Sunday, November 27, 2016

10 was amazing cave , different from most sinister

Forget the stigma that the cave was a dark, damp, spooky and haunted. Perception as it will go away after you see 10 pictures caves scattered around the world for its beauty as if bewitched the eyes

1 Cave Son Doon in Vietnam

This cave is the largest cave in the world and is located in Southeast Asia.

2 Cave Naica Mine in Mexico

This beautiful cave in which there are very large crystals.

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3 Cave Ice Mutnovsky, Russia

A layer of ice on the walls form a beautiful landscape.

4 Cave Vatnojokull, Iceland

Goa is known as the world's largest glacial cave.

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5 Cave Batu, Malaysia

Goa in which there are beautiful sculptures are located in the neighbor country.

6 Cave Glacial Mandehell, United States

Goa is located near Alaska is more beautiful because the droplets of molten ice.

7 Cave Algarve, Portugal

Goa is unique in that it only has one way in is through the water.

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8 Cave Glowworms, New Zealand

Goa becomes very beautiful because of the insects on the walls that emit light shimmering.

9 Cave Tham Lod, Thailand

Goa has become beautiful because of stalactites and stalakmitnya outstanding.

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10 Datdawtaung cave, Myanmar

In the cave there are Buddhist temples. Travel natural cave