Tuesday, January 31, 2017

5 Most Scary Ghost Tour Package in the World

Travel is not just about what is beautiful mountains, beaches and natural phenomena, but there is also a ghost tour in the world. but for some people travel with a lot of ghost stories in the world visited by the ghost of their adventure traveler is a special delight. at this time will give THE WHITE PAPER ghost tour info for you who like the other world.

1 Ghost Tours of New York, USA

The ghost tour offers you to take a walk to the places and haunted buildings in New York, United States. That said, when taking the tour visitors who never saw the appearance of the legendary band The Beatles, John Lennon. In the famous American ghosts of Edgar Allan Poe, George Washington, and Peter Stuyvesant, in this tour we will be invited to meet them. The journey to this haunted place around for 90 minutes with 15 different packages, depending on your choice. If lucky, we will see a ghost sightings world celebrities such as John Lennon, Babe Ruth and Mae West. Do not forget to set up the camera, who knows they appear in your photoshoot.

2 The Original Ghost Walk London, England

The Original London Ghost Walk was inspired by a book author named Richard Jones phenomenal, he made a lot of books on paranormal ghost like Walking Haunted London, Haunted London, History and Mystery Walks of London, and Haunted Britain and Ireland. Being in London, England, ghost tours offer a unique tour that Halloween Tour. By the time Halloween arrives you will be taken through the places that have been proven by Richard Jones that there are common sightings of ghosts. Travelers will be invited to a haunted London for a 2 hour drive. To follow The Original London Ghost Walk charged at 9 Pounds

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3 The Rocks Ghost Tours, Australia

In addition to the beauty of the city of Sydney, Australia, who would have thought it concealed a mythical story in it. It originated from stories handed down Brian families who previously had rented houses in the area of The Rock. Because this location is considered haunted, Brian and his wife Colleen eventually use them to create The Rock Ghost Tours travel. There you will get a ghost tour packages among others such as Adult Nightly Tour, Team Building and Halloween Ghost Tour. These ghost tours will be conducted before a long night with a 2 hour trip. You have to spend up to 42 Australian Dollars to feel the mystical atmosphere of The Rock, Sydney, Australia.

4 Dublin Ghost Bus Tours, Ireland

Unique however horrible, were on the bus, you will feel a strong impression with a mystical atmosphere. How not, the bus is decorated with creepy interiors coupled with leading tourist destination increasingly haunted locations will add to the horror. Located in the city of Dublin, Ireland, this bus offers a scary ghost tour packages. We will be invited to tour to the Cathedral Church of the haunted, visited the cemetery St Kevin and visitors will be invited to discover the origin of the appearance of Dracula told by novelist Bram Stoker. At a cost of 28 euros (USD 433,000) with long travel 2 hours 15 minutes, you will be satisfied visit places ghost Ireland. However, tour operators prohibit children under 14 years old to take the tour to the haunted location.

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5 Haunted Tokyo Tours

 If the traveler pretty big balls to feel this travel, must try for themselves the horrors of this ghost tour. Located in Tokyo, Japan, this ghost tour called Haunted Tokyo Tours. Here we will feel the horror of the places of the historical city of Tokyo in the past that haunted. Haunted Tokyo Tours provides a wide range of travel packages ghost, among others such as Blood of the Samurai and Ghosts and Goblins of Old Tokyo. Visitors are invited to tour to places that are haunted. The haunted locations is true and has been tested by the paranormal in Japan. If you are brave and want to try, we just have to pay for a tour of 3,000 yen. The trip will last for 2 to 3 hours and accompanied by a guide