Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Parks Chongqing, Extreme Travel whit King of the Jungle

MANY exteme emerging travel in the world. Extreme travel provide sensation for the audience.

Chonging is one of the fourth largest city in China is no exception. There are parks preserve wild animals that travel with the famous extreme and savage.

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The park has several wild animals including lions, tigers, white tigers, bears and other wild animals. Unlike the other parks, nature reserve park this one offers the sensation of extreme pleasure for the visitors, as reported by Shanghaiist, Tuesday

Here visitors are invited to tour the park by bus and car to be enjoy garden atmosphere with wild animals intentionally released.

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On the way, visitors are welcome to feed the wild animals in the form of fresh meat cutlet through the hole cage car.

When visitors throw meat at them, immediately approached the tiger roll crowded then pounced on the car. Exciting is not it? This of course provide sensation and not be disappointed come to the place on this one. visit Parks Chongqing