Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top 6 Geopark Indonesia

Georpark or garden world into a new travel concept that is currently being developed by the Ministry of Tourism. Geopark concept itself refers to the development of the area which give effect to the conservation, education, and the improvement of public welfare. First introduced by UNESCO in the 2000s, the geopark is not only the preservation of nature, but also improve people's lives. In a national seminar entitled "Geopark's National Tourism" held at the Hall Susilo Soedarman, Sapta Pesona Building, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Minister indonesiaArief Yahya stressed that the concept of the development of nature tourism with the principles of conservation, education, and community development through tourism is becoming a concern the world community. "Environmental sustainability is an international issue and all countries strive to maintain and improve its quality in an effort to win the competition of global tourism business, because if the tourism product of a country does not apply the principles of environmentally friendly, will be abandoned by tourists," he said.

Indonesia alone has about 40 geoheritage scattered in various provinces developed as a national geopark, and six of them have been and will be recognized by UNESCO as a world geopark.

1 Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara

The data reported from West Nusa Tenggara provincial government pages reveal, Geopark Rinjani has a wealth of geo-diversity, bio-diversity, and culture diversity in 48 geoside there. Not only that, indigenous communities around Rinjani also adds to the treasures of the cultural richness to be preserved from extinction.

In its status as a world geopark, Rinjani has now become a tourist destination par with tourist destinations scattered in various parts of the world. With yanbg diverse tourist attraction, such as nature tourism, adventure tourism, special interest tourism, ecological tourism and geology, Mount Rinjani will continue to stand as a major tourist destination in NTB with Segara Anak as its icon.

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2 Merangin, Jambi

Merangin Geopark is located in the district of Merangin, precisely in the Village Water and Dusun Baru Baru, District Pemberap, Jambi. To reach the location geopark Merangin, from the city of Jambi tourists need to travel overland for a 7 hour trip. Not only that, you also have to do trekking for 3 hours to really get to the location. One of the things that appeal Merangin geopark is the discovery of the fossil flora of more than 350 million years.

3 Ciletuh, West Java

Based in Ciletuh district, Sukabumi, West Java's first geopark has a natural beauty that is truly extraordinary. Green carpet, beaches, cliffs, and 9 waterfalls into wealth and natural beauty that can not be more inevitable. Given its status which has now become a world geopark, nature conservation and biodiversity are the it to be maintained, and in balance with tourism activities in the region.

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4 Caldera of Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Lake Toba is the largest caldera lake in the world. Located about 176 km west of the city of Medan, Lake Toba caldera formed by subsidence after the eruption of the volcano Toba Purba, which is then filled with rainwater. According to the Provincial Government of North Sumatra, Lake Toba has a length of 87 km and 27 km wide, with a height of 904 meters above sea level. The depth of the lake stands at 505 meters. What's interesting about this lake is the middle there is Samosir Island reaches a height of 900-1600 meters above sea level. With the theme "supervolcano", claimed as Lake Toba caldera volcano-tectonic quarter caldera in the world. This area is also ne

5 Batur, Bali

Mount Batur is an active volcano located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli, Bali. Has an altitude of 1,171 meters above sea level, the mountain has a caldera that is very beautiful. Mount Batur caldera formed by two large eruption that occurred thousands of years ago. What's interesting about this world geopark is a crescent-shaped lake. Lake Batur itself is a length of about 7.5 km and a maximum width of 2.5 km in circumference at 22 hr and spacious at 16 square kilometers.
Not only that, according to the Bali provincial government records, Mount Batur is part of the "Ring of Fire" Pacific and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Listed since 1804 Gunung Batur never melestus as much as 26 times.

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6 Sewu mount, Central Java-Yogyakarta - East Java

Geopark Mount Sewu has extensive up to 1,802 square kilometers, divided into three geoarea, namely Gunung, Wonogiri and Pacitan. With three of the region, geopark Gunung Sewu into a complete tourist destination, from the beach area of ​​Gunung Kidul, diverse cave in Pacitan, until the society creative industries