10 Places Most Festive New Year in the World

One of the most memorable moments and festive is celebrated around the world are counting down the seconds together into the new year. Even in some big cities thousands of visitors gathered to await the moment of turn of the year together. Various tourist destination city new year was no less festive celebration to show off his new year that suck millions of visitors, both domestic and foreign. To get the new year the best travel options, of course, be essential to advance like what is the New Year's holiday travel is most suitable for you? Well, here there is a great tourist spot for the new year that you can consider.

1 Excitement at the Harbour of Light Parade New Year's Eve in Sydney

New Year celebrations in Sydney is the city most festive welcome the New Year with a spectacular fireworks Things. Sydney Harbour Bridge is the heart of the festive celebration of the new year with the Bridge Effect and waterfall effect created by the light of inspiration and spectacular fireworks. The most crowded during the evening events in Sydney are around the harbor, where you can order yach or boat to enjoy the excitement of Harbour of Light Parade

2 Time Ball Tradition Greet the New Year in New York

The tradition of the New Year in New York has its own uniqueness. If in other cities do with pesata fireworks, not so with the New Year in New York. New year celebration in New York carried out by dropping the "time ball" during New Year's Eve for 60 seconds from a height of 43 meters. The ball is called the "Time Square Ball" which began in 2008 is also designed differently each year.

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3 Celebrate New Year in Germany

Precisely in the city of Berlin, there is a New Year tradition in Germany called "Party Mile". The event was enlivened with bars, tents, parties, food booths, music stage, laser show, fireworks, up to dance along 2 kilometers. New Year's Eve party mood in Germany is also celebrated with fireworks into the new year all the partying until morning.

4 The difference fireworks New Year in London

New Year atmosphere in London with a spectacular fireworks can suck up hundreds of thousands of visitors in London. But the New Year celebrations in London last quite different, where the viewer is asked to donate a fund of 3 pounds sterling to be used to help children affected by the conflict conflict countries. Fireworks made in Thames river bank not far from the Houses of Parliament to make a new year tradition in London to be different where buildings such as the National Theatre, Big Ben, and others covered in light blue as support to these children.

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5 Luxury New Year in the United States from Las Vegas

New year celebration in America who is rumored to be very lively was in Las Vegas, United States of America, which will be held a massive party to welcome the new year. New Year traditions in America would not be separated from the festive fireworks will be launched from 7 luxury resort in the city of Las Vegas. In addition to inviting famous stars in the world, will there were 150 fireworks lit tablets per second. Wow!

6 Welcomes the New Year Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh, Scotland

Precisely in the city of Edinburgh, you'll find the most festive New Year celebrations in Scotland. New Year celebrations in Scotland carried out in an open arena, in the streets to the city center. In celebration of the City of Edinburgh trips can become a new tourist spot in the most colorful in the world. You will find happiness in Parade, carnival and music concert and fireworks spectacular

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7 Throwing Flowers Sea to the New Year in Brazil

New Year celebrations in Brazil is different from the others. More precisely in Rio De Janeiro. When the time show at 12 pm, the Brazilian throwing flowers into the sea directly addressed to the Goddess of the Sea, Yemanja. After a tradition of new year in Brazil a unique and fascinating it was, the event continued with the beat of the music in the hotel and the bar so that you can follow dance the night away.

8 Drink Wine Simultaneously Greet the New Year in Spain

New Year celebrations in Spain is no less unique than others. Spain has a tradition called Nochevieja (eating 12 grapes) as a harbinger of 12 numbers in an hour. After that, they will go to the beach and watch the impressive pyrotechnic show, drinking wine is Catalonia.

9 New Year in Singapore The Most Hilariously Asia

When you go on tour packages new year in Singapore, you can feel how spectacular New Year's Eve event in Singapore. Marina Bay sands, One Fullerton, East Bay Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, and Mariana Barrage into a fireworks welcome the new year. You can also watch music concerts of famous artists.

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10 Welcomes the New Year in Hong Kong

When you're new year holidays in Hong Kong, do not forget to go to Skyline tablets or Victoria Harbour to watch the beauty of New Year's Eve event in Hong Kong. The atmosphere is lively and bright with fireworks and attractions background building skyscrapers make the new year in Hong Kong became one of the new year party was very lively in the world

Well. That was 10 Places Most Festive New Year in the World which is a great tourist spot for the new year. Which sites are suitable for the new year are you? Plan a trip also fun when the end of the year to the places with the most spectacular fireworks displays in the world. Take advantage of promo cheap tickets to Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and other countries in the world. Well, the new year holiday destination where you? Plan a trip You better new year with my family. Happy Traveling

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