Wednesday, January 18, 2017

6 The Hidden World Dubbed paradise Earth

There are places on Earth that are rarely visited. Not because it is not beautiful, most places do not even have access roads to get there. There also are due not widely known. Here are 6 hidden paradise in the world / paradise locations in the world

Koraku-en, Japan

The small island in the Caribbean is surrounded by a sea of ​​seven colors. The island is very remote and sparsely found in the lists mainstay of travel agents. Even touted many pirates roam the island like the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  Koraku-en become one of the three best parks in Japan. Koraku-en said that the name coined by the famous philosopher, Confucius. This park has a clear streams and becomes very beautiful when visited in winter.

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Seljavallalaug, Iceland

Seljavallalaug arguably quite hidden, but it is precisely what makes this place linked with heaven. There is a pool with warm water temperatures in Seljavallalaug when the pool was surrounded by a snowy hill. When you take a dip in the pool. You definitely feel the only person on the planet.

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Karst Mountains, South China

Karst mountains have become one of the most magical sights in China and even the world. There are hundreds of mountains towering above it covered trees. Sally Peck said that this mountain is more beautiful than the paintings there.

Parc National des Calanques, France

mount well as the beach in France has become one of the tours is touted as a paradise Earth. Having limestone cliffs and blue stretch of overgrown flowerbeds and beautiful, des Calanques look good. There are many people who come here because there is no access road to get there. But because it was des Calanques be the most beautiful places on Earth.

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Piano Grande, Umbria, Italy

Piano Grande is located on a plateau above 4000 feet. In May and June, this plateau being very beautiful because of overgrown flower alternately in each week. Swathes of wild crocus flowers will grow first, followed narcissi, Grape hyacinth, wild tulip, poppy, and thousands of rare orchids. These flowers have been a bonus for climbers views of the highest peaks of Monte Vettore.

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That list of tourist info like heaven on earth, paradise islands in the world and in fact there are many more that have not been many in the know traveler. enjoy traveling