Sunday, October 2, 2016

Top Places of Interest in Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is known as the shopping, the previous article can be read here. But in addition to shopping, there are also sights that unfortunately if pass when you visit Bangkok.

1 Grand Palace

Is a MANDATORY place if you come to Bangkok, photos with background pagoda in the Grand Palace as a sign that you've been to Bangkok this palace began to be established since 1782 when the reign of King Rama I. Some expansion and building additions in line increasing time. But this time, the palace was not occupied by the King of Thailand, but the place is still used for religious events and also to some government officials.

In one of these temples are the Emerald Buddha statue, where visitors are allowed in but may not take photos inside. And because this is a place of worship, visitors are required to wear clothing polite, do not use shorts, sleeveless shirts, etc.

Grand Palace area is very spacious, and tend to be crowded with tourists and people who want to worship. If you come up with the tour, make sure there are separated from the group, because it is difficult to find people in this place. The weather is generally hot, so be prepared to sweat. For those who love to take photos or photos taken (narcissistic), the place is a lot of interesting spots.

2 Wat Arun

Temple is also a must-visit is the Wat Arun Buddhist temple is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya river. Also known as the "Temple of Dawn", named after Aruna, the sun god who is in India. Usually visitors come to this place by boat across the river Chao Phraya from the Grand Palace.

This place even though the area is not large, but it provides the scenic beauty of the moment we climbed onto it. Be careful when rising to the top, because the ladder is quite steep. But having reached the top, the landscape is comparable to the sacrifice.
This temple will be more beautiful when seen at night from the Chao Phraya river, sprinkled with light.

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3 Wat Pho

Situated next to the Grand Palace, temples, Wat Phra Chetuphon Rajwaramahaviharn Vimolmangklararm is better known as Wat Pho. This temple is the oldest royal temple. Inside the temple there is a reclining Buddha (Buddha statue with lying position) with a length of 46 meters, 15 meters high. Quite difficult to take photos as a whole.

This statue is coated with gold, and on the soles of the feet statue of Buddha there are 108 symbols characteristic of the Buddha. In this place visitors can also enjoy a Thai massage, even at Wat Pho is one place to learn Traditional Thai Massage.

4 Vimanmek Mansion

This building is referred to as a building made with teak wood in the world. Was initially a residence (palace) of the kingdom, and now used as a museum displaying ceramics, photographs, ancient artifacts.

In the room we were not allowed to take photos (the photos shown here were taken from the website, and even visitors are also required to open footwear. Be sure to also use the decent clothes.

5 floating Market

There are several floating market in Bangkok, but the most famous is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. To be able to see this market need effort and intention are strong enough, because of its location in Ratchaburi province, about 100 km from Bangkok, about 1.5 hours drive. And we need to leave early in the morning there, preferably at 7.00've got there so that they can enjoy the view of the small boats that carry various foods, fruits, vegetables, and others.

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6 Madame Tussauds

This wax sculpture museum similar to those that were in Hong Kong and also in some other countries, but from Indonesia this was the closest place. In the museum we can see the statue with a size of 1: 1 (actual size) of famous people in the world, ranging from movie stars, singers, statesmen, athletes, even a cartoon character. Figures that we should not miss to take pictures with him is a statue of Ir Soekarno, Mr. proclaimer us.

Ease in Madame Tussauds we are free to be creative poses with (sculpture) actor famous, not segregated. For the narcissist, set up your memory card and batteries, the creative directing style, please create freely. There are several statues of special characters (like Obama), who maintained the official who will take photos for us to buy if you like, but the clerk graciously willing to take a photo with our personal cameras * so the chances of visitors buying very small photo. In this museum also explained the process of making sculpture, and we can even order prints of our hands.
The location of this museum is easily reached, located opposite the mall MBS, mall famous among tourists Indonesia to buy souvenirs, such as its Mangga Dua Jakarta.

7 Siam Ocean World

 A giant aquarium is located in the mall Siam Paragon. The entry ticket price is not so sparingly, especially when compared with tickets to Sea World in Ancol. Namin if you are interested to visit this place, please check online prices here are usually no promo or package with other attractions, such as Madame Tussauds.

In this place visitors can see and learn about life under the sea, and also be able to see the show feed the animals at certain hours.

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8 Wading River Chao Phraya

The river is one of the modes of transportation in Bangkok, and to go to Wat Arun, we usually use a boat to get to the location. Quite exciting as well does this water taxi ride, sometimes ciprat2 contact with river water is not too clean. In addition to the boat being sailed the water taxi, if we use the services of the tour, there will be scheduled for a boat ride on the Chao Phraya river while feeding the fish.

Another alternative is to use cruise over dinner. Well the latter is indeed quite expensive, because in the boat we can eat as much, and accompanied by a singer who can sing songs from various countries, while enjoying the beauty of the Chao Phraya river at night.

Hopefully the information of tourist attractions in Bangkok this can help JJH-lovers on vacation, we will proceed in the future, and friends who have additional information, please comment ...