Friday, January 13, 2017

Ciwidey white crater beauty and mystery behind

Asia Indonesia Bandung Regency has many tourist attractions which offers beautiful scenery and its fascinating legends. One of them is the District Ciwidey located in the south of Bandung regency. In this area there is an interesting tourist attraction is the White Crater.

White crater is a crater lake of Patuha with a height of 2,434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. At the summit there is a crater Patuha that currently, when the means and downs in Sundanese, which is in the west and below the crater White with a height of 2,194 meters above sea level. The second crater was formed by the eruption which occurred at around X and XII centuries ago. White crater is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung or 35 km from the capital of Bandung, Soreang, towards Ciwidey.

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Legend of White crater Patuha said to have originated from the name of Mr. Parent or "Patua". Local people often call it Mount Sepuh. Formerly the local community considers Patuha region and this White crater as the area is haunted, no one dared to touch or headed there. It is said that because of haunted, any bird that flew above the crater will die.

White crater lake mystery of beauty was revealed in 1837 by a German-born Dutch botanist researcher, Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809-1864) who conducted research in this area. As a scientist, Junghuhn not trust granted to local stories. When he did his research trip to penetrate the wilderness Patuha, he finally found a beautiful crater lake. As well as a crater, from the lake out bursts of lava flows along with gas and sulfur smell offensive. From this it was revealed that a very high sulfur content that causes birds are reluctant to fly over on the lake Kawah Putih. Because the content of sulfur in the crater lake is very high, in the reign of the Dutch unbuilt sulfur factory by the name of Zwavel Ontgining 'Kawah Putih'. Then the days of Japan, the business continued under the name White crater Kenzanka Gokoya Ciwidey directly under the control of the Japanese military.

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In the area around the crater of White there are some ancestral tombs, including the tomb of Jaga Satru grandparent, grandparent cavity Sadena, Head Grandmother, Grandfather Ngabai, Barabak Grandfather, Grandmother basin, and grandparent Jambrong. One of the highlight Patuha namely Puncak Kapuk, said to be the meeting place of the ancestors, led by Jaga Satru grandparent. Perhaps, in this place sometimes invisibly seen a bunch of white fluffy sheep by the public called the sheep lukutan. White Crater Lake has its own characteristics and uniqueness.

The water in the crater lake can change color, sometimes bluish green apples when the sun and the weather is bright, sometimes also the color of milk chocolate. Most often seen white water is thick with fog on the surface of the crater. In addition to the surface of the crater is white, sand and rocks around it was predominantly white, and therefore is called Kawah Putih crater. Heading into the Kawah Putih Since 1987 PT. Perhutani (Persero) Unit III West Java and Banten develop Kawah Putih area has become a tourist attraction.

For tickets go area attractions Kawah Putih, every person charged Rp 18.000,00, Sundays and holidays (Rp. 18.000,00, regular day from Monday s.d Friday) already include insurance premiums. Kawah Putih attraction opened at 07:00 and closed at 17.00, Monday to Sunday.

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Facilities for visitors around Kawah Putih is sufficient with their parking lots, transit transport to the crater, the information center, mosque, and food stalls. To get there, visitors from Jakarta can pass Cipularang continue toward the exit toll Soreang Kopo heading towards the south to the city of Ciwidey. Approximately 20-30 minutes from the city Ciwidey visible sign of entrance to the entrance gate attraction White crater that is left of the road. To get to the White Crater from the entrance to the area attractions Kawah Putih are advised to use the vehicle, do not walk because the road is slightly uphill and quite a distance, which is about 5.6 km, or about 10-15 minutes by car. Personal vehicles can indirectly toward the parking area is available not far from the crater. While visitors with a large entourage which uses buses, or public transportation can use special vehicle in the parking area near the entrance gate to reach the crater of the entrance. Small road conditions and uphill is not possible to pass a vehicle bus type large or medium. Public transportation to Ciwidey of Bandung can be found in Terminal Kalapa Gardens and Leuwi length. After arriving in the city of Ciwidey then proceed with using rural transport purposes Patengan Situ. Rural transport Patengan Situ crosses towards the attractions that exist in the region, namely Ciwidey Plantation Strawberry, Kawah Putih, Ranch Upas, and a heated swimming pool Cimanggu. To be able to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area Ciwidey and it's not enough to just one day.