Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Strangest Places In Japan however much visited

Japan. Same country famous cherry trees and Mount Fuji have now become one of the countries targeted by a traveler from many country . Since the enactment of the visa-free for e-passport holders, many people are vying to hunt for cheap tickets for a visit to this beautiful country. Besides having a cultural and religious tourism, Japan was also a tourist spot that is unique and weird you know! Make you a moment longer want a vacation to Japan, try visit places below!

1 island whose inhabitants cat

You know you still, Japan has Tashirojima Island or commonly called Cat Island. Lush green island, the majority of the residents are cats are more numerous than humans. I did some investigating and discovered that people there believe that feeding cats can bring good luck. Do not be surprised, cats there Gembul-Gembul body and maintained her clean. A traveler who likes to play with the cats, must come here.

2  Coast with a star-shaped sand

What comes to your mind after we hear the word star? Definitely objects in the sky with five sides pointed end, right? But it turns out, such a star you can easily clay on Iriomote Island, Okinawa. This is where there is sand beach star-shaped! Secret star sand beaches here is sand mixed with shells of microorganisms, which normally live in the seaweed. Save sandy beach on the island of Iriomote is now already become world tourist attraction.

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3 Special Hotel corpse

Special Hotel already many animals as possible and common ? In Japan there are even special hotel corpse! The hotel is named Lastel located in Yokohama. This is where the Japanese people can lodged relatives died while waiting for the cremation process. Prices stay per night in Lastel worth 12 thousand yen, or about Rp 1.3 million per night. Facilities were coffins, room decorated with flowers, and a complete outfit for the deceased. Want to try the streets here?

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4 The deserts on the seafront

Japan also has desert appearance similar to deserts in the Middle Eastern country know! The deserts are named Tottori near Tottori City, Honsou Island. His desert stretches along 16 kilometers to the extent of 2 kilometers. The deserts are formed over thousands of years. Initially this desert is in the form of silt from the mountains and carried by the Chugoko Sendaigawa River flow into the Sea of ​​Japan. The dunes here are as high as 90 meters with a slope of 40 meters. The temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius! strangest places in the world