Monday, January 30, 2017

Thousands Bra Hanging On Fence Roadside The Cardrona Bra Fence

Places the following is strange and unique. Thousands bra lined up neatly along the wire fence named `The Cardrona Bra Fence`   The tradition of hanging bra on the edge of the road in New Zealand. One road in the area of Central Otago, New Zealand. Streets are now used as tourist attractions also started with a controversy travel unique places

There, you'll see a lot of ladies bras hanging and fluttering of 1999, four girls doing silly things that ultimately the formation of these sights. After coming home from a party to welcome the new year and Christmas, they suddenly stopped in the middle of the street right in Central Otago. Their condition is actually semi-conscious, probably because too happy and drunk, they hung on the fence bra streets. Four bra is linked in the fence along the road Although many have donated bras on the fence, some people are also unhappy with the addition that occur each day.

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Plus bra is something a little controversial to be left in the street like this, Despite strong efforts by the government and local people, bra hanging is still increasing every day.

Some residents even think a place close to their homes instead be a unique place to visit by the tourists. Increasing number of bras hanging in the streets, some people even have any other idea than to open as a tourist attraction. After a few years, this place really become tourist attractions.

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It's a little annoying because of the increasing number of bras that hung so often hold relocation so do not bother tourists come since that time, the Cardrona bra fence dubbed as Bradrona. While donations are entered into this Bradrona donated to the Cancer Foundation of New Zealand / travel unique destinations.