Wednesday, December 28, 2016

5 most unique attractions at Underwater World

Tired of the holiday mediocre? Want to try the extreme tourist spot and has a different sensation? Just visit the underwater sights are amazing.
Five of them made this place there is also a human being created by nature. The tour offers exciting experience because you can feel the real marine life. Listen five amazing underwater tour of the world.

1 Restaurant underwater, Maldives

Eating delicious food with underwater scenery only found in the underwater restaurant Ithaa, Maldives. While eating, visitors will be able to see the ocean view and biota roam. Do not be surprised when you eat, will spy by a stingray or watch thousands of fish danced overhead. Very cool is not it!

2 basketball under water, Lake Jocasse

Playing basketball in the field is common. What if in the lake? You dare? Yes, on the lake Jocasse, North Carolina you can play basketball under water. Expert divers can shoot the ball in a basketball hoop. But it seems a bit of trouble because you have to swim after a ball instead of running like on land.

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3 The Silent Evolution, Mexico

You will find the sculpture museum underwater world off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. A total of 400 human sculpture collection to the actual size is amazing. There is a statue of marching, sitting, sleeping, cycling and make a circle formation. Underwater sculpture was created by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor.

4  Jules Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

After diving 21 meters in Key Largo, Florida, you will reach Jules Undersea Lodge. The building is an underwater hotel. Three bedroom cottage is equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, air conditioning, hot shower, television - there is even a wi-fi! Of course you have to dive to get to that room.

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5 Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

The lake is famous for its beauty, the submerged forest as well as the remains of a tree that is not submerged, towering above the surface. The lake was created after an earthquake in 1911 that triggered major landslides then blocked the gorge and formed a natural dam. Furthermore, rainwater fills the valley and created lake. That's the world-famous water travel