Thursday, September 1, 2016

To Skyline Luge canada

Summer is a good time to interact with nature. Many facilities were created as supporters. Call it the Skyline Luge. After the success in New Zealand as a country of its founder, is now a unique game is present in Canada, precisely in Calgary and Mont Tremblant Quebec.

'Once is never enough'! That slogan Skyline Luge game or commonly called Luge. Excitement during the game as if hypnotized rider to repeatedly play. Rare among those who only played one time only. This is because, Luge offers a unique and enjoyable game. Curious?

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Luge was first established in New Zealand in 1985 ago. More than 30 million people worldwide already enjoy the attractions of this game. After the success in the domestic maker, Luge is now present in Canada and Singapore. As if to repeat the success, this time packed Luge combined with the natural beauty that is owned by Canada.

To enjoy this game, you just sit on a Luge. Both legs remain straight ahead as penyeimbangnya. While the controller is in your hundred percent. Stang is at the controls in the pace, slow down and stop Luge. The game is very easy. Anyone can play it with a minimum height of 110 centimeters.

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Mont Tremblant Luge was first home in Canada, with a track length of 1.4 kilometers. Located in the Laurentian Mountains, this Luge looks so fun. The game was wrapped with the scenic beauty of the mountains and lake. While Calgary is the second home Luge with the longest track in the world, which reached 1.8 kilometers.

Mont Tremblant Luge for one round is charged at 11.41 Canadian dollars, twice round 16.89 Canadian dollars, three rounds of 20.27 Canadian dollars and five rounds of 27.87 Canadian dollars. While Canada Luge for a round of 13 Canadian dollars, two rounds of 18 Canadian dollars, three rounds of 23 Canadian dollars and five rounds of 35 Canadian dollars. Mont Tremblant Luge is located at 1000 Chemin Des Voyageurs, Quebec, Canada. While the Calgary Luge located in WinSport Canada Olympic Park, 88 Canada Olympic Road S.W, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you are from the City of Calgary or Banff can drive to the Trans-Canada Highway 1, known as the Calgary 16 Road, then turn left onto Canada Olympic Road.

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During his stay in Canada, you can also visit the North Saskatchewan River, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, English Bay Beach and the Drumheller Valley. While in Calgary, you can stay at the Blackfoot Inn Hotel, Hyatt Regency Calgary Hotel, Hotel Alma or Causeway Bay Hotel.