Tunnel of Love at Railroad Ukraine

Klevan Ukraine - Travelling with friends to a romantic destination would be nice. If India has the Taj Mahal, Paris the city of love, then Ukraine has a tunnel of love.

The tunnel, known as the Tunnel of Love is located approximately 7 km from the city Kleva, Ukraine. Has a length of about 3 km, natural tunnel consists of trees that formed along the railway line.

They are in it certainly evokes a romantic atmosphere. But do not be surprised if suddenly there was a train passing by here. This is because the Tunnel of Love is also used by trains transporting timber. But not to worry, the train carrying wood fiber board plant closest to only run three times a day. So that the tourists can still walk around feeling romantic this tunnel.

This tunnel reaches the most romantic spot during spring and summer. When the leaves on the tree is bushy-bushy. You can enjoy the magical love enormity issued Tunnel of Love.

In the spring of this place will be a journey of love for most people. The reason, this place will be visited by many young people who simply walk along the tunnel to enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Even so in the autumn and winter romance not also missing. In the autumn foliage will be colorful. While in winter the branches of trees covered in snow will add elegance Tunnel of Love.

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shee of inhabitat, Monday (05/13/2013) local legend says that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted his wish, as long as their intentions are sincere

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