Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Natural Phenomenon That Dubbed Hole Hell and heaven

Many people say that the hole big hole that occurs due to natural as well as human error because it is considered as a hint of the almighty, that the earth is not long to be destroyed. The earth is also a lot of strange phenomena occurring phenomenon and some real holes contained on this earth is called hell or heaven.

Here are 5 natural phenomena around the world

1 Lake Lava Afar  Depression

These lava lakes occur as a result of two tectonic plates come together to become geologically the most active in the world. The center is the central lava pit filled with fire. Because the hole is only filled with lava and fire, as well as anything that falls into it will melt. Because of that many people who dub this hole as the Hell Hole.

2 Namaskaro

The hole is located at the Basic Namaskaro Namatjall mountain in Iceland. In this place always occurs volcanic area is creepy. The average geothermal activity that occurs in this mountain always issue boiling mud pools filled with steam and volcanic gases. It was terrible and it's no wonder Namaskaro nicknamed as Hole Into Hell.

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3 Pluto Gate

These holes are in Turkey were always issued Steam carbon dioxide. So this hole can take you straight to hell if it's close to the hole. Why so? Because carbon dioxide there is deadly to all living creatures. Pluto Pluto Gate holes or is found by researchers from the Italian of archaeological sites in the city which is now the Pamukkale hierapolis.

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4 Jomblang Cave

The cave is located in Indonesia in the area Luweng Grubuk. This cave gets the reflection of light from the top that looks like the light of heaven if it was in this cave. To see this light you have to walk along 300 meters down the hall to get to the place of the cave Jomblang. The cave is illuminated by the sun formed as a 90 meter mast so to say as the light of heaven.

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5 Mount of Tianmen

Tianmen mountain is located in china. The mountain is known as a haven for mountain heights holes of the rocks there is a big hole perforation wedged so that trust is similar to a hole in heaven. Besides the amazing natural phenomena hole also looks like the road to heaven plus another is in fact our visitors must walk to the top if you want to reach the point of the hole