The beauty of waterfalls Curup Maung Indonesia

visiting the waterfall Curup Maung Pagar Alam which is one of the tourist attractions in Palembang are popular because many times a trending topic in the media, is an exhausting journey. Imagine, you are obliged to physically prepare not only sit for 7 hours in the car to reach this beautiful object from the capital of South Sumatra. Navigate your car towards the city Lahat which is the meeting point between the region of Palembang, Lampung and Bengkulu region. From the meeting point (Pagar Alam, Lahat), you still need to continue the journey of about 2 hours to the location of the waterfall Curup this amazing Maung.

If you want to visit tourist attractions in Pagar Alam waterfall this grave, then you should understand that these will be pursued. Not to dishearten you, but instead we want to invite you organize the trip in detail so that everything can be prepared as well as possible.

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These Curup trip to Maung first stage is from the city of Palembang towards Pagar Alam, Lahat. Mileage is usually about 5 hours when using public transportation. If you use your own car, it may be faster but not too much different tempuhkan time. Because public transportation (bus) used is usually not too often stop halfway.

The second route you must walk to visit the waterfalls Maung is the path to the village of Pagar Alam Duo Muara Padang District of Gumay Ulu. To this village takes about an hour either by public transport or private vehicles. Our advice you should first beritirahat in Lahat, let alone you have already been through a long and arduous journey. These are the third and final of the village of Muara Padang Duo to the location of the waterfall Curup Maung is to walk for an hour to enter the fairly dense forest. Arriving at this hidden tourist spots, guaranteed you will forget that it has been a long journey tiring. Because of the incomparable beauty of this place and were able to anesthetize you with truly stunning natural scenery with the dominance of the fresh green color. Fatigue down the hill is the same as if you down Sipiso-piso waterfall that is a mainstay attractions in Medan

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See how long you should take a trip to the Curup Maung Pagar Alam in Lahat-Palembang, we recommend you follow our best advice is:

Make sure your physical prime includes vehicles that will be used. The best first break point is in the area of ​​Lahat because many choices of restaurants and a resting place for you. If directly to Pagar Alam also can, but it is too memforsir effort you are already tired of traveling from Palembang.In the last village namely Padang Muaro Duo, you should just leave your vehicle and locked well. There is a special location that is prepared for tourists who want to visit the beautiful Curup Maung, who is in the woods. This condition like heading Maribaya which is the mainstay of Lembang travel because of the waterfall in the forest.Bring adequate provisions excluding drinks, because the exhausting journey into the forest and coffee plantations.Journey undertaken downhill and quite steep, so we need comfortable footwear.

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It is advisable to use shoes rather than sandals.Towards Curup Maung Pagar Alam should not have to carry a lot of equipment unless you want to camping. Heavy loads while walking through the forest will make your trip.

So review the long journey to the natural attractions Curup Maung Pagar Alam in South Sumatra Lahat region, which is very tiring. But if you look at the photos that we present, would agree this trip must be done someday. Panoramic beauty of this waterfall will pay off your fatigue. and to help you explore these, please follow the instructions clearly on the map below.

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