Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top 11 creepy world travel

Travel the world so much the place of various countries in the world America, Asia or Australia. sea tourism, beach tourism, mountain tourism, travel valleys, lakes and tourist attractions unik. the following is a summary of travel sites in the world scary.

1 Sedlec Ossuary (Croatia)

It is said that a monk who just returned from the Holy Land in Jerusalem to bring a bit of land which was then sown in the cemetery in the town of Sedlec, Croatia. As a result, many people from all over Europe to be buried in this place. Until the 1800s the priests confusion what to do with a pile of bones that could no longer be buried in the cemetery. Finally, a carpenter named Frantisek rint have creative ideas and crazy to make the craft art from the bones (real man) is. Yep, he also started to make a beautiful light of the skull followed by adorning a church with human bones as decoration. Quite insane ha? This place is not exactly haunted because this is a church, but nonetheless it's freakin creepy!

2 Poveglia Island (Italy)

The island is arguably the most haunted islands in the world. Poveglia is a small island in Venice are known to have a fearsome reputation since ancient Roman times. That said, here is a quarantine people suffering from diseases caused by plague not to infect the healthy. Approximately 160,000 people died here, and it should be underlined they were ignored and thrown into this place, making their souls supposedly can not rest in peace. The bones of the dead is said still to be discovered swept waves on the shore of the island. If that was not scary enough, there was the "genius" who decided to make a mental hospital here. Doctors there said to just make a terrible experiments to make the patients recover while the patient is screaming seeing "ghosts" wandering on the island. Scary huh?

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3 Takakonuma Greenland Park (Japan)

Playgrounds are not always joyful. The proof is the amusement park located in Hobara, Japan is known as a haunted place and now abandoned. It is said that the playground, which opened in 1973, was closed two years later due to various accidents on the bicycle. Whether because of a curse or haunted by the victims of the accident, now none have dared to visit the playground.

4 Jatinga (India)

This place is not too scary, but definitely superaneh. I once wrote a glimpse of Overtoun Bridge in England being the location suicide dog in my post entitled 10 suicide the most famous locations in the world. Well, Jatinga village in India is even more strange, because it became the location where the birds often commit suicide. The birds that pass through this area suddenly will fall from the sky and crashing them into the ground to die. Oddly enough, this mysterious events always occur at the same time, ie at 7-10 at night and occur in the same location. Scientifically, there are experts who suspect at this location there are magnetic fields that interfere with these birds. Or was there something that caused the supernatural?

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5 The Izu Islands (Japan)

Somehow there are many scary places in Japan. Maybe because it was the Japanese horror writer on creative yes, because weve there haunted ... hiiiiy! The island is arguably not haunted, but is not there lies the horror. As a result of volcanic activity on the island, the air surrounding id sulfur containing highly toxic. Weve not matter if that nobody lived here. But the problem, the island is uninhabited and the population is forced to live every day wearing a gas mask. Yep, all their lives! And met a group of people with gas masks over their faces (especially when combined holding ax) is definitely not a pleasant experience.

6 Herxheim (Germany)

An archaeologist was digging at an ancient village called Herxheim when she found frightening discovery: a 7,000-year-old mass grave containing 800 bodies. His body still had so bones. Just this is a problem: in the bones they found human bite and chew. In other words, these 800 corpses were victims of cannibalism. There is even evidence to their bone marrow diretakkan to get in it. The mass grave is believed to be the largest mass grave cannibalism newspaper ever found.

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7 Forest Aokigahara (Japan)

Again in Japan, this will make the forest Aokigahara scary forest in the Blair Witch Project look like a forest of Winnie the Pooh. This place is very popular as a suicide spot. Hundreds of bodies were found in this location until the government berinisatif sweep of every year to look for victims who died here. In fact, it is said you can stumble corpses or human remains during a walk here. There is also a unique story that there is a magnetic field here which makes the compass is not running so many immigrants who got lost and ended up dead in the woods.

8 House Amytiville (United States)

You all have heard the story about Amytiville Horror, especially of you lovers of horror films. Here is a summary of the story I got from wikipedia:
"In December 1975, George and Kathleen Lutz and their children moved into a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house diAmityville, a neighborhood in the southern suburbs of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutz family moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr., the former owner, had slaughtered six family members in the house. After 28 days, the Lutz family lived in the house, they began to feel strange things in the house. Among them, their daughter said to have an imaginary friend named Jodie who lived in the house and had red eyes. Because the disorder can not stand a ghost in the house, they decided to leave the house without carrying anything. "

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9 Chase Vault (Barbados)

Cemeteries in one of the small countries in the Caribbean, Central America store scary story that is difficult to explain with common sense. In this cemetery, supposedly coffin placed in it is often moved by itself. What is the cause until now unknown. For a more complete story, click here.

10 Transylvania (Romania)

Transylvania diknal as the birthplace of Count Dracula country so it's no wonder many horror stories going on here, ranging from the castle of Dracula (original) to Hoia Baciu scary forest. Various strange phenomenon occurred in the forest, ranging from light-mysterious light appears in the sky, mysterious circles on the floor of the forest where none were willing to grow plants in the vicinity, until a strange experience which is always felt by visitors. That said, everyone who enters there will feel nausea, dizziness, and a feeling that they are being watched. In fact, if not careful, we might never get out of the forest. Therefore there is a scientific theory that the forest is actually contaminated or containing toxic gases.

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11 Colosseum

Unexpected is one of 7 miracles of the world is known as one of the most haunted places in the world. But if you think about it really well hell, because for hundreds of years of Roman rule, the place is used as the gladiator arena of bloodshed. When the night, the guards historic relics sometimes hear the clatter of swords to the figure of people sitting around the ancient Roman gladiatorial arena.