Monday, October 24, 2016

beautiful Island in Asia Indonesia Selayar

Sulawesi sea does have a wealth of not less. Not only seafood that is abundant, the island also has an ocean view and a beautiful underwater. Call it the Bunaken Marine Park, in the northern part of Sulawesi Island, which has been known worldwide for its underwater beauty. Another charm that you can visit while on the island of Sulawesi Selayar. In addition to beautiful sea views, cultures of local communities are also becoming its appeal.

Where Selayar Island?

Selayar Island is a small island located in Selayar regency, South Sulawesi. This district is the district archipelago with 95 percent of the area is water. The remaining 5 percent is made up of 123 islands with 62 islands that have been inhabited. Selayar district capital is the city of Fort.

The trip to the island of Selayar takes about 10 hours from the city of Makassar. Starting from the city of Makassar, you must travel to the Port of Tanjung Bira for about 6 hours. Along the way, you can see how salt is made because in this area a lot of farmers who cultivate salt sea water into salt. The journey continues aboard the ferry for 4-5 hours to the Port Pamatata.

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Culture tour

Selayar Island there are some unique historical objects. For example, giant anchors which are in Pantai Padang. These anchors are great anchors of Chinese origin belonging to a rich merchant named Gowa Liong Hui who had stopped to this island. Nekara other artifacts are derived from the Bronze Age. Nekara on the island is shaped like a gong with images of stars, elephants, palm trees, stars, fish, frogs, peacocks and storks around.

You can also see how the culture and the unique local community life. Being in Padang, there is a fishing village so you can see a variety of activities ranging from preparation to sea fishing, a variety of equipment to catch fish to how to process the fish of the sea.

Another unique Toa settlement Bitombang which is the oldest village on the island. The uniqueness of this village is a bamboo-roofed houses with high wooden cantilever underneath so that the house is on the ground level with a high enough distance. Village hilly topography creates another uniqueness of the support ruamh. For example, a house that is on uneven terrain, then made stanchion with 2-3 meter high at the front and the pillar with a height of 13-15 meters on the back make this house look unique. The pillars of the house using wood bitti or holasa that have good quality. This is the reason why the houses in this village remained robust despite centuries old.

Another uniqueness of this village is populated mostly elderly, with over 90 years of age but still unable to work or carry out productive activities such as farming and gardening. Village atmosphere are felt on the activities of the population, houses, estate or farm animals owned by residents.

Natural tourism

If you want to visit the beach, Selayar Island has beaches with fine white sand. You can visit Pamatata Beach, Coastal Tanaera, Lansangireng Beach, Coastal Taloiya, Pabadilang Beach, Coastal Rampang-haphazard, or Turkish Labuang Nipaiya. Some beaches have a barrier reef edge (fringing reef) as far as hundreds of meters which is unique along the coast of Selayar. New coral ledges can be seen when the sea is receding.

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National Parks Takabonerate

Not only the beauty of the beach, Selayar Island is also ready to present a beautiful underwater panorama in Takabonerate National Park. At the bottom of this Takabonerate coral atoll with an area of ​​220,000 hectares and is the largest coral atoll in Southeast Asia and the third largest in the world. Marine biota beautiful that you can encounter is a wide range of fish, sea slugs, turtles, colorful coral and other marine life. The view of coral and marine biota in Takabonerate will impress the visitors. No wonder Selayar Island became one of the destinations for diving (diving) or snorkeling.

The beauty of the beach, ocean, buildings, culture, community activities and a variety of unique nature and society is a charm Selayar Island are worth a look.