one of the largest lake in America. The tourists are choosing outdoor travel enthusiasts visit this lake in mid-June and September. In these months, the lake will look more beautiful and blue. But this beauty can not be seen just like that, the article visitors need to travel to climb between walls of a steep zig-zag.

3 Hike the Appalachian Trail

Of the 2,000 people who tried to hike the Appalachian Trail every year, only a small part of successful menjamahinya. Crosses many peaks, mountains, and forests, and across many national parks are obstacles to overcome when menjamahi hills in the east coast of the United States. Although still natural and full of poisonous snakes, scorpions and spiders, this area remains to be excellent for many who crave outdoor travel activities.

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4 Skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Surrounded by towering peaks and national forests, Jackson Hole into an isolated valley. This is a proper mountain scenery, the road is not good, and millions of miles of open space into a natural habitat for a herd of deer. Areas that are often filled with snow every winter this ski resort with a reputation and five-star facilities are equipped with the challenging terrain.

5 Hugging Tree in Redwood National Park, California

Hugging very wide diameter trees is a tourist activity that is ideal for those who love the singles and outdoor adventures. The northern part of California, specifically in the coastal parts has become home to the tallest trees on earth, which has grown from more than 2000 years ago. Being part of the Redwood National Park, the area is in addition to protection from illegal loggers also one outdoor travel destinations in the United States. Many tourists who visit to menjamahi forest of giant trees, occasionally peeking its peak as the place to live for a flock of beautiful birds.

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6 Hike the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Less than complete it when talking about outdoor travel in America without offending the Grand Canyon. Because the mountains are in Arizona region frequented by millions of people every year who want to travel. Menawang cliffs, hills and beautiful, and the appearance of a charming waterfall which is the reason why this area needs to be one of the many outdoor travel destinations if you pay a visit to the United States

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