Top 5 Location Watching the Sunrise and Sunset Best in Lombok

If you are fans of photography, photographing the sunrise and sunset is something that must be tried. Besides being able to satisfy the desire to take your picture, shoot at the two moments that can hone your skills because the time is not too much and requires considerable preparation. That is, places that fit to watch the sunrise and sunset was now the target from both professional photographers and tourists who simply want to capture personality alone. Without exception in Lombok Island has many well known to tourists for its natural beauty.

There are many great locations to to watch the sunrise and sunset on Lombok, but at least the following five places can become your reference that will be traveled to Lombok.

1 Senggigi Beach and Batu Bolong

Lombok's most popular tourist destination is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also the beauty of the sky at sunset jingganya. Coupled with sea water menantulkan sunlight make the scene at this beach immortalized mandatory. Not far from Senggigi Beach, there is a temple jutting into the sea, known as Pura Batu Bolong. The temple that stands on a rock hollow objects can be a complement to the scenic beauty of sunset on Senggigi Beach.

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2 Gili Trawangan

One of the exotic island of Lombok is saving a lot of beauty, starting from the bottom of the sea, the beach, up to views of sunrise and sunsetnya. The best position to see the sunset at Gili Trawangan, namely from the top of the hill. From here, we can see the panoramic view of the straits of Bali and Mount Agung in their shadow Banyang golden light. Even some hotels in Gili Trawangan also offers direct views of sunrise and sunset from the terrace of their room, so you can relax while enjoying the sun.

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3 Gili Air

Gili Trawangan's neighbors is equally beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Suasanya beautiful, with the sound of gentle waves and the sound of gulls will accompany you capture your moments on this island. Moreover, Gili Air relatively quiet compared to Gili Trawangan so you can more freely to explore angel-angel right to photograph.

4 Gili Nanggu

One more dyke with a beautiful sunset view of Gili Nanggu. The small island is well-known as a honeymoon destination this unspoiled natural beauty and away from the crowds. Besides enjoying the romance of a couple on the beach and the sea is clear, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunrise sunset at Gili Nanggu. Sunset views on this island is very special because the sun seemed to hide behind Mount Rinjani.

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5 Mount Rinjani

For photography lovers who also like the challenge, try to capture the moment of sunset on Mount Rinjani. In addition to testing the adrenalin while climbing one of the highest peak in Indonesia, you can also find great views and sunset sunrisse very interesting there. Not only that, if you're lucky because the weather is sunny, you can get a view of three mountains at once, namely Gunung Agung, Mount Tambora in Sumbawa, and Mount Ijen - Merapi Banyuwangi.

That's 5 best location to watch the sunrise and sunset on Lombok. In addition to the five lokais above, there are several other locations frequented because of its scenic beauty sunsetnya like Mount Malimbu, Selong Belanak, Sire Medana Beach, Coastal Labuhan Haji, Tanjung Ringgit, Tanjung Aan and Mawun Beach.

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