Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tourist attractions in Washington DC (United States)

Washington DC is the capital of the United States (USA). In the district of which the center of government of this superpower are tourist places of interest to visit and asiknya most places are free, you know, as we shall info in the post below.


 The museum is located in the area of ​​the National Mall, the National mall shopping mall where it is not so, but it is an area in Washington DC which is between building the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol building. The museum has a collection of thousands of aircraft and spacecraft. Visitors are free to enter into this museum (but please if you want to make a donation), even provided a guide who will explain the collections at this museum, please register in advance at the Visitor Center.

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We can see the history of flight, from the Wright brothers' house, a replica of the plane, the best development to modern fighter aircraft, even until the race between countries to wade through the outer space and reached the moon. We can see what astronauts in outer space activities. Visitors can also learn the theory of aerodynamics, how the airplane can fly, interesting


Located in the area of ​​the National Mall as well, precisely on 14th Street and Constitution Avenue. This museum houses a collection of objects from American history that includes social, political, cultural, science and technology as well as military. Many outstanding object collection and complete, very exciting era view of the carriage, the train, the first apple computer, until the famous artists. In this museum there is a locker to leave luggage for free, so we can enjoy this museum comfortably. The Museum is open every day (except December 25), from 10:00 am until 17:30.


An office of the United States Congress, situated in the area of ​​the National Mall. Supplied tour with a guide to how to register at the Visitor Center. We can buy souvenirs in the Gift Shops or eat in a restaurant in it. The building is designed with beautiful and neat. At the time we came, renovations are underway.

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Libraries are used for research by the United States Congress is the largest library in the world after the British Library. Located at 101 Independence Ave, the Library is open to the general public who wish to conduct academic research, and provided a tour for interested visitors.

The library catalog lists more than 32 million titles of literature written in 470 languages. The library also keeps a collection of 61 million manuscripts, and rare books collection of the largest in North America, including the passage of the Declaration of Independence and a Gutenberg Bible (one of four copies of the velum is in a perfect state that is). Additionally, libraries save more than 1 million titles published by the United States government, 1 million published by newspapers from around the world for 3 of the last century, 33,000 volumes of newspapers bound, 500,000 rolls of microfilm, more than 6,000 comic book title, and a collection of legal literature The dunia.Koleksi nonbuku material consists of movies, 4.8 million titles maps, sheet music, sound recordings 2.7 million titles, more than 13.7 million photographs (including architectural drawings), as well as Betts Stradivarius violin and a Stradivarius Cassavetti , [This information is taken from wikipedia]


As a tribute and a tribute to the 16 million soldiers who defend the United States, up to 400,000 people who had died, he built this memorial building. Its location adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial, the place is open 24 hours for the visiting public.


This building is a monument erected to commemorate the services of the President of the United States 16th, Abraham Lincoln. This monument is located on the National Mall, across from the Washington Monument. On the side of the trail to this building, there is a pool called the Reflecting Pool.

Shaped architectural style with a Greek temple, in which there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln that are large high as 5.8 meters which if established, Abe will be as high as 8.5 meters made of marble Georgia, with the overall weight of 159 tons. This statue overlooks the Reflecting Pool is a straight line to the National WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument and the latter to the US Capitol.

Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. never been done in this place. At the point where King was standing, the court floor to the 18th rung below the statue of Lincoln, diukirlah speech "I have a dream" is famous.

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This monument is shaped obelisk made of marble as high as 169 meters. Established to honor and commemorate the services of George Washington, the first president of the United States. There is no charge for entrance to this building, but we need to take a ticket at the Washington Monument Lodge located 15th Street on the day of the visit.

We will enter in small bands, and a ride up the elevator that would take to the observation deck as high as 500 feet (152.4 meters). On this floor we can see the scenery around the monument from a height, even the white house can also be seen clearly from here. Once satisfied to see on the observation deck, visitors can go down to as low as 490 feet to see the museum. In this museum we can see the history of this building, its construction and the building surrounding it.

Of the 490 foot level we will ride the elevator to go down, well on the way down, which was initially opaque glass elevator will be clear and shows the inscription donors this Washington Monument.


As residence and workplace of the President of the United States, the White House is certainly an interesting place to visit. Actually, there are tours to the public, but the requirements are quite complicated, because the need to apply for a permit through the embassy first. But do not be discouraged, in addition to seeing through a virtual tour, we are also able to visit the White House Visitor Center.

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In this building we can see information about the White House, a description of the room, its history, some collection items and also a miniature White House can be found here. There is a mini theater that featured a speech from President Barack Obama, we can also take pictures with the background of the White House, as if he were standing in front of the building.