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Spooky Travel destinations walking mummies in asia Indonesia

Most of the people of Indonesia, was hooked by something that sounds mysterious, creepy, or something unusual. Starting traditions, folklore, traditional funeral, until today's urban myths associated haunted places and travel spooky destination

For certain people, travel the world considered as the challenges of life, there is also another world travel interpret it will be profitable. In contrast to those who are afraid, let alone traveled, heard only occasional hair stand. Not the real world is another life segments. If the middle of the night there was a strange voice calling her name, knocked on the door, call length, and other strange occurrences - often bump in the night. That's just something unnatural voice, will be more interesting if anything it appeared in the form of strange, we could fear and want scuttled.

Man is looking at something as another world. Namely, a mysterious supernatural world. Incongruity creature lian world about because he could see the man, and man can not see ghosts directly. Only certain people are given the advantage in things unseen, which is able to see spirits. Travel the world, it is now many tourists locally, nationally and internationally. Moreover, if the other world are in tourist areas, will clearly be an allure tourists.

Not a few tourists present to this hemisphere, drawn the curiosity of other worlds. Not to forget also when in the North Square of Yogyakarta and square Dwi Windu Bantul, never a ghost world exhibits very interested in a lot of people. this kind of event has actually been polished in the direction of engineering mystery, but it can suck visitors and wisatawam. Moreover, if the unseen world and the spirits that are in the natural realm, the form of Javanese mystical tradition, certainly much more tourist attractions.

At least five other world tourist destination, which is often called the most haunted in Asia Indonesia

Walking mummy, Tana Toraja

Ma'nene an annual traditional ritual Toraja to change my clothes and guided walking mummies. This ritual is usually held every August in Rindingallo or Baruppu, North Toraja, to celebrate the harvest.

According to legend, centuries ago, when it was hunting in a mountain forest Balla, Pong Rumasek finding human remains were skeletal. To honor the body, Pong Rumasek dressing him and menyemayamkannya in the cave proper. In return, the ancestors visit Pong Rumasek every time he went hunting and launched a hunt.Long ago, the Toraja people wading through mountains of his home on foot, without knowing kendaraan.Terkadang, one member of the group died on the way. People who still live with honor guided walk home so her remains could be buried in the burial cave that emit preservatives.

Now, Ma'nene as this phenomenon continue to honor ancestors and deceased relatives. Although synonymous with the culture of death rituals, Tana Toraja in the view of most visitors as a beautiful destination that is well worth a visit.

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Kampung Beting, Pontianak

Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Qadri, whose name is now carried by Jami Masjid Kampung Beting, Pontianak Sultanate was the founder of the 18th century. When the propagation of Islam in the new power in 1771, the Sultan and his followers sailed the Kapuas River into a haunted place called Pulau Batu Layang.

According to legend, Sultan plagued by demons die childless ladies when it will carry out the dawn prayers. Then the Sultan and his followers attacked the island with the cannon to keep evil spirits.

Sultan then down to the mouth of the meetings of the Kapuas River Porcupine River, and built a mosque and palace at the top of the delta. Cubical around into a new people of the empire, which he named Pontianak. The region now known as Kampung Beting, tropical village on the water where things are sacred and the profane exist side by side.

Lawang Sewu, Semarang

Lawang Sewu opened in 1907 as an agency of the Dutch Railways Airlines. In the days of the struggle in 1945, this place was once the site of the massacre of the Japanese army, and since it is known as a haunted place.

Art deco-style building is L-shaped, was built by the Dutch architect JF Klinkhamer and BJ Ouendag, and new in its renovation in 2009-2011, after left untreated for years.

Now, Lawang Sewu considered an icon of architecture in the heart of Semarang, stands proudly at Tugu Muda Complex, located in the middle of town.

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Waruga Sawangan, Minahasa

Waruga that can be found in Sawangan, Airmadidi (about 20 kilometers to the southeast of Manado) is the tomb of Minahasa tribal. Roofed stone monuments like this house, can accommodate up to five bodies in a curled up position, and usually decorated with the symbol of the family name and carvings depicting the deceased profession.

Remarkably, some waruga has existed since 1600. However, the practice was banned by the Dutch government began around 1860 as a result of an outbreak of typhoid and cholera.

Due to lack of government funding, maintenance of monuments and parks were actually lovely so abandoned, so as to create the impression of a haunted place. In the garden complex waruga there is also a small museum exhibiting objects ever buried in waruga.

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Aikima mummy, Baliem

Jayawijaya region is a place of origin of the mummy Dani, precisely in Aikima village located about 5 kilometers northwest of Wamena. Baliem Valley is surrounded by majestic mountains, which are believed to be the ancestors bersemayamnya place.

Beautiful landscapes labeled as 'the place haunted' by local beliefs, the true aims to not undermined the hands of ignorant humans. According to tradition Dani, only certain people who are considered heroes by the local community who may be mummified. The bodies of others generally cremated in a special ceremony lasted 40 days, then the ashes were accommodated in a small pumpkin long as a talisman to attract spirits guarding the house.

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There are seven known mummies are Wamena region, where most ternuka to be visited by tourists. However, there is a mummy very guarded as a sacred inheritance by offspring, so there should not be an outsider. That's travel spooky tour in word Indonesia