Top 11 Places Preferred in Malaysia

A visit to Malaysia, then there are some sights that you should visit. Moreover, some of these objects are well known in the world, so you should stop by and take pictures in this beautiful place. As is the case in countries in Asia, tourism here also includes natural beauty, city tour, visiting historic sites and other types of holiday. What must you meet in Malaysia? Please read the information below.

The 11 Malaysian famous tourist attraction and worth to visit include:

1 Batu Caves Malaysia

Hindus worship building is very famous. Shaped shrine in the cave with high risers. In front of the statue of the god Murugun very high (42.7 meters).

2 Kuala Lumpur Tower

The tower that serves as a means of communication, it has a luxury restaurant that spin on it. So as the tower in the city of Bangkok which provide luxurious and tasty cuisine. From Kuala Lumpur Tower, you can see the beauty of the glittering city by the lights at night.

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3 Malaysia Genting Highland

The place is located at the top of the cool mountain resort is complete. You can play at the outdoor and indoor theme park as in Sentosa, which is the pride of Singapore travel. Even if you try cable car is provided, this is an exciting experience that is thrilling as it crossed the chasm and very long trajectory.

4 Bukit Bintang Malaysia

You could say these attractions is the largest shopping paradise in the country. Usually visitors provide a special time for traveling and visited malls interesting. Some of them are: Fahrenheit, Lot 10 and Pavilion, the most frequently visited. It was, you must here

5 Aquarium KLCC

You've been to Sea World in Indonesia travel Ancol, which is part of Jakarta travel? This place is similar to these attractions. If you you come with your family (kids), invite here. They must be very happy

6 Petronas twin towers 
The tower is besides being a tourist spot, is also a shopping center and offices. The tower reaches a height of 452 meters consisting of 88 floors. For tourists, visiting the twin towers was not exciting if not go up and look at the beauty of the city of Kuala Lumpur

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7 China Town malaysia

This favorite tourist spot for backpackers and lovers of cheap shopping. Even the hotels available in the area of ​​China Town is the cheapest though star class. If you're looking for souvenirs, electronics, clothes and other souvenirs, this place is the most recommended. Interestingly, many of the masseur on the roadside will be squeezing your legs are tired around China Town

8 Putra Jaya Bridge

For those of you who like photography, try to photograph the beautiful bridge with the lights at night. Very long bridge has become a tourist attraction that shows the typical you have been to Malaysia, in addition to Petronas tower icon.

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9 Alor street Malaysia

For the culinary connoisseur, alor street is a food paradise that is very cheap. The place is visited by tourists from Indonesia is well known. Moreover, here you can find typical food was delicious archipelago

10 Sepang Circuit

Race pride for Malaysia as a country is included in the calendar of the popular racing event in the world.

11 Perhentian island

Natural attractions located outside Kuala Lumpur is quite exotic and favored in Malaysia. The white sand beaches with a variety of beautiful coral would have encountered on this island. Indeed, this means that you must be able to swim and even dive to be able to enjoy its beauty. The condition is quite soft white sand as beaches become major tourist attractions in Bali. If your holiday for a long time (more than 5 days), be sure to come and stay at this Perhentian islands.

This information interesting objects that become tourist attractions of Malaysia's most favored visitors. There are many beautiful locations that can be found in this country, but the 11 places we mentioned are usually included in the agenda holiday objects arranged by travel agents.

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