Thursday, November 3, 2016

El Chorro, Extreme Travel Riveting From Malaga Spain

Malaga was not only offers beautiful views of the coast, but also the extreme travel that is ready to challenge you lovers of high beradrenalin travel. One extreme travel is located in El Chorro.

Extreme Tourism Village El Chorro

When I first saw El Chorro is a village with beautiful scenery stunning. The village of El Chorro is painted beautifully with the natural landscape turquoise lake surrounded by pine forests and is also decorated by towering limestone cliffs.

But apparently El Chorro save extremes that can be offered to the visitors. The village is located west of the town of Alora, Malaga province offering extreme travel the El Camino del Rey, which means Highway.

El Camino del Rey is a small path on the wall and has a height of 100 m above the river Guadalahorce. Formerly El Camino del Rey was once used by King Afonso XII who pass this way to supervise the construction of the dam, which was inaugurated in 1921.

The lovers of extreme travel is usually used El Camino del Rey is to go to the climbing spot and the abyss. Here, there are 7 climbable cliff climbers with the number climbing approximately 16 to 141 s. Each route has a grade 4 to 8c +. Both the climbing wall and El Camino reserved for rock climbers who are familiar with rock climbing activities or have mastered the basic - basic mountaineering.

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How do you feel challenged? If so then do not wait any longer traveled to Spain, come immediately visit Malaga along with your friends.