Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pink Beach Lombok, Flakes Heaven Fell to Earth

PINK BEACH LOMBOK - Lombok Island, hearing the name of a small island located in Southeast Asia Indonesia Central, surely you will immediately pictured an island surrounded by beautiful beaches. nicknamed the island of a thousand mosques because of this beautiful island is famous for its beautiful beaches panorama. The beauty of the beach is synonymous with sand, black sand beaches may be used, white sandy beach is certainly very beautiful, but what about the pink sandy beaches ??? Surely outstanding. In some parts of the world many coastal tourist area has a unique sand, one of which is on the island of Lombok.

The beauty of the coast on the island of Lombok, almost spread throughout the district, including those in the eastern districts of the island of Lombok who had Moto Comply This work, unique tourist destinations and beautiful the main attraction. Many beautiful beaches in Lombok whose name has not been familiar sounds by tourists. One of them is the Pink Beach in the District Jerowaru, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Its original name was the beach barracks, but due to the pink sand beaches, gradually, this beach is also known as the pink beach.

Geographically, Pink Beach Lombok is located almost at the southern tip of the island of Lombok. We will take approximately 2.5 hours to get to the location, from downtown Mataram, Lombok while from the international airport takes 1.5 hours to enjoy the beauty of this beach. To reach the beach location is needed struggle, it is given the path to the location of roads that are still traditional, and in need of immediate repair. you also need to be extra careful when driving a car or motorcycle. Routes to the Pink Beach, we like splitting sekaroh protected forests, tropical air feels greet. On the right and left of the road we can enjoy the view of the increasingly towering trees.

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After passing a long way, finally we also find directions to the location of the pink beaches, adjacent to one of the traditional school local villagers.Travel to the main location of the closer, making us be more curious how the beauty of the pink beaches that are excellent new on the island of Lombok. the beauty of the coast and and the sea is already starting to look from a distance.It lies hidden, down from the main road, we still have to cover a distance of 200 meters, and decreased by a dirt road to reach the hidden paradise splinters. Fatigue was paid with a view of the beach is amazingly beautiful. our eyes fixed on the clear sea water with a charming decorated with pink sand.

The beach was formerly known as the beach of the barracks. The name of the barracks said to have originated from ancient Japan Zaman, where the beach was used as a barracks by the new Japanese troops landed. barracks itself means dormitories or barracks. In the past, the beach is in Jerowaru beach is also just a transit for the fishermen. Pink sandy beach on the island of Lombok is the pink beaches to two in Indonesia.

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 Pink beach has its own charm because of the peculiarities of the color of the sand, the sand on the beach is shown in pink. The color pink on the beach sand is the case because the white sand granules fused with coral red and reddish effect after mixing sea water, then reflected sunlight and exposure to sea water makes the color pink is more visible in the sand. This red coral reefs grow in shallow coastal waters barracks and away by the waves to the shore.
The color pink on the beach sand is very varied, the morning of 20-30%, 50% during the day and afternoon, warnanyapun will be obvious, between 80-90%. wah really very charming.

Naturalness and cleanliness of the beach is very well preserved, which is why we would be comfortable. A light breeze was fresh, powered by the sun is shining, always accompanied when he was here. The atmosphere is quiet suitable for calming the mind after a week long, really, Turkish Tangsi like "pieces of paradise on earth".

In addition to stunning beaches, not far from the beach there are a cave pink Japanese heritage, on the hill side of the middle of the beach pink.gua Japanese heritage has length of 50 meters with a height of 1.5 m. Aside from being a hiding place during World War 2, this cave became a lurking enemy because of its strategic location overlooking the beach and beautiful pink. Pink beach offers stunning views, in addition to the unique pink sand, and surrounded by high cliffs. the waves were calm and small, so you can cuddle swimming or snorkeling in the region. The beach is also flanked by two hills that jutted out like a bay.

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The beauty of the pink beach also looks perfect with expanse of the surrounding hills. see the left side there. see the left side there a hill with extensive grasslands, and from this hill pink beach scene looks very beautiful. In addition, there are also exotic promontory on the right side with a gazebo that is provided on it. caresses the wind will relieve your fatigue while in this gazebo.

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Of the two sides of this hill, we can enjoy the natural scenery overall pink beaches along the sea breeze, and the sound of the waves were very impressive making all captivated. Turkish barracks which has now turned into a pink beach is one of the excellent island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Many tourists who come to enjoy the hidden pieces of paradise on earth.