Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rainbow after the rain certainly during the day, here Evenings u can see

They say we have to wait for the rain to see a rainbow, and then only during the day. But in this park we need not wait for the rain let alone the sun, because the rainbow here will continue to be there every day even after sunset. Yes, this rainbow rainbow is not unusual as manifested in the form of lanterns.

Taman Pelangi, that's the name for the garden in the court's Jogja Kembali Monument. Designed around the garden, of every shape and color of lanterns decorate the courtyard. There are two side entrances, the west and east. YogYES suggest go through the east door because from there we will immediately greeted lanterns shaped rainbows as well as a gateway to the country lanterns.

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Entering the park, we will pass a route filled with lanterns of various shapes and colors from flora, fauna, cartoon characters and Disney Japan, even the faces of the leaders of the republic, which is also made of lanterns. The setting was varied, there are like planted in the ground, against a wall, hanging, or lined up like soldiers lined up neatly.

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While enjoying a night of color, we can also try many rides ranging from water ball, paddle boats,trampolines, mini tricycles, speed boat, car bombs, and so forth. Seen from above, the complex Jogja Kembali Monument looks like a mandala with 4 parts of the pond that surrounds it. Well, in the pools that we can enjoy water rides are available. Want a more exciting? Just go to Castle Ghosts. I wonder what in it because we have not enough courage to enter it. When lazy around on foot, there is also a train safari which will lead us to explore all routes to the end.

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Taman Pelangi Monjali arguably fairly complete recreation area. In addition to offering romance-studded night the colorful lanterns and a variety of games, here also there is a food court which could be a place to unwind while filling the stomach. Well, confused traveled a pleasant evening in Jogja Taman Pelangi course