Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The world's most dangerous travel in china

Huangshan a name of a small town located in china. there are a tourist spot where traveller tested adrenaline. Death Trail name, or a trail of death.

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Touris call sebgai many tourist attractions the most dangerous in the world because the tourists were invited to pass through the narrow streets of the timber is in a mountain climbing wall.

For the locals, Mount Huangshan classified as a sacred mountain, because in huangshan mountain there is a temple established since the 2nd century BC Before, Taoist temple its name.

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supposedly said monks and nuns willing to wade footpath on the edge of the cliff just to go to a Taoist temple. to remember this event was the local government to make the place as a tourist without compromising the historical story of mountain huangshan and Taoist temple.