Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beautiful island in Indonesia

Moyo Island is a small island located 2.5 km north of the island of Sumbawa. Although small and quiet, the island has a natural beauty, beaches and underwater is simply amazing. In fact, the island is visited by Lady Diana and Mick Jagger for a vacation. The island is administratively located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, this has an area of ​​330 square km, maximum altitude of 671 meters, along a coastline of 88 km.

Natural Beauty in Pulau Moyo

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Moyo Island there are hundreds of butterflies behind bushes, trees or in the middle of the savanna, below indicates kelestariaanya island is still awake. The island is also inhabited by 21 species of bats, birds, macaque, wild pig, deer and snakes. Beautiful forest and almost untouched, it will arouse the interest of lovers of hiking. In addition to hiking in the woods, you can also along rivers and waterfalls as well as several caves that can be reached on foot. One of them is the Gua Ai Manis. But the caves are inhabited by hundreds of bats can be achieved with a little rock climbing. Moyo Island is also a "paradise" for bird lovers. Of the 124 species of birds found in Sumbawa, 86 of which are located on this island. Some rare species of birds can also be found here such as the Yellow-headed Parrot and birds Gosong very unique because it relies on plants and twigs to produce heat during the incubation period of the eggs.

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In addition to unspoiled forests, Moyo Island is also famous for its natural beauty under the sea so that you should not miss is snorkeling or diving. In the beautiful marine park, you can find sponge (sponge), crustaceans, anemones, pelagic, eels, groupers and even manta and a bunch of flying fish. Sometimes you can also find small sharks and eels are cool to swim around the beach Ai Manis. Almost the entire island surrounded by coral that is still awake habitat and beauty. You can also make diving around the island Medang located in Northwestern Moyo Island. Or visit Satonda, a tiny island in the northeast of the island of Moyo who has a salt water lake in the middle of the island.

With all its beauty and keasriannya, so many say that Moyo Island is a very romantic so it is suitable for couples who want a honeymoon.

Accommodations in Pulau Moyo

accommodation on the island of Moyo, Moyo ship to the island, the tourist attractions in Lombok, Sumbawa Moyo island. To get to the island of Moyo, Sumbawa Island for the access of the public could use sea transport but is still limited. The backpacker can use people crossing available every day. Boat people of Moyo Island arrived into the Port of Muara Kali in Sumbawa about 09:00 am and went to the island of Moyo again at 11:30 noon. This ship is only drove Moyo Island residents who want to shop in the market Sumbawa. You can ride in a motor boat with fares starting from Rp 20,000 to Rp 25,000 per person. Moyo Island travel time to about two hours on the island of Sumbawa.

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If you use the boat people, then you should stay on the island of Moyo as new ships sailed again to Sumbawa next day. If you want to return to the island of Sumbawa on the same day, you can hire a local fishing boat for Rp 400,000 and Rp 600,000, depending on bargaining and agreement with the shipowner. In addition to using public transportation, you can also hire a private speed boat at a cost of approximately 3 million for pegi - return. By renting a speedboat, the faster you travel time and drive around the island of Moyo full day. If not, you can use a special transportation provided by Amanwana Resort.

Other crossing points to Moyo Island, namely through Ai Bari, located 20 km from Sumbawa Besar. Ai Bari, you can use a speed boat takes about 15 minutes or by long-tail boat with a slower time course. Moyo Island no accommodation other than Amanwana. If you want to stay on this island are advised to bring a tent or sleeping bag. However you can also ride in people's homes, the costs depending aggreement with them. Do not worry the local people are very friendly with the tourists, even if already quite familiar, maybe you can ride for free in their homes.

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When you become a Amanwana Resort, the transportation and accommodation facilities is not a problem anymore. Lodgings in the form of tents exclusive five-star hotel on par with overnight rates around $ 800.