Top 5 Places In The Netherlands this Mandatory You Visit

BONJOUR! - The Netherlands is a country that is very famous in the world, the tourist attractions in the Netherlands is also quite a lot. Many sights can be visited by foreign visitors or domestic. For those of you who want to visit this country, here's a list of tourist attractions in the Netherlands is very well-known mandatory for you to visit. There are 5 Places in the Netherlands with the township or exceptional panoramic, not until you've been in the Netherlands you do not visit it. Consider the following list of tourist attractions.

Roads To The Point Of Tourism In The Netherlands

1 Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam has many channels that began construction in the 17th century. Of the many channels such as, in the vicinity of three of them form a concentric belt. The three channels are Herengracth, Prinsengranct and Keizersgracht. has a length of more than 60 miles, equivalent to 100 km miles on a bridge which totaled 1,500. Therefore, the canals is a tourist spot visited by many tourists.

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2 Friesland

Friesland is a chain of islands in the Dutch North Sea. Sights that this one can you visit with the help of surveillance conducted by guides who have a license. Which is better, a few places on this island can gracefully walk on the dirt when the sea water was receding.

3 Keukenhof flower garden

This park is the largest flower garden, even a garden which is used as the promotion of the flower industry in the Netherlands. In this garden there are many flowers tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other spring flowers can be found in this park. If you want to go to this park, you can only visit in the last week of March until mid-May. Because of her first beauty, this park become tourist attractions in the Netherlands is the favorite of tourists.

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4 village of Kinderdijk

This village is a village that is very well known, the article over 1000 windmills you can find here. Windmill which is also one of the icons of the Netherlands was built in 1740an, until today is still preserved windmills.

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5 The Peace Palace

This building is a building that is often used as a meeting place of the UN. The architectural design of the building is similar to the existing castle in a fairy tale. Therefore, one of the tourist attractions in the Netherlands is not to be missed. That is more unique, there are wooden building which was a gift from Indonesia to the Dutch state.

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