Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Beautiful and strange place that managed to make some scientists' surrender

Beauty that served the world as there is no end. There are many places whose beauty looks like a painting.

Not infrequently there is also a location that looks like the world 'aliens' are often featured in science fiction films. Clad beauty oddity in such places as if they were created 'separate' from the world we live in. Scientists find it difficult to explain how such a form. Quoted from Listverse, Wednesday (07/09/2016) The following is both beautiful and strange place that managed to make some scientists 'surrender' to uncover the origin of the formation:

1 Lightning That Never Ends, The Beacon of Marcaibo

Starting from 19:00 every night, lightning will be snatched from the surface of the Catatumbo River in western Venezuela. No one knows for sure what causes that occur in daeraah are always bombarded the storm. Until recently, the theory of the allegedly most plausible, explaining that it happened because of something related to uranium in the bedrock. The researchers finally began to doubt the allegation. Until the new theory which says that the shape of the mountains surrounding the river causing the warm breeze. Gusts of wind collided with cold air of the Andes. The collision and cause a spark which allegedly came from oil fields not far from the location.

But no one knows for sure whether it really happened. Everything is very mysterious. In 2010, a bolt of lightning was stopped completely for six weeks. There is no explanation for this. After that, the flash was back in 'live' and worsened until today.

2 Timpishka Shanay Boiling River, Amazon, Peru

Boiling river was legendary in Peru. Located in the hinterland of the Amazon, the river that the heat off it was first discovered by the Spanish army. Spanish soldiers who went to the Amazon River in search of gold at the time back by preaching about the horrific experience. They told me that in the interior of the Amazon River, there is a poisonous water, people who eat snakes, and also the boiling river. The river has a width of 25 meters and in about 6 meters, has hot water that can be used to brew tea. In other parts of the river, the water is boiling even more. Andres Ruzo, a geology researcher told the river could cause scalding. "As we have blood flowing through the veins and arteries, as well as the Earth has a hot water flowing through cracks and faults," he said."That's where the arteries Earth surface, so that we will get a manifestation of Earth's heat: fumaroles, hot springs, and in this case the boiling river".

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3 Gua 'Deadly' Movile Cave in ConstanĊ£a County, Romania

In the southeastern part of Romania, there is a cave which had never been exposed to the sun for nearly more than 5.5 million years. This resulted in an atmosphere where it's really different from the other hemisphere. Mysterious cave was first discovered by workers who were making a power plant. When they tested whether the land is safe to build. So, the place is destroyed and open the way to one of the strangest in the world. Narrow streets and some of the tunnels were found at the site will bring in a stream of sulfur with a pungent smell of rotten eggs. The air was poisonous, filled with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide that is 100 times more dangerous. Surprisingly, although the environment is shut down, the whole ecosystem is in his cave safely. Researchers found at least 33 species live in a place known as the Movile Cave. They adapt to the atmosphere sulfur, survive by eating foam on the rocks.

4 Water 'Goddamn' in Knaresborough, East Yorkshire, England

Points 'damned' is located in Knaresborough, East Yorkshire, England. Whatever is exposed to drops of water that flows from these wells will be turned to stone. While visiting the site, visitors will see no caps, teddy bears, bicycles and skis hung and had turned to stone. The process of changing into hard objects that occur for at least 3 to 5 months. In the past people believed that the water was 'cursed' by a witch. But researchers believe that water is thought to have a very high mineral content. As a result, these elements create a 'shell' bind any hard mineral that is exposed to water.

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5 Underwater Parks Gruner See, Hochschwab, Austria

One of the places that is famous and frequented a park near Hochschwab Mountains. Unlike other parks dry and (some) are on the edge of the lake, where it is in the water. This is due to a frozen lake water during the winter, evaporated, and flooded the park in the spring. Water is very clear, allowing the trees, wooden benches and bridges are visible from the water.

6  Double Tree casorzo, Piemonte, Italy

In rural areas in Piemonte, Italy, there is an unusual sight. At the mulberry trees also grow other plants on it that cherry tree. Casorzo double tree that thrives with each limb along the 5 meter. No one knows how strange things can happen. Residents suspected bird cherry tree dropped seeds that grow vines of the mulberries.

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7 Lava Blue Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

If the general peak of the volcano emit bright red lava, lava crater has bright blue with white smoke clot. The lava aquatic blue color caused by the presence of sulfur or sulfur. Magma gas sprayed into the lake, together with high concentrations of metals and turns the water blue.

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"Hydrogen chloride released mountain mixes with the water of the lake. Gas sulfur turns blue when exposed to air at the temperature above 360 ​​degrees Celsius," said an expert, Vinay Sisodia. In daylight, lava emerging from the Earth at very high temperatures in Ijen no different to see the lava in another mountain - which emit red or orange, depending on the mineral composition. On contact with oxygen in the air and triggered by lava, sulfur flammable and triggering a bright blue flame.

"Make it seem as if the blue lava flows on the mountain," said a photographer Oliver Grunewald. The effect is only visible at night. you must visit top amazing place but becareful