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This house is owned by the daughter of a former president of Vietnam, who studied architecture in Moscow. It does not conform to the conventions of building a house, has unexpected twists and visible, the roof and rooms. Like a fairy tale castle, as seen in the large animal giraffes and spiders, no window, rectangular or round, and this building can be visited like a museum.
Hang Nga guesthouse (Vietnam: Biet thu Hang Nga), known as the "Crazy House" (Vietnamese: Ngoi nha at Quai), is an unconventional building designed and built by a Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga in Da Lat, Vietnam. Described as a "fairy tale house", the overall design of the building resembles a giant tree, incorporating design elements sculptures representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, cobwebs and caves. Architecture, consisting of a complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist. Nga has acknowledged inspired Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the design of the building, and visitors have a variety of parallels drawn between it and the works of artists such as Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Since opening in 1990, the building has gained recognition for its unique architecture, which is highlighted in the guidebook a lot and is listed as one of the top ten building "strange" in the world of the Chinese People Daily.DESAIN

Hang Nga guesthouse was originally built as a personal project by a Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, opened to the public in 1990. Nga, who received his PhD in architecture from the University of Moscow, has stated that its overall design is inspired by the natural environment around the city of Da Lat, along with the Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

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Instead of using a standard architectural plans as a blueprint, Nga produce paintings, and employing non-professional local craftsmen to turn this into the structural elements. Some right corner found throughout the building, which is not offering a complex organic structure echoing the natural shape. The exterior of the building like a banyan tree high five, with uneven-shaped window openings and branch structure was like "grow" along the wall and climbed on the roof to the sky. Describing it as "a fairy tale house", observers have drawn comparisons between the various architecture and the works of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. In an attempt to classify the architecture of the building, the city People's Committee of Da Lat described it as "expressionist".

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The building has ten themed rooms, each having an animal as a theme; examples include space tigers, eagles space, space and space ant kangaroos, each decorated according to the theme. Tiger room wall, for example, features a large tiger with eyes flashed red, the room combines kangaroo kangaroo sculpted by the fireplace in his stomach, a fireplace in the Eagle Room is in the form of a giant eagle eggs.

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Many of the rooms incorporate additional level of symbolism, with the theme of animals connected to a particular nationality. For example, Nga describe the tiger as representing "the strength of the Chinese people"; indoor eagle as a "great and powerful" as Americans, and space ant as representing the "Vietnam worked hard" in the room .Furniture crafts and sometimes even built into their own rooms to match the nonlinear room ', organic shapes. Stone decor throughout the house depicting animals such as bears, giraffes, frogs, spiders, and ants, along with natural elements such as mold and cobwebs. The stairs and hallways in the building is designed to resemble tunnels and caves.