Saturday, October 15, 2016

Green Canyon Places in Pangandaran Indonesia

One of the attractions in West Java Indonesia that can suck the attention of enthusiasts traveling is the Green Canyon tourist spot in Pangandaran. Natural river with a waterfall that fell behind the cliff is to offer and become a pleasant experience their own adventure. It takes a special physical preparation to come here but the level of difficulty to reach the green canyon unlike mountain climbing activities, but in the form down the river in a small boat, which is referred to as "long-tail" by the local community. Most travelers agree, located in Green Canyon is like being in paradise. Overrated this opinion? Please see for yourself in Pangandaran.

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If you are interested in a vacation to an exotic place Green Canyon this should be done in the dry season in order to clear the green beauty of the river that you can enjoy. And to visit these places, please point your car to the village Kertayasa Ciamis. Or if you come from Bandung, you can use the route to Tasikmalaya. From this city, there are 2 options you can skip lines.

First, you can through the east as far as 170 km, namely: Ciamis - Banjar - Pangandaran - Parigi - Cijulang and got Kertayasa. Or the second option that is as far as 60 km south lines include: Cipatujah - Cikalong - Cimanuk - Cijulang - up to Kertayasa, the village location of Green Canyon. The second track is shorter but due to current road conditions are bad, the travel time becomes the same. We suggest you through the Banjar.

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Green Canyon Pangandaran called by local people with the name "Cukang Taneuh" which means "land bridge." This is because the location of this object are 3 meters wide bridge that connects these two beautiful cliffs. You'll be amazed at the beauty of the cliffs and the land bridge that dominated this green moss. If a visit to this place, be sure to bring a change of clothes and you must swim in the river mouth clear greenish. Peak travel enjoyment is when you jump from the edge of the estuary and swimming. It feels very fresh. You do not need to worry because the Green Canyon river very clean good location, terrain and cliffs, all of which are dominated by the color green.

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The best advice is to visit this place in the morning during weekends or holidays. Because if you visit during the day, this location is full of visitors and reduce the enjoyment of travel you do. So should you spend the night in Pangandaran, because of the venue, the Green Canyon travel time to just 45 minutes. If you want to learn this wonderful location, please go to the local map below.