Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This He "Village fox" Japanese very funny

Imagine, you are in a village whose inhabitants are not human but a fox. With fur orange-brown and playful behavior, who certainly made exasperated by it. Welcome to the village of Fox in Miyagi, Japan!

In fact, the Daily Mail called the Fox Village alias These foxes village with the sentence, 'Is this the cutest place on earth?'. Not without reason, tourists who saw many foxes there really can not stand to cuddle or photographed.

On this island there are 100 animals, mostly foxes with 6 types.

The fox was not a rural village in the truest sense. So, it is a vast forest area at the foot of the mountain by the railing and made a few cages in it. Well, foxes there was placed in a cage and many were released for granted.

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So go into it, guests will be greeted by dozens of fox passing by. No running around, sneaking around the bush to sleep on the wood. Funny thing!

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Some tame fox tail and will move closer to the tourist, as if asking for food. Quiet, tourists were allowed to photograph and stroked the fox there. Fox was tame-tame! The local guides also would guide the tourists to give a sense of security. Some rules must be obeyed, as prohibited to give food for the fox inside the cage.

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Investigate a investigate, turn them into one of the animals that are considered sacred to the Japanese people. They believe the fox is a symbol of good luck or prosperity. In addition to orange-brown, fox ad  there are white and black. Entrance to the village of Fox is set at 700 yen, or about 6 USD and is open throughout the year, whether it is winter or summer. Location Village fox in the hills in the area of ​​Shiroishi, Miyagi or 30 minutes by car from Shiroishi Station. Local communities know him by name Zao Fox Village.