Saturday, October 8, 2016

Points of Interest New York Hidden

New York is not always related to the city and the sparkling nightlife. New York has an interesting and hidden places that can be visited. These places are of course provides its own preoccupations. Here are some places you can visit!

1 Dead Horse Bay

Dead Horse Bay tourist area is quite dirty bay. What's interesting about this place is you can find items such as classic and vintage perfume with an expensive price to the bones of animals that have died with ages over decades. If you are a hobby of collecting unique items, you can visit

To go to Dead Horse Bay, you can use the train line 2 or 5 toward Flatbush Ave and Q35 bus ride towards the Dead Horse Bay

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2 North Brother Island

North Brother Island ny-curbed

Region North Brother Island secluded island offers buildings that have been left by its inhabitants. And the building was turned into a bird's nest and other animals. For those who like buildings are not well maintained and well off the beaten track, you can visit this tourist area.

To visit North Brother Island, you can only use the boat charter to get to this area.

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3 South Brother Island

In the south of North Brother Island, South Brother Island there are areas that offer something different. In this area a lot of different types of birds that are rarely found in big cities. This bird species certainly make South Brother Island has its own uniqueness. But you should not bring home the birds in this region

If you want to visit South Brother Island, you can only use the boat charter to get to South Brother Island.

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4 Hart Island

Hart Island untapped

Hart Island region is similar to North Brother Island. In this area there are many buildings that are not occupied. And there is a chapel with a pretty horrible sight. Plus there is an old cemetery that are not closed or still seen plenty of skulls there. Spooky impression can indeed be seen.

You can only use the boat charter to get to Hart Island.

5 Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Likes to watch horror movies? You have to go to Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Because in this building, has a spooky horror story. Not inferior to spooky ghost stories Annabelle and other spooky stories. The building is said to be one of the set of Blood night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet. You can visit with friends.

You can use the Long Island Rail Road trains to Kings Park Station. From here only to use taxis to get to Kings Park Psychiatric Center

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6 Community 54

Communyity 54 store

What is interesting from the Community 54 is a store that sells a variety of vintage items. In these stores the traveler can get a variety of interesting vintage items and also unique.

To go to the store, you can use the train line J, M, F and Z direction Delancey or Essex

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7 Tugboat Graveyard

Tugboat Graveyard
Tugboat Graveyard Zone presents the carcasses tugboat that has been unused and ignored by their owners. Carcases of this becomes a unique landscape and is very dear to miss if you are the instigators of photography.

Use the Staten Island Rapid Transit Train to Pleasant Plains and walk for 45 minutes

8 Jamaica Bay Riding Academy

Jamaica Bay Riding Academy notyouraveragesoccermom

In the tourist area of ​​Jamaica Bay Riding Academy, the tourists can learn how to ride a horse that is good. Plus there are woodland is quite extensive and can be used for camping with the family.

Use the L train line towards Rockaway Parkway and proceed B42 bus lines as well as walking

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9 Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island fineartamerica

Roosevelt Island tourist area offers film screenings are held in the outdoor area. Course provides experience and uniqueness. In Roosevelt Island, you can enjoy the show films in the outdoor area.

Use the F line train toward Roosevelt Island Station continued walking

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