Saturday, November 5, 2016

Top 10 zoos in the world

Most of us do not live among the African savannah forests, or neighbors with thick jungle in South Africa, but when you want to see how the look of the unique animals that some of them even become virtually extinct, then you will choose the zoo. So what makes a zoo to be the best for the wild animal?

Of course, the service provider must also think of the zoo the best artificial habitat that might represent the original place of the wild animals without making them like living in a prison. In addition, a zoo extraordinary to say is if they are able to provide a place for various kinds of animals from different seasons and from other parts of the world, which probably will not ever see how they are in their natural habitat.

Here are the 10 best zoos in the world

1 Berlin Zoo, Germany

Has more than 17 thousand animals. Although this zoo was originally created fatherly a collection of animals a King William IV of Prussia, most of the animals were never maintained that place turned out to be dead or loose during World War II. But the collection of animals has now collected the same as some of the list of wild animals belonging to the previous king. The animals were given as gifts through diplomatic cooperation and animals at the zoo had been raised as part of the conservation effort.

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2 Bronx Zoo, New York, United States

Is one of the largest zoo in the world which is now a place for approximately six thousand animals of 650 different species. Since the first opened in 1899, the zoo has been praised for wildlife education programs and wildlife conservation.

3 London Zoo, England

First opened in 1828 and teah making it one of the oldest zoos in the world. London Zoo is comprised of a collection of more than 800 species. Animals are in modern buildings, many original Victorian features which still contained the garden-a garden that provides genuine British atmosphere. The most preferred place of this zoo is the aquarium which was made in 1853 and a reptile house, which opened in 1927.

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4 Wellington Zoo, New Zealand

The zoo was opened in 1906, is dedicated to preserving the native animals from New Zealand, such as the Kiwi national bird, and beast of the Asia Pacific. This zoo is very productive in the movement "Bears free", which aims to protect the bears Southeast Asia. This zoo often get credit for the use of green technology and sustainable resource in dealing with animals.

5 Beijing Zoo, China

The zoo is spread over an area of ​​China and consists of 950 species. The Beijing Zoo is the perfect place to see a wide variety of animals China very rare which can not exist anywhere else in the world. Various animals include: the giant panda, the crocodile, the South China tiger and Salamander. The zoo has a unique architectural style which includes beautiful gardens, lotus ponds and typical Chinese style pavilion. It is one of the very recommendation for those who are traveling in China.

6 Philadelphia Zoo, United States

Is the first public zoo in the United States. Includes one of the exhibits of primates in the world, including 10 species of rare primates such as gorillas silver black, Sumatran orangutans, Gibbons, lowland gorillas and lemurs. The zoo is also praised for their success in maintaining rare breeds program.

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7 Singapore Zoo, Singapore

A small island and solid but has a garden and a giant garden and zoo that became the pride of Singapore. This zoo was first opened in 1973 and has more than 300 species, many of which are endangered species. Singapore Zoo is considered one of the best, especially because of the way the animals are kept and displayed. A night safari is adjacent to the zoo, the first in the world and is one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore.

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8 San Diego Zoo, United States

San Diego Zoo is home to a large number of wildlife exhibits. San Diego Zoo alone maintains more than 650 species and subspecies, and is the first to show an animal using a hidden barrier such as a stream, and create as broad and as much of their natural habitat. This zoo also holds conservation and research institutes.

9 Basel zoo, Switzerland

Is a non-profit zoo located in the center of Basel. The zoo has more than 600 different species, including some species that can not be found in zoos anywhere in the world. Some of the rarest animals on display Pygmy hippopotamus, rhinoceros India and okapi. Captive breeding programs of endangered species from the zoo in Basel is known worldwide as one of the most successful breeding program ever.

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10 Melbourne Zoo, Australia

Is the oldest zoo in Australia, which opened in 1862, more than 320 species of native Australian species and other animals from around the world. This zoo animals often show off their specials such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidna and lots more.