Saturday, November 12, 2016

Amazing Flower garden Hitachi Japan

Have you seen the expanse of flowers like the Ocean?

If you have not immediately been to a place that was in Hitachinaka Ibaraki Japan.

Yaaah Foreign Affairs Sunrise Sakura or indeed has a million beautiful beautiful place like paradise.most them is the Flower Garden Hitachi.Taman which has an area of ​​almost 3.5 hectares in tumbuhu various plants flower.

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In every season it always shows beauty blooms are always different.
Blue Nemopihilas interest is interest that is often seen and famous in Hitachi's Flower Garden.

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Nemopihilas Blue Flower is a kind of annual flowers that have a blue colored petals spring transparant. for more than 4.5 million Nemopihilas Blue flowers will bloom throughout Hitachi's Flower Garden.

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The blooming period is usually known as "Nemophilia Harmony" and when the bloom period, which is attractive perhtian World Traveler to enjoy his millions of flowers bloom is Heaven on Earth.

But not only Nemopihilas Blue Flowers growing in the garden ini.Di among pine trees also you will see the millions of Flowers Hyacinths are beauty flowers dan 170 kinds of flowers Tulip also participated blossom among thousands of other types of flowers that will hypnotize your eyes.

Interestingly you can explore the park's flower Hitachi bycycle or leisurely walk with your spouse or family. because this park is one of the most Romantic places in the World.