Monday, January 30, 2017

Rides adrenaline boosters in the world

Feel challenged is one of the reasons a traveler comes to a tourist attraction. Try just 9 rides horrible in this world. Feel how your adrenaline racing against challenges such rides! Many rides adrenaline boosters created to challenge the intrepid traveler. It takes more guts to conquer these rides., 9 rides this horrible world. Prepare to test the adrenaline!

1 X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA

This vehicle was first opened in 2002, as the coaster 'four-dimensional' first in the world. The difference X2 with another roller coaster is a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. Rides in Los Angeles is equipped with a tunnel as well as enhancements in the form of audio and visual. The form is also slimmer.

Called fourth dimension because the wagon seat has a shape that extends to the side. Thus, allowing the chair to spin and make the traveler upside down. As recognized by the American Coaster Enthusiasts, this is the first vertical roller coaster in the world with tubular steel track.

2 Fahrenheit, US

Farenheit are rides at Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania City. This vehicle was opened in May 2008 and was nicknamed as the sweetest place on earth. However, Fahrenheit is ready to make its visitors heart pounding. This roller coaster has a track with a height of 121 meters above the ground.

Without knowing what happens next, the path by this coaster suddenly dropped to 97 degrees. It is a derivative of the steepest in the US. On arriving at the highest point, a traveler returning greeted with a sharp derivatives. That is just opening, there is still upside-shaped path and a circular path along the 32.1 meter, hills and paths shaped like the letter 'S'. This game takes about 85 seconds!

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3 Insanity, US

Not all shaped scary roller coaster rides. Located at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Insanity vehicle can only be conquered by those who are brave.

This vehicle runs about 19.2 meters in the north tower of the hotel. The above altitude of 270 meters, a traveler will be rotated at a speed of 60 km per hour and the slope reaches 70 degrees. Insanity really become one of the most terrible rides in the world.

4 Colossus, England

Colossus was made in 2002 in c, Chertsey. Roller coaster still holds the record for the number of passes the upside, which is 10 tracks. This path is reversed repeatedly traveler with corkscrew-shaped trajectory, cobra round, four rounds.

In China there is also a replica of this adrenaline rides challenger. The spacecraft is named Tenth Ring Roller Coaster, and has existed since 2006 in Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou.

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5 kingda Ka, US

Kingda Ka roller coaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, carry traveler soared to reach a height of 136.8 meters above the ground. Next, you'll feel bolted down with a speed of 192 km / h, through a rotating spiral tracks along 81 meters. Wow!

6 Eejanaika, Japan

Roller coaster 4D second in the world, also has a seat that can rotate 360 degrees. His position was the same as X2 in the US. Not much different, it's just a longer trajectory Eejanaika with a height of 75 meters. This roller coaster became the 7th highest in the world.

Traveler will feel short trip thriller. But on top of this extreme rides, you will be presented with a view of Mount Fuji.

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7 Tower of Terror, Australia

Based in Goald Coast, one of the rides at Dreamworld it became the tallest and fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Tower of Terror became the fourth fastest roller coaster in the world.
This train will take you up to the height of about 113.1 meters. Furthermore, this roller coaster takes only 6.5 seconds and took off at a speed of 160 km / h. Tower of Terror just move forward and down to the fallback position.

8 Expedition GeForce, Germany

Expedition GeForce belongs Holiday Park in Rhineland-Palatinate is always located in a row of the best roller coasters in the world. Not only the largest in Europe, this coaster is also the most complete and satisfying with a height of 60.9 meters. There are seven sections of track roller coaster that will churn your stomach. He cried again, will train sped past the track with a speed of 118.4 km / h. Wush!

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9 Maverick, US

Incomplete before glancing at one of 17 roller coaster ride in the 'house roller coaster' Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio. Maverick is a roller coaster that was built in 2007. This vehicle became the tallest, fastest, longest, and the best in the playground. Racing with the speed 112 km per hour with a hilly track and countless twists. During the 2.5-minute ride this roller coaster, there will always be surprises