Sunday, January 8, 2017

The charm of the lake and Kungur ice cave facts

Kungur Ice Cave is situated on the river bank near the town Kungur Sylva almost 90 km away from Perm - Russia. The Ice Cave Kungur is one of the largest of gypsum cave in Russia by volume. Caves are formed in the thickness of the carbonate karst, consisting of rocks sulfate anhydrite, gypsum, dolomite and limestone.

Aside from the mythical story and exotic, city Kungur Ice Cave is unique because of its legendary Iceberg. This cave has a few mysteries and secrets are no less than Stonehenge and the Sphinx in Egypt. Scientists claim that the age of the ice cave Kungur almost 10-12000 years. Extension part of the cave is about 6,000 meters, and the underground tourist route of 1.5 kilometers; Cave has 20 cave (grotto) and about 60 lakes.

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In the exploration of caves there are several dozens of caves, one of the largest, called Drudjb Narodov ( "Friendship Nations World"). Inside the cave there is a lake with an area of ​​750 m². In addition there are 12 lakes with an area of ​​100-900 m. Caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites columns of ice up to two meters in height. For thousands of years, water bearing limestone has created an infinite variety of forms.

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A large column of ice hiding behind the walls of the cave Polar projection. This cave has a lot of multi-year ice in the cave, that's why it has got such a name. Popularity cave becomes high with mysterious charm remote hallways. Once inside the cave Kungur may start to feel dizzy due to excessive levels of oxygen in the air. This cave is a unique natural monument, surrounded by some of the legends. Inside the cave there is a narrow street called "street women" because according to the story there used to be a foreign princess falling in this way. After he returned from the cave, not long after she got married. Therefore, it is said that if a woman falls in this way he would soon marry.

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Another point of interest is the one called "a weeping woman", there can see the beautiful lake and from the top there is a small droplet of water creating a ripple on the surface of the lake.This cave is famous for its ice formation and is one of the popular tourist attraction. Many tourists mostly from Russia came to see unique creations of this nature cave every year. The number of tourists has reached millions