6 World Class Travel Destinations in Orlando usa

Orlando is one of the major cities in the state of Florida that offers many world-class tourist destination.
Orlando is one of the major cities in the state of Florida, USA. Areas claimed as the city with the second most hotel rooms in the United States is indeed offers many world tourist destination. No wonder the data show, Orlando visited more than 50 million tourists each year.  Trip Advisor as one of the world's largest travel site released several tourist destinations that are worth a visit when you travel to Orlando. Here are six tourist destinations most visited by tourists in Orlando, as abstracted from it TripAdvisor

1 Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park

In the late 1980s, before it was acquired state, travel destinations, many in the form of vast empty land. But the local government built it into one wild adventure destinations frequented by tourists today. Destination management building vacant land is none other than to keep the natural habitat in order to survive and for the sake of long-term interests. Now Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park is not just a tourist destination of adventure, but also a conservation area guarded and maintained its existence. Tourist activities that can be done in this place include fishing, river edge, directly observing animals in their habitat, and simply enjoy the beauty of the forest and its contents.

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2 Parks Discovery Cove

Many of the activities that can be done while in Park Discovery Cove, one of which is to explore the SeaVenture. This vehicle provides a stunning experience of the visitors through the underwater tour. By using a special helmet, visitors will feel the beauty of the underwater like at home. No need to worry if you do not have a diving certificate, the article of this vehicle does not need a certificate and is for everyone. With around Rp 500 thousand per person, you can already feel the beauty of the underwater Orlando. Interestingly, 5 percent of income donated to conservation SeaVenture vehicle underwater.

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3 Amusement Park Animal Kingdom Disney World

It is the largest amusement park in Orlando. Animal Kingdom is one part of Disney World Orlando area that offers a million experience spectacular natural attractions. Visitors can choose craved tourist destination, which is play rides or exploring the existence of various wild animals. The rides are offered including Kali River Rapids, Triceratops Spin, Musical Finding Nemo, to show dinosaurs.

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4 Lake Eola Park

Speaking of Orlando can not be separated from the beauty of the lake this one. Lake Eola Park is located in the heart of Orlando is one of the cheap destinations visited by many tourists. More than just a lake, Lake Eola Park is managed seriously also offers lots of rides, ranging from the sidewalk as a jogging track, a paddle boat, to see concerts and plays at the Walt Disney Amphitheater.


5 Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

For those of you who love the underwater world, a visit to Sea Life Aquarium Orlando is the right choice. Because of this tourist destination offers a lot of entertainment nautical tourism. In this place, visitors can feel the sensation adjacent to a super big shark. With a giant aquarium, each person will feel closer to the sea floor creatures than before. Of course this will be a spectacular travel experiences that are not owned by many countries.

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6 Econlockhatchee River

Econlockhatchee is the longest river in the state of Florida, USA. Flow by more than 50 miles, the river passes a variety of areas, one of which is Orlando. Orlando Metropolitan Area, each traveler can see the beauty of this river up close. Ashley, a traveler, who come from sites like Trip Advisor said, Econ is a great place to visit with friends. Fringe of the river by boat in the summer into a pleasant tourist activity.

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